Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones (December 1967) (14 articles)

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Magazine: Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones
Editor: Ralph Benner
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.

IntroductionDavy Jones3
24 Exciting Hours with Davy6–11
A Date with Davy Jones12–13
Davy & Girls14–17
An “Almost” Interview on the Set18, 20
What Davy’s Really Like22–25
Davy—According to Astrology28–29
Davy’s Handwriting Analyzed30–31
The Secrets of Davy’s Success33, 36–39, 44–46
Davy’s Life at a Glance40–41
After The Monkees… Then What?48–49, 53
50 True Facts About Davy Jones56–57
Davy Gets a Haircut60–61
Davy at the Dentist64–65