70 Very Personal Fax About Peter

Peter Tork
Info You’re right in the dressing room with Peter as he gets ready for some more frantic Monkees filming!



(So You’ll Get To Know Him Better Than You Ever Dreamed of!)

  1. He always wears non-matching socks

  2. He came to Los Angeles the summer of 1965

  3. He was born in Washington, D.C.

  4. He is a pretty good amateur photographer

  5. He used to sing songs written by his brother Nick

  6. He used to live with Davy

Peter Tork
Info Peter is intently reading off-stage, not noticing anything or anyone, including FLIP’s fotog…
  1. His nickname has always been “Tork”

  2. He likes singers Frank Ifield and Ray Charles

  3. He worked with the Phoenix Singers as singer, banjoist, guitarist

  4. He was once a bobbin boy in a Connecticut thread mill

  5. He has always loved and been loved by girls

  6. His sock size is 10

  7. He plays cards with Mike on planes

  8. His favorite group in LA is the Buffalo Springfield

  9. He loves to dance

  10. He is classified 1Y by the draft board

Peter Tork
Info He keeps on reading…
  1. He plays guitar, French horn, banjo, recorder, organ, piano

  2. He lived in a three room flat in the Village

  3. He reads magazines a lot

  4. He grew a beard over The Monkees’ last vacation

  5. He doesn’t like questionnaires

  6. He loves to talk

  7. He wears size 9A shoes

  8. He was born February 13, 1944 (Actually 1942)

  9. He likes the Beatles and Lovin’ Spoonful

  10. His father is associate professor of economics at the University of Connecticut

Peter Tork
Info The story must be getting better…
  1. He plays Bach preludes on the organ

  2. He writes stream of consciousness essays

  3. He gets nervous when there’s a lot of visitors on the set

  4. He knows Clancy, the former bass player for the Quick Silver Messenger Service

  5. He was once in a group with Steve Stills of the Buffalo Springfield and John Hopkins

  6. His full real name is Peter Halsten Thorkelson

  7. He wanted to be an English teacher

  8. He was always the first one on stage when he played in the village coffeehouses

  9. He wears ring size 8

  10. He entered show business at the age of 20

Peter Tork
Info Then, suddenly, he realizes that he’s being watched…
  1. He played at the Four Winds and the Cyclops in the Village

  2. He is good friends with Cass Elliot’s sister Lea

  3. He used to be a sideman at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, California

  4. He sings solo only on “Auntie Grizelda”

  5. He attended Carlton College in Minnesota

  6. He flunked out of it twice

  7. He was known as one of the friendliest guys in the Village

  8. He is bowlegged

  9. He always wears his belt buckle on the left side

Peter Tork
Info And he breaks into that heart-melting Tork smile!
  1. He likes the Association

  2. He is Aquarius

  3. He is five foot 11

  4. He used to sing Phil Ochs songs

  5. He plays organ on their new record

  6. He has two brothers Nick and Christopher and a sister Ann Elizabeth

  7. He once played at the Troubadour in Hollywood

  8. He likes folk music

  9. He prefers to go with one girl at a time

Peter Tork
Info Peter carefully watches the make-up man powder his famous face.
  1. He rarely wears boots, mostly moccasins

  2. He likes red, yellow and orange

  3. His favorite shirt is red, yellow and orange striped velour

  4. He used to sing heavy ballads

  5. His parents are John and Virginia Thorkelson

  6. He weighs 151 pounds

  7. He once wrote a Broadway-type musical with his mother and brother Nick

  8. He frequently gets and sings with the Springfield in clubs

  9. He used to wear holy (holey?) tennis shoes and sweatshirts

  10. He now owns several beautiful sweaters

  11. He once played on the same bill as Muddy Waters

  12. He doesn’t play banjo as well as he used to because he doesn’t have time to practice

Peter Tork
Info A talented amateur photographer, Peter is apt to snap a picture anywhere!
  1. He plays bass with The Monkees

  2. He taught Davy to play bass for concerts while he plays organ

  3. He wears size small shirts

  4. He was the only Monkee not to visit England during their vacation

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 55–59