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We would like to thank the employees of the Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston, the Houston Police Department and the Monkees’ bodyguards. We thank the employees of the Shamrock for telling us everytime we called and asked for the Monkees, “Sorry, the Monkees aren’t staying at this hotel”.

Also, we thank them for running us off the grass when we gathered on the lawn yelling, “We luv the Monkees”. We thank the Monkees’ bodyguards for trying to keep us out of the hotel lobby, and for keeping us off the Monkees’ floor. We thank the Houston Police Department for lining themselves up in front of the stage so that the people on the front row couldn’t see anything, but police!

But we all had a groovy time in spite of this. Imagine. We breathed the same air pollution as the Monkees!

Houston, Texas

Jay North visited us during halftime of our football game September 22, and he really caused some excitement. After the half, he sat with our marching band and later near the goal posts watching the game. Just before he left the game, I went over to his car to say ‘hi’. He is the nicest guy I have ever met. He not only loves football games, but fans as well. Before he left he said, “Sorry about the game, kids”. (We lost, 12 to 6). This has been the nicest halftime show that Whetstone High School ever had. I just wanted to say what a great guy Jay is. He’s got millions of friends, and I’m glad to be one of them.

Barb Pletz
Columbus, Ohio

It upsets me to see letters that talk about the Monkees going out with girls. People write in, “I’ve heard Davy is going steady with someone. Please tell me it’s not true.” If the Monkees want to go out with someone, why should it matter to you? It makes me happy to know they’re happy (doing what they want).

Lakewood, Calif.

The Monkees not only are a great singing group, they are also a groovy babysitting group for my three-month-old sister, Joanna, who smiles back at the Monkees’ photos I have pasted on my bedroom walls.

Tonia Dudley
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Are all you Dino, Desi and Billy fans sleeping? Recently I read a letter from a girl who said D, D & B would soon have a hit record out. You know a hit record doesn’t mean it has to be a long play.

The same is in articles about D, D & B. “Just because they haven’t had a hit record in so long…” That’s all I hear… Now fans, what do you think “Kitty Doyle” is? That’s the greatest hit D, D & B have ever made and the song’s just great.

If you know your fave group has made a big hit and nobody else seems to know, just give them an earful or two.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

You’ve all heard that David Jones recorded an L.P. for Colpix Records before he became a Monkee. Well, I got a chance to buy it, and let me tell you, it’s really boss! The first side is all show-type tunes and the other side contains pop tunes. By all means get it. You’ll luv it!

Janis Stech
St. Boniface, Manitoba, Can.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 66