The Monkees As I Know Them

Davy Jones, Brendan Cahill

As chauffeur and road manager for the Monkees, Brendan Cahill has gotten to know the fab four really well. In this exclusive Fave feature he tells, in his own words, of many groovy experiences with Micky, Davy, Peter and Mike.

Brendan Cahill is one of the luckiest guys around! He has spent hours with all the fave singing groups, acting as personal chauffeur to the Beatles, the Hermits, and the Monkees. What’s more, he’s gone from one groovy job to an even groovier one. Through his close friend Micky, he became the Monkees’ road manager. Now he gets to travel with them on tour and he has gotten to know all of them as warm, unique individuals.

When I worked for the Artist’s Car Service in London, it wasn’t so much as a driver as it was a personal thing. I got to know the groups and it was always on a first-name basis. We used to look after them when they were on tour in London. If they didn’t understand the money system, we’d go out shopping with them and take them around the city.

When I found out we were going to chauffeur the Monkees, I was really excited. It was about two days after they arrived that I really got friendly with Micky and started going out with the Monkees.

Brendan Cahill

I came here as the Monkees started the U.S. tour, not expecting to stay. One day in Baltimore I said to Micky, “I don’t want to leave here. I’m having too much fun with everybody.” When we got in that evening for the next show, Micky came up and said “You’re working for us”, and just walked away. I was left dumbfounded. For fifteen minutes I wandered around the arena thinking “Never! It just can’t happen!” But it did and now I’m their road manager!

Micky says today that they came to him first and said “We want to give Brendan the job.” But I know it was Micky who went to them. And I found out that Davy had something to do with it as well, but they won’t tell me whenever I ask for the truth.

Really I think I’m very lucky. Number one, meeting the Monkees, because they’re such great guys. And second, Micky’s the only person who’s ever done anything like this for me in my life.

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones

I think I know Davy pretty well, too. He’s different from Micky in several ways. Micky’s more practical-minded in that he likes to do things himself, like building his own recording studio in his home. And Davy is the organizer.

For example, if they had a corporation called Jones and Dolenz, Limited, I would imagine Davy sitting in the office saying “This must be done and that must be done.” And Micky would go out and do it. Davy likes to go out socially and be with his friends rather than build things.

When I was introduced to Davy in London, I thought he was a bit serious. We really didn’t talk much to each other until we went to New York. My ideas of him were very different from what they are now. I thought he was a bit stand-offish.

But I found out that just the opposite is true! He helped me so much with my passport and visa and stuff like that. I think the reason I decided Davy would be that way is that most English people are brought up to be very formal. So I expected him to be hard to know, but I sure was wrong!

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

I got to know Peter pretty well in London because I went out with him a few times. He is even more musically-minded than Micky. Whenever I’d be speaking to him he’d be playing a guitar. But when we went out together, he seemed very smart and quite a deep thinker, very up on Indian ways of life and thinking.

Peter and I are good friends, but socially we don’t have that much in common. Yet, he’s not hard to get to know. You go say hello to him and right away you feel completely relaxed. I think the thing about Peter is he really speaks his mind. If I did something he didn’t like he’d come straight up and tell me. He wouldn’t beat around the bush.

Mike Nesmith

Mike has always seemed to be the unofficial leader of the group. He was always the one with the level head, you know? As far as show business goes, in years to come you’ll see “Produced by Michael Nesmith” on many a record and show.

He goes about things in a big way. He just bought a new car and he had to have the engine souped up and dark windows put in with stereo and padding. Mike likes a lot of everything. I wouldn’t say he’s extravagant, but if he can afford it, he likes to get the best for his family.

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

I think the main thing about the Monkees is that they’re always concerned about everybody. Once I had a lot of stuff stolen in St. Louis—my driver’s license, passport, checkbook and all. They kept saying “If there’s anything at all we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.”

And whenever you meet, it’s always “Everything going OK?” and “Are you happy with what you’re doing?” That’s the Monkees. Each one of them is like that, and I’m so proud to be friends with four such unselfish, groovy people!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 54–55