Mike—“I Get Knocked Out..”

Mike Nesmith
Info Poor Mike! He can just about lift his little fingers to strum. Ho-hum!!

Take notice! Mike’s confiding what gets him all wound up… and what gets him all pooped out, too!

Some things really get to a guy in one way or another—even if that guy happens to be Monkee Mike Nesmith! Read about the things that tire Mike out—and the things that really flip him!

“I get knocked out…”

… “When I have a fight with my wife Phyllis. She’s the gentlest, sweetest girl in the whole world—until we have a spat. Then—WHAM! You wouldn’t believe where that temper comes from—I still don’t know!”

… “When I spend an entire day playing with my son—Boy, that kid sure has a lot of energy!”

… “When I compose a new song. I can’t read a single word of music, so I have to do it all by ear. When I’m composing, I have to throw my entire self into a song—you know, total concentration and all that. When I finish, there isn’t much of me left!”

… “When I see a pair of groovy boots! I really go wild over boots. I have a whole closet full of the sharpest boots you ever did see!”

… “When we Monkees do our show! You never saw wilder carryings-on in your whole life. Well, I guess you have—if you watch us, that is!”

… “When my dog Spotte and I go for a walk. I never met another dog that is quite like him! That dog can walk for miles and miles and miles. Sometimes I feel like he’s walking me!”

… “When I call my wife by her real name—Phyllis, to her face. It’s to hard for me to say, so I just call her “April!”

… “When I help my wife clean the house. It’s really huge and real hard to keep clean!”

… “When I think of how badly things were going before I got my Monkee part! Things were so bad that the finance company was going to repossess my ’56 Chevy station wagon!”

… “When I read my fan mail. You just wouldn’t believe how much fan mail we Monkees receive each day. I read every single letter and I always will—even if I have to get glasses!”

… “When Phyllis and I get into the kitchen together. We’re both very good cooks—if I do say so myself. And together we’re even better—prize chefs. But, boy, do we make a mess!”

… “When I watch T.V. I think that most shows are very boring. I really dig ‘Loony [sic] Tunes’, ‘Captain Kangaroo’ and ‘The Monkees’, of course!”

… “When I’m not working. The more work I have to do, the more energy I seem to have! But if I’m just sitting around with nothing to do, I get very restless and bored!”

… “When I think of my hitch in the Air Force. It really came at the wrong time. It busted up my whole career and I was pretty upset about it at the time. But I guess in the long run, it all worked out for the best! Still, all that marching can really knock a guy out!”

Mike Nesmith

Originally named: Robert Michael Nesmith
Birthday: December 30, 1943 (Actually 1942)
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Present residence: Spanish-style house in The Hollywood Hills
Mother’s occupation: A Secretary
Former occupation: Folk Singer
Sisters: None
Brothers: None
Pets: Dog named Spotte
Schools Attended: San Antonio College
Army status: Air Force
Marital status: Married with son Christian Duval
Height: 6'1" tall
Weight: 155 lbs.
Characterizing marks or features: Green knit wool hat
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Neck size: 14 ½"
Sweater size: 38 or Large
Sleeve size: 34"
Glove size: 9 ½
Waist size: 29"
Slack size: 29/33 (Meaning 29" in length & 33" waist.)
Sock size: 11
Shoe size: 9 ½

My hat—ugh!

I like being tall—seeing over people’s heads!

Monkees should have long arms—(and I do) so they can reach for bananas!

I like casual clothes… and I like them to be big and very roomy!

I think I should be a grape-crusher! My feet are sure big enough!

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 32–33