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The B.B.C. gave a starting date for the new Monkees Series during the middle of September. The first episode this autumn was transmitted on Saturday, September 30.

And the new Monkees single will almost certainly be “Love Is Only Sleeping” and will be released on Friday, October 13, according to Screen Gems Executive, Cyril Black. The number is a Barry Mann/Cynthia Weill song.

Peter Tork has a favourite expression which he’s using a lot around the film and recording studios these days. If he doesn’t like something, he says: “The entire universe is permeated with the odour of turpentine.” When we asked him for a rough translation, he said “It stinks!”

Last month we reported that Ray Washbourne and Alf Weaver, two drivers, who chauffeured the Monkees when they visited this country, were going to California to drive for Mike and Micky.

Unfortunately, we got it the wrong way round. Alf did go—he flew out on September 13—but Ray Washbourne is staying in this country as he is very happy working for his present employers.

However, Alf was met by another driver Brendan Cahill, who used to work with him in the same company but who left earlier to drive for Mike. With Brendan waiting to greet him were Mike and Phylis [sic] Nesmith.

The Monkees are very generous, but none more than Micky—not that he’ll ever tell you when he’s done something special for someone. But when Ric Klein, his Road Manager and personal friend got married this summer, Ric tells us that Micky paid for the entire cost of his honeymoon.

Pye Records have released another old number which they have dug up out of their archives. We’re not giving the title as Davy Jones thinks the best thing for everyone to do is just ignore it! As he says, “I made this a long time ago and I’d far rather they left it where they found it.”

Chicamomo, Pearl Locker
Davy’s two race horses, Chicomono on the left and Pearl Locker on the right.

Basil Foster tells us that he is now training two horses for Davy Jones. Both are yearlings and have not been entered in a race yet. One is called Pearl Locker, after David Pearl, Davy’s American friend, and the other, a grey, Chicomono, which is Spanish for Little Monkey. One of the first things that Davy does when he returns to England is to rush up to York to see Basil and find out how his horses are going.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 9
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19