Brendan Cahill Articles (12 articles)

Stop PressMonkees Monthly1967/10
75 Facts About The MonkeesMonkee Spectacular1967/11
Fave HappeningsFave1968/01
The Monkees As I Know ThemFave1968/02
My Friend MickyMonkee Spectacular1968/02
You Are Invited to Mike’s Far-Out, Far East PartyMonkee Spectacular1968/04
Spend 24 Groovy Hours in Heavenly Palm Springs with Davy, Micky, Mike and PeterMonkee Spectacular1968/06
My 5 Groovy Days with The MonkeesTiger Beat1968/06
Peter Talking on the Transatlantic PhoneMonkees Monthly1968/11
16 Spec Newsreel16 SpecWinter 1969
Stop PressMonkees Monthly1969/04
That Was Then, This Is Then: The Monkees on RecordCreem Presents1987/04