Monkee Rumors

Davy Jones

Dear Readers,

So many false stories get started about my friends the Monkees that I want to take this opportunity to get some of them straightened out.

Here are some answers to the questions that I am most often asked.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. This is a rumor I heard. For a joke, Davy told Micky he had this really groovy girl that he wanted Micky to meet. So… Davy took Micky to the zoo where they were supposed to meet the girl and Davy dropped him off right in front of a female gorilla-type monkey cage. This was just too much!

A. I think you know that this isn’t true, but it does make a funny story. Davy and Micky lived together for a while and are good friends. They do play jokes on each other, but never to the point of hurting each other’s feelings.

Q. I live in Tennessee and there is a radio station, WETB, that keeps announcing that one of the Raiders joined the Monkees. I know this isn’t true, it couldn’t be, but please print it so they will believe me.

A. You’re right, it’s not true. The Raiders are grooving along in their bag and no one has left the Monkees, so there has been no need for replacements.

Q. I noticed that Davy always wears that same ring. Where did he get it? Does it have any special significance?

A. The ring Davy wears is a black sapphire. David made it himself with the help of one of his friends when he lived in New York.

Q. I heard that Mike Nesmith got his ears pierced so that when he’s buying earrings for Phyllis he can first try them on to see how they look. Is this true?

A. Mike does not have pierced ears. Neither does Phyllis. Mike often picks out Phyllis’ clothes, but because of his good taste, nothing needs to be tried on be forehand.

Peter Tork
Info Rumors about the Monkees keep piling in, and the guys are so happy that Monkee Spectacular can clear them up. They know some of the things you hear are upsetting and they want you to know the truth.

Q. I went to a Seeds concert and there were three other groups on the show. Sam Riddle introduced the groups and when he introduced the Sundowners he said they were discovered by the Monkees. Can you explain what he meant?

A. In a sense, what Sam Riddle said was accurate. The Sundowners had been playing in New York and when they came to California to play, Mike Nesmith heard them and flipped. He told them the Monkees would need a back-up group when they did their tour. Several months passed, but Mike didn’t forget the Sundowners. They were along and did a great job for the whole summer tour with the Monkees.

Q. I heard two rumors. One, I read that Peter Tork was married and is now divorced, then today on TV I heard he wasn’t. Also on TV I heard that Mike and Phyllis are expecting a baby this fall. The reason I’m asking you is because not a single thing printed in Tiger Beat or Monkee Spectacular has ever been proven wrong.

A. Thanks for the confidence. Yes, Peter was married for about three months to a girl named Jody and when it didn’t work out, they were divorced. It’s also true that Mike and Phyllis are expecting their second child, which is due in January.

Q. I have heard that Micky doesn’t believe in churches. Please tell me it isn’t so.

A. I’m afraid you’ve heard wrong. Micky is a member of the Church of Religious Science. Even though he can’t attend church every Sunday, due to the Monkees’ rigorous schedule and touring, Micky’s belief is more a way of life than a once-a-week ceremony.

Q. Here is a rumor that’s going around where I live. Please tell me it isn’t true, for I’m a dear Monkee fan. I heard that Peter and Davy were lost in some kind of desert in the Arctic and that they still haven’t been found.

A. It makes a clever story, but the Monkees have never been in the Arctic, and as far as I know, they aren’t planning any trips there in the near future.

Davy Jones

Q. My girlfriend told me that Peter had to drop out of the Monkees because he cut off two of his fingers with a power saw and can’t play any instruments. Is this true?

A. Peter is still a very important one-quarter of the Monkees and he still has ten fingers.

Q. I read that because Davy has separate investments and enterprises going that he will occasionally be doing solo appearances. Is this true, and if so, when will he be making these appearances?

A. It’s accurate that Davy has his outside investments, but he has told me many times that he’ll be a Monkee as long as there are Monkees, which we believe will be a long time. It’s very doubtful that Davy would make any appearances other than with Mike, Peter and Micky.

Q. I recently read that Mike has a wooden leg; which is why he never likes to wear shorts. I also heard that Micky wears false teeth, because Coco knocked his out in a fight when he was a child. Are either of these rumors true?

A. No. Mike’s legs are both his own. Micky’s teeth are also his own. Micky and Coco had their childhood spats, like all children, but they never got beyond the point of arguing.

