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The Monkees have had several changes of personal management during the past hectic three years.

They have also been involved in many different business enterprises, including publishing, recording and film companies.

They have now decided to concentrate their efforts to promote the Monkees as a group and they have appointed David Pearl and Brendan Cahill as their personal managers.

David Pearl, as our regular readers will already know, has been Davy’s personal friend for many years. Brendan Cahill met the boys when he acted as their chauffeur in 1967.

Mike recently appeared as a star guest on the Johnny Cash Show, which is the top Country and Western television programme in the United States.

As you probably know, Mike is a great country music enthusiast and it gave him a marvellous opportunity to play some of his “rural blues”.

Apart from making several short films for television, Peter Tork has gone into the restaurant business. He recently bought a Soup Kitchen in Greenwich Village, which is the hippie centre of New York. Tork’s eating place is rapidly becoming a big meeting centre for artists and musicians in the area.

Just when everything seemed set for the Monkees first major tour of the leading European countries, the news broke that it had been put off until later on in the year.

Main reason for the postponement was that the boys had decided to form a seven-piece backing group now that Peter Tork has left.

The group is going to be called The Goodtimers Band Ltd. Several of the members are reported to have played on previous Monkee sessions, particularly the private ones in their own home recording studios.

Many of Britain’s top popsters make a point of looking up the Monkees whenever they visit California. Donovan dropped in during his recent State-side visit and ended up staying for four whole days. Most of the time was spent in Micky’s recording studio working on new song ideas.

Before he left, Donovan gave the boys a song which he had written specially for them called “Valentine Angel”. It has never been recorded before and the Monkees reckon that it is one of the most beautiful numbers that they have ever heard. It is one of their main choices for a future single.

You will remember that many months ago we reported that Davy had opened a boutique in New York with the unusual name of Zilch.

The Monkees Monthly asked him how Zilch was going recently and he came up with the surprising news that he had given it away.

Apparently, he found that he couldn’t spend enough time at the shop due to all his Monkee commitments, so he decided to give the whole lot, lock, stock and barrel, clothes and all, to the Neills [sic].

In a way, this was a “thank you” from Davy for all they did for him when he stayed with them in America.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 27
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 19