Monkee Rumors

Micky Dolenz

Dear Readers,

So many false stories get started about my friends the Monkees that I want to take this opportunity to get some of them straightened out.

Here are some answers to the questions that I am most often asked.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. Is it true that Davy charges a girl if she wants to date him? I heard he did because she takes up part of his valuable time. Can that be?

A. No, it can’t be. Davy considers girls a very valuable part of his time and any girl lucky enough to have a date with Davy is usually treated to a fantastic evening on the town or a romantic evening spent at Davy’s new home with close friends. One thing, above all, about Davy is his generosity. He would never think of letting his date pay for anything!

Q. Did Peter play football in high school?

A. No. Peter did play in the high school orchestra and the college orchestra while he was still in high school. He was in the Rifle club; and he and his brother Nick wrote and published a campus humor magazine. He was a real rooter for the football team and attended all the games, but he never played on the team.

Peter Tork, Davy Jones

Q. My friends say that Mike is always wearing his hat, because he is bald, but I don’t agree. Is it really true?

A. Mike is not bald. His hair is very thick and very groovy. There are usually some scenes on the show where Mike goes without his hat and he doesn’t wear it during his solo number during their stage show. Another thing, Mike never wears it after work.

Q. When I saw the Miss Teen International contest on TV, Davy Jones was on the show. My best friend now says Davy fell in love with the queen and they are now married. Could you tell me if this is true or false?

A. It is false! Davy hasn’t seen the girl since that night. And he’s definitely not married!

Q. In one magazine I read that Micky came from California and in another it said he was from Louisiana. Which is right?

A. Micky was born in Los Angeles, California.

Q. My girlfriend told me that the Nesmith’s marriage is breaking up, that Phyllis loves Mike, but he doesn’t love her. Also, she said they put Christian to bed at seven o’clock and just sit around the front room and don’t even talk to each other. Is this true?

A. The only part that is true is that Phyllis loves Mike. However, Mike loves Phyllis and Christian and they have a very wonderful life together. Christian is allowed to stay up for a while in the evening and play with his mother and father. The family sometimes takes week-end vacations together and when they’re home they are Hollywood’s most gracious host and hostess.

Phyllis Barbour Nesmith, Mike Nesmith, Christian Nesmith
Info How does Mike get along with Phyllis and Christian? Like a dream! You couldn’t find a happier couple in Hollywood. Mike is very proud of his son. Phyllis and Christian visit the set every now and then.

Q. Recently in an issue of Monkee Spectacular you printed a color picture of Mike wearing a BLUE wool hat. Is this the new color of hat Mike plans to wear or is it an error on behalf of your magazine?

A. It’s no error. Mike wears both blue and green wool hats. He may have other colors too, but these are the only two I’ve seen.

Q. My friend Ruth and I love the Monkees a lot, but on their first album it said Mike was born in Dallas. In one of the Tiger Beat’s it said Mike was born in Houston. So we keep arguing about it. Help us find the answer.

A. Mike was born in Houston and he and his mother moved to Dallas when Mike was only a few months old. He grew up in Dallas.

Q. Did Davy play the role of “Tom Canty” and “Prince Edward” in “The Prince and the Pauper,” which has been shown on Walt Disney several times? The reason I’m asking is because in that picture in Monkee Spec #3 of Davy and his school cricket team, Davy looks just like those two characters in the play. Is this just a “look-alike” or did he play those roles.

A. Davy has never played those roles in a Disney movie, but he did play a similar role on one of the Monkee shows.

Q. Does Micky really have to wear glasses when he reads? I saw a picture of him and he had a magazine in his hand and he was wearing glasses.

A. Yes, Micky needs glasses to read.

Q. Does Davy Jones wear lipstick? My friend says he does. Does he?

A. No, nor do any of the other Monkees. They do wear makeup on the set and on stage, which is necessary because of the bright lights.

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones
Info Mike wears both green and blue hats on the Monkees and who knows when he’ll add another color? He has over 50 hats in all colors at his fan club offices. They were all presents from loyal fans.

Q. I heard that the Monkees were in a train accident. Is it true?

A. No, the Monkees don’t travel by train.

Q. I just heard on television that Micky had announced his engagement to Samantha Juste. When I heard he was getting married it just tore me up! I can’t stop him from getting married but it sure will hurt a lot of fans. Please tell me if he is getting married and if he is could you tell me when the date is.

A. Micky is not getting married and he’s not engaged. It was the same incident here in Los Angeles when Micky’s engagement was announced on the 11 o’clock news. One of the Monkee crew told Micky about it the next morning on the set and he had quite a laugh. “That’s funny, nobody told me about any engagement!” Micky joked. So, don’t worry, Micky doesn’t plan on getting married for several years yet.

Q. Is it true that Peter has one foot shorter than the other?

A. No.

Q. Is it true that Davy Jones is going with one of Dean Martin’s daughters?

A. Davy is not going steady with anyone, first of all. He occasionally dates Deana Martin and plays soccer with the Martin family at their home.

Q. I dig Micky a lot, but out of some other magazine I read that his heart belongs to Ann Margret and they said he said, “I’d tear down a mountain or swim the ocean for Annie!” I’m not jealous but gee, anybody but her. Could you tell me if this is true?

A. As far as I know, Micky has never even met Ann Margret. I know he has not dated her. So, don’t worry.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 14–15