Q. I heard that on the Monkee set they have policemen because the Monkees are constantly arguing and fighting. What about this?

A. The Monkees get along great off the set, but on the set they’re the greatest. An idea from one will spark a response or idea from another. They really groove together and I guess that’s what makes their show so natural and outasite!

Q. I heard that Christian isn’t really Mike’s and Phyllis’s son and that he was found in a basket on their doorstep. I also read in some dumb mag that Phyllis isn’t his real mother and that she’s his grandmother. I can’t believe it!

A. It’s good you don’t believe it, because it’s not true. Mike and Phyllis are Christian’s natural parents. In answer to your second query, I think it would take a miracle to produce a 21-year-old grandmother!

Janelle Dolenz Scott, Gina Dolenz, Robert Scott, Debbie Dolenz, Coco Dolenz
Info I love to visit with Micky’s groovy family every chance I can. On my last trip to Los Gatos we were all sitting around talking together and I just had to take this picture of them. His sisters (L to R) Gina, Debbie and Coco are Micky’s biggest fans!
Credit: Ann Moses

Q. In the August issue of Monkee Spectacular you said Davy was not leaving the Monkees. Well, a good friend of mine has seen an album of Davy alone. Also, some magazine said Davy was having Monkee trouble. Please don’t keep anything from us.

A. That’s the whole purpose of this column—to let you know the truth. “Monkees Breaking Up!” makes a great magazine headline, but not once has it been true no matter how many times it’s been repeated. Davy’s album titled “David Jones” was recorded before he became a Monkee.

Q. Can you tell me, is it true that Mike got fired by Bert Schneider because he accidently broke his arm? I sure hope not because Mike happens to be my favorite Monkee, and I hope that this is just a rumor.

A. There are still four Monkees named Davy, Peter, Micky and MIKE. No additions or subtractions or replacements have been made for any reason and we’re hoping there won’t ever be.

Q. My girlfriend and I have been fighting over this for a long time now. She says that Davy was married and had a child and lived in England. I say he wasn’t. Was he?

A. Please, stop fighting. Davy has never been married and has never had any children—in England, Africa or anywhere.

Q. Please put this in your magazine. My girl friend told me the reason Mike never smiles is because his false teeth might fall out. Please tell me the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I dig the Monkees.

A. Mike does not have false teeth and it’s really a shame your girl friend has never seen Mike smile. He has the grooviest smile ever!

Peter Tork, Ann Moses
Info When touring with the Monkees, I had time to have some discussions with Peter. He’s so interested in everything I love to talk to him.

Q. I heard a rumor from a friend that the reason Davy Jones is so small is because he’s only 15 years old and he didn’t like it so he had plastic surgery. I don’t believe it, but could you tell me the day, month and year he was born?

A. Davy is 21 years old. He was born December 30, 1945, in Manchester, England.

Q. I met you at RCA one day. I was there listening to the Monkee’s record “Headquarters.” I guess you were there for an interview or to visit Peter (that’s who you were talking to). Now, if I may be so bold to inquire as to the September issue of Tiger Beat, on page 48 there is a picture of you with a ring on your left hand and I was curious to know if you are married. If so, to whom? Peter? (And if so, Congratulations!)

A. That’s a prety [sic] groovy idea, but I’m not married to Peter or anyone. I spend a great deal of my time with the Monkees, though I’ve never dated any of them, and we all have our private lives. I think that’s the best way to work.

Q. I’ve heard that Micky Dolenz is a third or fourth cousin to Ringo Starr of the Beatles. Can that be?

A. Micky and Ringo are not related.

Q. Some people say Mike Nesmith is an orphan and some say he is not! Which is true?

A. Mike is not an orphan. His mother lives in New Orleans and his father lives in Dallas, Texas. His parents were divorced when he was quite young.

Q. In Monkee Spectacular #7 I read Micky had a dog at home called Mija. Then I keep hearing of a dog called You. Does he still have them both or does he just have one?

A. By “at home” we meant at home in Los Gatos at his parents’ home. That’s where his dog Mija is. You lives with Micky at his house in Laurel Canyon.

Peter Tork

Q. I heard that Davy Jones was getting married in 1970. Is this true or does Davy know yet?

A. When Davy was asked when he was getting married, he said 1970 only as an estimation meaning that he wouldn’t be getting married for several years nor until he found the right girl.

