76 Very Personal Fax About Mike Nesmith

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 52–57

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith

For the first time anywhere, FLIP answers everything about The Monkees

All About The Monkees!—Part 2

1. He is the only married Monkee

2. He has a sensitive throat (he gets a lot of colds, etc.)

3. He is sort of afraid of young children (except his son)

4. He likes to wear jeans

Mike Nesmith

5. He took his wife to London when the Monkees got their first vacation

6. He would like to be a record producer

7. He used to drive 1956 station wagon

8. Before he became a Monkee, it was repossessed

9. He ran away from home twice

10. He was an only child

11. He taught himself to play the guitar

Mike Nesmith

12. He is very patient on the Monkees’ set

13. He likes blue

14. His real name is Robert Michael Nesmith

15. He went to a summer camp when he was nine

16. He hated high school

17. He once had a group called The Survivors

18. He is a Capricorn

Mike Nesmith

19. He has a dog named Spotte

20. He used to get in trouble for taking his guitar to school with him

21. His first marriage proposal to Phyllis was turned down

22. His second wasn’t

23. His original wool hat was green, and it cost him $1.50

24. He’s getting bored with it now that he has to wear it

25. He was born in Houston, Texas

26. His dad didn’t see him until he was three years old

Mike Nesmith

27. His dad was stationed in the south Pacific when he was born

28. He was born December 30, 1942

29. He used to sing under the name, Michael Blessing

30. He came to California both times that he ran away from home

31. The second time, he stayed there

32. He got a guitar for Christmas when he was 19

33. He learned to ride horses when he was nine

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones

34. He has a thick Texas drawl

35. He rarely actually smiles

36. He has a very goodlooking, reddish-haired mother

37. He has a wife named Phyllis and a son Christian

38. He plans to record some of his old friends

39. He drives a Pontiac GTO

40. He collects old cigarette packages

41. He sleeps in a king-size bed

42. He used to sing country songs

43. He used to be a protest singer

44. He met Phyllis in college

45. He went to San Antonio College

Mike Nesmith

46. He served in the Air Force

47. He likes to argue

48. He is very stubborn

49. His former bass player, John London, is his stand-in

50. He is six foot one

51. He likes country-western music

52. He likes rhythm and blues music

53. He keeps a gun near his bed

54. He says he was ugly when he was a child

55. He used to perform at Ledbetter’s in Los Angeles

56. His favorite singer is Danny Hutton

57. He likes blondes (Phyllis in particular)

58. He writes songs

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones

59. He produces some of the Monkees records

60. He lived with his mother and great grandmother when he was young

61. He weighs 150 pounds

62. He didn’t graduate from high school

63. He took a special test to get into college

64. He dislikes intensely the Monkees being too busy to play on their records

65. He likes to wear Indian moccasins

66. He hated history

67. He can’t read music

68. He likes motor racing

69. He likes to go to folk clubs

70. He doesn’t like to go to night clubs

Mike Nesmith

71. He rarely raises his voice (in anger or joy)

72. He used to take his guitar to school with him

73. He rides a Honda

74. He composed Papa Gene’s Blues and Sweet Young Thing for their 1st LP

75. He has a $5000 guitar

76. He reads the script for each scene just before he goes on

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