Davy—According to Astrology

Davy Jones

It’s true for Davy, as for everyone, that no matter what tendencies are indicated by his sign, he always has a freedom of choice. This freedom means he may choose to follow the bad or tempting influences, or may use self-will and work the bad into good.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn, the Goat, are the hardest workers of the Zodiac. If a Capricorn sets a goal, no matter how long it takes to reach it, he will achieve it. Davy is true to his sign in that he has a good mind, is very much of a perfectionist, and is constantly interested in bettering his place in life. Those traits occurring time and again in Davy’s own personal chart are: generous; warm-hearted; sympathetic; courteous; amiable; kind; affectionate; impressionable and cheerful.

Davy’s great ambition has gotten him, at 21, to the top of his profession. Davy loves being a Monkee, and even with all the complications, loves to be recognized by his many fans. His enthusiastic nature pushes him higher and higher on his path to success, and if he sets a goal he won’t stop until it’s realized.

Davy Jones

According to the stars, Davy would be the best friend to have in all the world! There is nothing he wouldn’t do for those close to him. If he feels that he likes a person, he’ll tend to like him or her no matter what others say against them. Nothing is ever too good for his friends, but he had better watch out, his great extravagance with gifts may set him back financially without his even realizing it until it’s too late.

People flock around Davy; he loves people and they love him. If a friend has a problem and comes to Davy he probably couldn’t find a more sympathetic and sensitive listener—and one who would also try to actively help.

Davy Jones

Again and again the stars show that Davy has a fantastic personal magnetism, and without even raising a finger, he’ll find girls flocking about him. And he doesn’t mind a bit—he loves all the girls. There is some suggestion that he will have more than one or two loves from a considerable distance.

Davy is constantly on a quest for the right girl, whether he’s aware of it or not. His frequent romances with different girls might be looked on as flirtatious by others, but the minute he finds the right one the stars say he will settle down and love her forever.

Although he tries to hide it, Davy is an extremely sensitive person and may be hurt very easily. If this happens he will draw into a shell, and it may be a long time until he forgets the offense.

Davy is so personable, so magnetically attractive to both the sexes that he could be a bit spoiled. It may be that if he can’t get his way in matters important to him he will tend to sulk, or become moody. But since he likes to surround himself with sunny, outgoing people, he probably won’t stay in that mood long.

A studious nature is not Davy’s strong point. He likes to be active, play sports, or talk to friends rather than being by himself reading or studying. “Book-learning” isn’t for busy Davy!

Magazine: Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones
Editor: Ralph Benner
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 28–29