Q. I would like to know if any of the Monkees use hair straightener?

A. Micky used to have his hair straightened by the studio hairdresser once a week, because it’s very curly. For their summer tour he thought it would be too much trouble, so he let the curly hair grow out and fall naturally.

Q. I’ve been hearing so many rumors about the Monkees, I thought you might be able to help me out. They are, 1. Is Micky marrying Ann-Margret? 2. Is Davy paying $40,000 to get out of the army? 3. Is Peter taking up politics? 4. Is Mike threatening to quit the Monkees?

A. Micky has never even met Ann-Margret. 2. No one can buy his way out of the army. Davy has been granted a deferment because he is the sole support of his father in England. 3. Peter is very interested in politics, but he’s not running for any offices. 4. Mike does not want to quit the Monkees.

Q. I know this sounds stupid, and it isn’t true, but my brother insists that Davy Jones shaves his legs. Please print this so I can prove to my brother it isn’t true!

A. Davy definitely does not shave his legs.

Christian Nesmith, Mike Nesmith
Info I love the photo of Mike with Christian. He’s such a proud father!

Q. I read in a magazine that Micky eloped with Samantha Juste. Are they secretly married?

A. Micky and Sammy didn’t elope and they’re not engaged. The only ones talking about marriage are fans that jump to conclusions and magazines that go in for scandal. Following the Monkees’ summer tour, Samantha returned to her job in England on “Top of the Pops.”

Q. I heard that Mike doesn’t like to wear his wool hat. Is this true?

A. It was Mike’s “thing” to wear his wool hat for many years. Then, when he had to wear it every day, the “speciality” wore off. However, he doesn’t mind wearing it. The only thing Mike doesn’t like is being called “Wool Hat.”

Q. Is it true that Davy Jones doesn’t like to be called Davy?

A. No! All his friends call him Davy. It’s very unusual for him to be called David!

Q. There’s a rumor going around that Micky had pneumonia. Is that right?

A. No.

Q. I have one question. Does Davy use a hearing aid or does he need one?

A. No.

Micky Dolenz

Q. These questions are very important, would you please answer them. 1. The first Monkee album says Mike was born in Dallas, but Monkee Spec says he was born in Houston. Which is it? 2. What is Christian’s full name. 3. Does Peter smoke? 4. Does Peter speak German or any other language fluently?

A. The Colgems typewriter slipped when it typed up the first album cover. Mike was born in Houston and very shortly afterward he and his mother moved to Dallas where he grew up. 2. His name is Christian DuVal Nesmith. 3. Peter used to smoke, but doesn’t anymore. 4. Peter can speak French enough to get by because he studied for four years in school. He has forgotten much of the German he learned when he lived there and only remembers a few words and sentences.

Q. I read in a magazine that Micky’s littlest sister’s name was Gina. In another magazine I read that she was Debbie. Would you please tell me which is which?

A. Micky has three sisters—Coco is 18, Debbie is 8 and Gina is 4 (Debbie was 9; Gina was 7).

Q. In the first Monkee show, during the interviews I heard Davy say that he doesn’t shave because he has no hair on his face. Did I misunderstand, was he kidding, or is that right?

A. Davy was joking. He needs to shave every day, though he doesn’t have a great deal of facial hair.

Q. Is it true that two of the Monkees wear earplugs when they are recording songs, because they can’t stand the music?

A. None of the Monkees wear ear plugs while recording. Mike does wear them on stage, but not because he doesn’t like the music, but because the screams are near-deafening.

Micky Dolenz
Info Letters are pouring in about Micky’s new hairstyle. Some fans wish he still wore it back off his face, but more and more are beginning to dig his natural look. I think his curls are really the grooviest!

Q. I have heard that Davy Jones and Sally Field have been going together and are going to get married soon. Is this true?

A. The only time Davy has been with Sally Field was when they co-emceed the “Miss Teen U.S.A.” Pageant in Los Angeles for half an hour. They have never dated.

Q. I read that Micky Dolenz has a “secret wife” and it really shot me down for a moment. Please tell me if it’s true.

A. Micky has never been and is not married.

Q. I read in another magazine that the Monkees were waiting for the Beatles to fall apart and they’d rush in and take claim to their millions of fans. Please say it’s not true!

A. It’s not true. There are Beatle fans and Monkee fans and many Beatle/Monkee fans. Neither group is in any need of more fans.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 8–11