Keith Altham’s British Beat

LONDON—Well, don’t say I did not tell you about the SMALL FACES in my last column and remember that ex-Rolling Stones manager Andrew Oldham is now their manager and that means something . . . THE BEATLES and their new company “Apple” are really at the core of things on the present pop scene and apart from the music publishing company, the boutiques and their own record label under that name—look out for their first group—THE GRAPEFRUIT . . . MICK JAGGER has decided upon the name “Mother Earth” for the ROLLING STONES own label and they will release an album by MARIANNE FAITHFULL produced by Mick in April . . . Rolling Stones guitarist BRIAN JONES informed me at BBC studios that “entertaining is nothing and communication is everything”—So now you know . . . JONATHAN KING now running one of Britain’s most popular TV shows with guests like the BEE GEES and actress SAMANTHA EGGAR . . . The line “Aintree Iron” in the SCAFFOLD’S record “Thank U Very Much” is thought to refer to BRIAN EPSTEIN . . . Plans for ERIC BURDON AND THE ANIMALS, JIMI HENDRIX and ALAN PRICE to tour the U.S. in the New Year and this reporter hopes to be on it . . .

SCOTT WALKER’S recording of “Jackie” by Jacques Brel has been banned in Britain by those who do not know any better . . . Saddest of all over OTIS REDDINGS’ untimely death was Eric Burdon . . . More and more stories in English trade press of people who know people who know people who met the MONKEES in America . . . Mick Jagger a CAPTAIN BEEFHART fan . . . Brian Jones closer to the truth than most people realize . . . BEE GEES very unhappy about the recordings that U.S. stations are playing of the LP they made in Australia . . . GEORGE HARRISON believes we are heading for the “Golden Age” when everything will be “really nice” . . . TOM JONES’ first feature film portrays him as a playboy who races hydroplanes . . . I’m playing football with the KINKS tomorrow and HERMAN’S record producer Mickie Most . . . DUSTY SPRINGFIELD took out an ’ad in British trade paper to congratulate LULU on being voted best British female singer—now, that is nice . . . CILLA BLACK announced marriage to road manager Bobby Willis . . . We should be seeing a lot of MARIANNE FAITHFUL in her first film “Girl on a Motorbike” if promotion stills are anything to go by . . . BRIAN JONES believes that singers like ANDY WILLIAMS, PERRY COMO and DEAN MARTIN’S continued popularity are due to the fact that their audience is still tired from the last World War! . . . SMALL FACES holidaying in new ‘pop’-ular holiday resort ‘Ibiza’ over Christmas period . . . Actress BRIGITTE BARDOT bought large poster of MICK JAGGER in Chelsea shop while on recent visit to London . . . ENGELBERT the proud owner of a Pyrennean Mountain Dog called ‘Tiny’ . . . BEE GEE BARRY GIBB has taken to weight lifting to keep himself fit . . . MIKE McGEAR’S favorite artists are Hendrix and the Hollies . . . He also claims that his famous brother PAUL McCARTNEY sleeps with his eyes open—Wow! . . . MICK WILSHER of the NEW VAUDEVILLE BAND came back to Britain and told us all about his stay with MICKEY [sic] DOLENZ . . . Watch out for an around the world tour by the ROLLING STONES and I do mean around the world . . . Expect THE BEATLES to produce, direct and star in their next full length movie . . . JOHN, RINGO and GEORGE went to see Racquel Welch in “The Oldest Profession” while it was being screened in London . . .

TROGGS’ recording of ‘Little Red Donkey’ named by FREDDY AND THE DREAMERS here—you remember them . . . “Best of the Animals” album has been in the American charts for a long, long, long, long time—like over ninety weeks would you believe? . . . I like the MONKEES TV series . . . Hello, MIKE . . . Dusty seen laughing out loud in a Greta Garbo movie . . . STEVE KAHN for President . . . BEE GEE COLIN GIBB narrowly escaped death in the Hither Green rail disaster here . . . Mick Jagger eats baked beans on toast . . . They banned “I Am A Walrus” on the BBC and ITV here in Britain . . . Ban people—keep the World empty! . . . KINK DAVE DAVIES believes LOVIN’ SPOONFUL should have been twice as big as they were—me too . . . Ho Ho Ho—DAVE CLARK’S romance with CATHY McGOWAN . . . LULU an amateur astrologist . . . SMALL FACE STEVE MARRIOT has made two films with actor DAVID HEMMINGS . . . When actor David Hemmings was at school, I once stole his penny bun—I was a nice child . . . ANTHONY NEWLEY returned to Britain to guest on PETULA CLARK show and no one recognized him with the moustache . . . Would you believe a possible U.S. tour by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on same bill?



Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 40–41