Fave (September 1967) (13 articles)

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Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.

Fave Raves6, 65
Fave Q&A12
Davy’s Glads and Sads14–15
Fave HappeningsAnn Moses22–23
The Hidden Side of Micky and Mike24–25
Phyllis Nesmith26–27
Faves of the Faves28–29
Fave’s Drawing Contest33
Micky: The Years He Won’t ForgetJanelle Dolenz Scott36–37
The Real Scoop: What It’s Like to Work with The MonkeesDonna Loren38–39
Outasite Monkee Contest55, 57–58
Peter’s Pillow Talks60
D’ja Know Your Fave…62–63