Virginia Thorkelson Articles (19 articles)

Monkee DataUnknown
Peter Tork Speaks Out161967/02
Peter Tork’s Secret Past (Chapter 2)16Lance Wakely1967/04
Peter Tork: More Pics of His Outasite LifeTiger BeatPeter Tork1967/04
My Life Story in Pix by Peter Tork16Peter Tork1967/05
Peter Tork by His MotherTiger Beat1967/05
My Life Story in Pix by Peter Tork16Peter Tork1967/06
Peter Tork—Way Back WhenTeenSetGinni Ganahl, Stephen Stills1967/06
Peter Tork: My Grandson, a Monkee16Catherine McGuire Straus1967/07
70 Very Personal Fax About PeterFlip1967/07
My Life with The Monkees: That Wild Canadian WeekendTiger BeatDavid Price1967/07
My Grandson, Peter Tork16Catherine McGuire Straus1967/08
Peter Tork: “I’m Going Into Politics”Teen LifeTony Taylor1967/08
Peter Tork in Germany16Catherine McGuire Straus1967/09
Growing Up with Peter Tork16Catherine McGuire Straus1967/10
The Monkees Story (Part 2)Monkees Monthly1967/11
How Much Do You Really Know About The Monkees?Flip1967/12
Peter Tork’s Life in Pix16Catherine McGuire Straus1968/04
Monkee TalkTiger Beat1968/10