You Said It


Dear FLIP,

In her letter, “C.O.B.” stated that the unfaithful Beatle fans have turned to the Monkees because it’s the “‘in’ thing to do.” This is truly wrong! I respect the Beatles, and I think they’re very, very talented and I am a LOYAL Monkee fan. I saw the Monkees for the first time and I liked them, not because “it was the only ‘in’ thing to do” but because I liked them as a group and I had seen them before as singles. I think it would be a big bore if everybody liked the Beatles and not a different variety of groups. People have different tastes and the Beatles can’t be everything everybody wants. Just believe in the Beatles, and if they think they’re losing fans then they will do something about it.

Laguna Hills, Calif.

Dear FLIP,

I bought my first copy of FLIP today and I think it’s one of the grooviest teen mags I’ve ever seen. I especially want to thank you for all the groovy stories and pics on my very favorite fave, Davy Jones. In the June issue you gave the answers to last month’s questions about Davy. I know the answers now but not the questions, since I didn’t get the May issue. Could you please tell me what the five questions were?

Bonnie Bruveleit
Caldwell, Idaho

When we made up the Monkee Quiz, we didn’t realize there would be some people left staring at answers and trying to guess the questions! But we’re sending you a May issue so you can put them together.

Dear FLIP,

He’s the dreamy one of the year! That black hair and beautiful face! Oh he turns me on! Keep Sajid’s pics coming!

Sajid’s Fan
Goshen, N.Y.

Dear FLIP,

What did Carol Deck mean in her memo about “what can you do in New York?”!! Only a Californian can ask that! You can go to Zilch I. You can go to “The Park,” or you can walk around and just dig the big buildings. New York is far from a jungle, and frozen? We haven’t had a cold day in the past 6 weeks. Did you ever see the way you bagels (our N.Y. name for California kids) dance? You call that dancing?? You should come to New York. We have soul. New York is far from Hicksville. LA’s on the way. You can sit and watch the smog set. Our thanks to FLIP for staying in The Greatest City!

Linda Harper
Alice McGee
Susan De Pasquale
Michele Conli
Bronx, N.Y.

Dear FLIP,

I thank you from the bottom of my Monkee lovin’ heart for putting Mike Nesmith on the cover of your July issue of FLIP. Nobody ever puts Mike on the cover of their mag. It’s always Davy, Micky, or Peter. I love them, yes, but I also love Mike. Thank you so much!

Ramona Garnes
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear FLIP,

I think it’s about time that fans started thinking about their faves. I know for a fact that when many fans see a star, they “mob” him or her. They rip at their clothes and pull at their hair. Instead of taking something from them, you should give them something. It would sound better if you said to your girl friend, “I gave Mark Lindsay my favorite pendant!” instead of, “I got a piece of Mark Lindsay’s shirt!”

Rokell Person
Camden, N.J.

Dear FLIP,

I was wondering if you would put more dot to dot pics in your book. They have real groovy guys when I look closely. I love to do them!

Lauren Edmonds
Cameron, Texas

Dear FLIP,

Every time I read your magazine I see nothing but pictures and articles about singing stars, which is just great! But what about some of the television stars? Surely they deserve some recognition! Take the “Action Kids,” just because the show went off the air doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear about them anymore. Some other groovy stars that you should recognize and write about in your magazine are Frank Converse and Robert Hooks who star on “N.Y.P.D.” and Stephen Young from “Judd for the Defense.”

Jean Gordon
Simsbury, Conn.

Dear FLIP,

This is for all those FLIP-ers who don’t have FLIP Stationery. I can name 3 good reasons why I just luv it:

  1. You get special attention from the pop people and might even receive a letter!

  2. It’s pretty and neat and groovy.

  3. You get the stars’ addresses.

PLEASE FLIP-ers—must say more?!?

Nancy Sova
Connellsville, Pa.

You’ve said it all, Nancy, and thanks! Page 54 is where you can get all the scam on FLIP’s Star Stationery.

Dear FLIP,

I’m a FLIP-er and I wouldn’t miss an issue if you paid me, but I have a few complaints! I’m glad you stopped making such a fuss about the Monkees, but you still make a little too much news about them. I wish you’d have more on the Raiders, Dino, Desi & Billy, Jay North, Sajid, Jon Provost and Sally Field. Also I’m crazy about Sonny & Cher, but I wish Sonny would shave.

Jennifer Pecili
Englewood, N.J.


In your July “O.F.S.” you sure made some big mistakes! The only single Hermit left is Pete Noone! Drummer Barry Whitwam married Dale Lecky on December 16th, and Leade [sic] Guitarist Keith Hopwood married Penny Pagni on January 20th. If you didn’t know that news then you’d better wake up!

Liz Vento
North Haven, Conn.

We did goof, but we’re “awake” now—thanks to you and some other sharp-eyed Hermits fans!

Dear FLIP,

This is to all of you who think FLIP’s letter column, “You Said It!” is made up. It is not! If you don’t believe me look in the January issue and you’ll find a letter I wrote about Kurt Russell. You better think twice before you put down groovy FLIP!

FLIP-er forever,

Brooke Haley
Manhattan, Kansas

Dear FLIP,

In your July issue, you put an article on Davy Jones and his dog, “Suzy.” In it you said that “Suzy” was probably the only male German Shepherd with a girl’s name. Well, I know of someone who has a female German Shepherd with a boy’s name. It’s Phil Volk, and his dog’s name is “Cleo.” You have hardly put anything in your magazine on “Fang.” If you have just forgotten, remember some of us out here that did love him.

Fellow FLIP-er and Fang Follower
Shreveport, La.

Magazine: Flip
Editor: Steve Kahn
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65