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This letter is for anyone who believes the Monkees don’t play their own instruments. They do! I went to a concert and on a song Peter’s guitar strap broke. Davy immediately quit playing the tambourine and walked across the stage and helped Peter fix it. For awhile neither instrument was going. Also, there was a quality to the music that you can get only if it’s played live you could never have gotten off a record. I want to tell all Monkee Fans of the World—THE MONKEYS DO PLAY THEIR OWN INSTRUMENTS!!

Kelly Abshire
Wichita, Kans.

I’d like to tell the girl from Michigan that in California we do wear white socks and they are considered “in”. Anyway, what’s wrong with wearing white socks? All the surfers wear them, so get with it Michigan. I’m a surfer and wouldn’t be caught dead in anything else.

Surfer in White Socks

I am an ardent Simon and Garfunkel fan, so when I realized you had an article about them in one of your back issues (April, 1966) I immediately sent off for it.

Well, I got it yesterday and pasted it into my scrapbook. It is a very good article with groovy pictures. But, there is one thing wrong that absolutely grieves my heart, and I want you to correct it as soon as possible, so that when you have another article on Simon and Garfunkel you won’t make the same mistake. Art’s name is spelled wrong all through the article. It’s not GARFUNKLE, it’s GARFUNKEL. Okay. Have a lot more on them, please.

Judy Weiss

Could you imagine a person with Davy’s looks, Peter’s brains, Micky’s humor and Mike’s talent? That would be a super person no villain could foil!

Imaginative Fan
Ft. Laud., Florida

I saw a picture of Engelbert Humperdinck recently and really flipped. How about an article on him in your magazine?

Raney E. (a dying fan)
Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

I have photos taken at concerts of the Who, the Blues Project, the Cream, The Monsella, The Chicago Loop, Mitch Ryder, Jim & Jean, The Hardly Worthit Players, and am willing to sell or trade for more photos of other groups

Vickie Shen
139 Murray St. Apt. 2-C
Elizabeth, N.J.

Since “Where the Action Is” went off TV, it seems like Herman and the Hermits just dropped out of sight. What are his future plans for the group, and is there a chance he will do any American concerts this year?

Herman fan
Ennis, Texas

Herman is in England making a movie, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter”, to be released in the fall. There has been no official announcement, but the Hermits are scheduled to tour with the Dick Clark Caravan, and play some additional concerts in the U.S.A., in July and August. Suggest you watch the daily newspaper and check out your fave radio station for specific developments.

I cannot find TIGER BEAT at my local newsstand (I borrowed a book from a friend to get your address). I’ve never seen a picture of Genie The Tailor, and would like to know her hair and eye coloring, etc.

Billie Thorpe
Wayland, Ky.

Genie is a witty, breezy “genie” with a neat sense of humor and a real flair for sewing clothes to please the fave groups. They go for her groovy designs, but she doesn’t date any of the guys. She has light brown hair and brown eyes.

We’re finding out that 1967 is turning out to be a terrible year. Here are some of the things that have happened already:

1) The Beatles’ dreadful change
2) “Action” was cancelled
3) Harpo left The Raiders
4) Sorrow in Phil Volk’s family
5) Fang and Smitty leave The Raiders
6) Davy Jones may be drafted

After all this bad stuff couldn’t we have some good things happen? Let’s try to make the rest of the year as good as we possibly can. OK?

Ann & Michelle
(two miserable teens)
Granada Hills, Calif.

Peter is my favorite Monkee. I got a hamster and named it Peter. Will you put more pictures of him in your magazine?

Kay Hanson
Benton Harbor, Mich.

Could you please tell us something about that gorgeous new Raider, Freddy Weller. We saw him on the Ed Sullivan show and think he is an absolute doll! Also, how about more on ex-Raider Drake Levin?

Two True Raider Fans
Cleveland, Ohio

Turn to Page 31 for a fave Foto feature on this great group!

You have printed tons of stories on all the marvelous English groups except the fantastic singing team of Peter & Gordon. This fab duo deserves a huge write-up.

Maureen Cogger
Staten Island, N.Y.

Thanks for Kurt story Permalink

I just had to say thanks for the pictures and information on Kurt Russell in TIGER BEAT. I have seen him on TV and in the movie, “Follow the Boys” and I think he is one of the most entertaining young actors I have ever seen. Please keep up the good work.

Mary Nugent
Meshoppen, Pa.

Don’t miss the Kurt feature in this issue.

Is it true? Can they really be serious? One girl protests that Angela Cartwright can visit the Monkee Set and she can’t. She only lives clear out in Nebraska. Another is horrified because Dino wears white socks and white socks aren’t “hip”. Here they are crying because of jealousy and white socks!!

There is a war going on. Humans can’t get along with each other. There is poverty and famine all ’round the world—AND GIRLS WRITE IN ON PETTY THINGS SUCH AS WHITE SOCKS!!

I know idols mean a lot. I’m a Monkee fan, but I certainly don’t worship them. I dig their music and, if the info I’ve read is true, they are fascinating individuals.

What I’m trying to say is: “Wake up to the real problems. Become aware of things of real value.”

Fort Lupton, Colo.

There are a lot of people including me, who must like Mark Lindsay because he won two awards, “Star of the Year” and “Best American Male Singer”. I’ve got 71 pin-ups of Mark and others of Fang, Smitty, Harpo, and last but not least, Paul, plus a scrapbook of them, and their latest album, “Spirit of ’67”.

Lindsay luvver
Toccoa, Ga.

I wish you would put more of Elvis in your magazine. Since he has gotten married, I would like to know about his wife, their home, and his future movie plans.

Devoted Elvis Fan
Kellyville, Okla.

I saw your story about Jon Provost in the May TiGER BEAT and loved it, but especially the color picture of him. Let’s have more about Jon. This got me to wondering what happened to Tommy Rettig, the boy who starred before Jon in the Lassie series. Maybe you could print something on Tommy, too.

Ginny Calvert
Milwaukee, Wisc.

You will find a brand-new picture story of Jon on page 20 of this issue. Tommy played in the film “So Big” about the time he was in the “Lassie” series, and more recently was in the daytime TV drama “Never Too Young”…

I would like to know if you would put one of those great color pictures in your magazine of Michael Caine, star of “Alfie”, “The Ipcress File”, “Funeral in Berlin” and others. He is great. And could you print an article about his home, age, status, height, coloring, etc.?

Nanci Macchione
Chicago, Ill.

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