Flip (October 1967) Articles (17 articles)

On Tour with The Monkees 3–5
The Monterey Pop Festival 6, 54–55
My College Days with Peter Tork 8–11
On the Flip Side 12–13
We Were in Studio A and The Monkees Were in Studio B 15
The Two Faces of Micky Dolenz 21–23
What Mike Nesmith Is Really Like 28–30
Who’s Dot? 32
How Much Do You Really Know About The Monkees? 36–37
Our Girl from Hollywood 38–39
My Diary of Davy Jones’ Early Days 40–41
My Life with The Monkees 47–49
Star Shadow Contest 51
Davy Jones—As I Know Him 56–57, 66
Keith Altham’s English Scene 58–59
Up in the Air with The Monkees 62–63
You Said It 64–65