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Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz

I don’t think Davy is the most popular Monkee. I thought so once, but on July 14th I went to their concert in New York, and when the boys were on stage by themselves, doing solos, they all got the same amount of applause (which was a lot). I feel they are all just as popular as the other.

Margo Everett
So. Somerville, N.J.

Why do you continue to write so much about Kurt Russell? He doesn’t rate space in your great magazine! What has he done to get all this attention?

Lori B.
Highland, Michigan

Hello, you darlings and beautiful people out there! I feel so good! And do you know why? Because if it wasn’t for the lovely guys out in FLIP, I wouldn’t know about handsome, wonderful, darling KURT RUSSELL… and I’m in love with him!!

A Girl From
Alhambra, Calif.

The Monkees are OK, I guess, but a lot of us are tired of them. There’s just too much on The Monkees. Let’s see something on some different groups.

Sick of Monkees
Goldsboro, N.C.

In your September issue, I saw only one picture of Herman, which was without an article. I love The Monkees and also think they are wild, but Herman and the guys should be put on more often.

Anna & Patty
Laredo, Texas

FLIP traveled with The Hermits on their spec summer tour, and Bob Levine, Herman’s best American friend, is back with his groovy column of Herman happenings in this issue.

I would like to know if Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones is in prison?

Los Angeles, Calif.

Mick is appealing a very controversial decision in Britain which found him guilty of taking so-called “pep pills.” He was given them in Italy, where they are legal, by a doctor, but was arrested for having them in Britain, where they are illegal. For this he was given a jail sentence, which most British people find unfair. Even the most important newspaper in London, which never covers the pop music scene, came out against the harsh treatment Mick received. His lawyers were still appealing the case as we went to press, and the chances are that Mick will not have to go to prison.

Scott Engle is not a sore sport! He was asked for his opinion of The Monkees, so he gave it! So why put him down? Just because that person in La Habra likes The Monkees better, is no reason!

Sally Kessler
Santa Rosa, Calif.

Just a reminder to let you know that there are more than four faces that can be put on the cover of your magazine. Like: Paul Revere, Mark Lindsay, Phil Volk, Mike (ex-Raider) Smith, Drake Levin, Jim Valley, Freddy Weller, Charlie Coe, Joe Jr., Don Gallucci, Joey Newman, Jeff Hawks, Bobby Holden, Buzz Overman, Beatles, Beach Boys, Moby Grape, Herman, Chad and Jeremy, Steve Alaimo, Keith Allison, Tina Mason, Lesley Evans, Jeri Lyn, Mike Williams, Hardtimes, Robbs, Johnny Rivers and Neil Diamond… just to name a few!

Marysville, Ohio

I think the pictures you had of Phyllis Nesmith in your September issue were really swell! Mike’s a neat fashion designer. And Phyllis is a living doll! I’d like to see more about Mike and Phyllis and their cute son, Christian from now on, please. They’re really a groovy family!

Donna Nebesnyk
Danville, Ill.

I have just heard that the Walker Brothers have broken up. Is this true? Where can I write to them now?

JoAnn Sernas
Rockford, Ill.

Yes, they’ve broken up. You can reach them at: 185 Bickenhall Mansions, Baker Street, London W.1., England.

My girlfriend read in a magazine that Davy Jones was leaving The Monkees. I want to know if this is true.

Gina DiCheck
Franksville, Wis.

Of course not! Davy has no thought of leaving The Monkees. To be sure of ALL THE TRUE MONKEE FAX, check every issue of FLIP! FLIP is with The Monkees wherever they are, and all the news about Micky, Davy, Mike and Peter appears in FLIP first!

Does Samantha Juste ever comb her seemingly long, beautiful, blonde hair? In about 15 pictures of her, I’ve seen 2 with her hair combed. I think she’s lovely when it’s combed.

Just Wondering
Decatur, Ill.

I am sorry that there are people that make up rumors about The Monkees. I know that other fans get worried about The Monkees. I also know that they are false, false, FALSE! Don’t listen to people that tell you these, and you won’t hear another from anyone again.

Margaret Alcock
Norwalk, Conn.

I don’t see why everyone makes such a fuss over Davy and Micky. If you ask me, I just luv Mike Nesmith. He’s really in orbit, and Peter is not bad, either. Hey, now don’t get me wrong. I like David and Micky, too, it’s just that I happen to like Mike and Peter best.

Jacque Meredith
Fort Worth, Texas

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Pages: 64–65