Flip (November 1967) Articles (17 articles)

My Daily Diary of The Monkees Tour 3–5, 44–47
My Life with The Monkees 8–9
My College Days with Peter Tork (Chapter 2) 10–13
Our Girl from Hollywood 14–15
How The Monkees’ First Hit Happened 17
The Memory of Monterey 18
The Monkees in England 20–23
How Much Do You Really Know About The Monkees? 28–29
On the Flip Side 33
If You Lived Next Door to Mike Nesmith 38–39
Keith Altham’s American Scene 40–41
Who’s Dot? 52
My Diary of Davy Jones’ Early Days 54–55
The Monkees Flick Out 59
Davy’s “Kickiest” Day 60–61
The Monkees Turn the (Turn) Tables! 62–63
You Said It 64–65