Peter’s Pillow Talks

by Peter Tork’s Pillow

Peter Tork

Here is a new, secret side of Peter, known only to his fluffy pillow. It may shake you up to know that the blond Monkee talks in his sleep! AND—he sometimes acts as if he is under a magic spell!

I keep very strange hours compared to most of you. They start along about 12 o’clock at night and end abruptly at the sound of a radio alarm usually set for around five o’clock in the morning. By now you’re probably wondering just what I do for a living. Well, I’m Peter’s pillow, and I’m going to tell you what Peter thinks, does and dreams when he’s in a total state of run-down-itis, otherwise known as sleep.

The whole routine usually starts when Peter decides to stumble into my room yawning loudly. This wakes me up with a start, but it doesn’t quite prepare me for what happens next, even though it has happened at least a zillion times in the past. He jerks the covers off me and I immediately start freezing to death. As my feathers chatter and rattle he plops into bed and his head hits me hard—whack! After several stretches, Peter conks out. This, of course is, if he’s lucky. Most of the time he’ll toss and turn for positively ages.

Peter Tork

Once Peter does get to sleep, everything is quiet for at least two minutes if I’m lucky. You see, Peter talks in his sleep. It’s really very interesting to listen to because he babbles on about everything that’s bugged him during the day. Sometimes he even screams about it. I’m quite sure that when he was younger he babbled on in German, because sometimes German words slip into his vocabulary.

From the way he talks, he must really have some weird twists to his everyday happenings. You see, Peter gets almost all of his material from what happens to him in everyday life. Sometimes he’ll dream about the Monkees and things that have happened to them. Other nights he’ll rave on about the beautiful girls he meets in his dreams.

There’s one dream that really scares me fluffless. Peter doesn’t have it too often but when he does, it’s a beauty. He just lies there and freezes into one position. He becomes stiff. I’m sure it’s some kind of a spell because it happens halfway between sleep and non-sleep and he can always feel it creeping on. The really horrid thing about it though, is that he can’t move or do anything about this creepy thing even though he knows what’s happening. This really frustrates him and it takes hours for Peter to get to sleep after one of these frozen spells. I’m glad this only happens once in awhile.

Peter Tork

On the whole, Peter’s dreams are fun and kind of like a big carnival. I know about them because he raps on in his sleep about them just as though he’s telling me a story. There was one dream where he went on a trip and everything started happening backwards. He ate his food backwards, and got his plane ticket after he landed. I had a bad case of the giggles that night, you may be sure.

Naturally all nights have to come to an end with the rising of the sun and the blaring of the radio, Peter jolts out of bed and I am able to close my eyes and get some sleep.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Page: 60