What Davy’s Really Like

Davy Jones

So you want to know all about Davy Jones. What he thinks, how he looks at things, what kind of people he’s attracted to, the type of boyfriend or husband he’d make. Well, take a deep breath, ’cause here are the answers!

What makes Davy tick?

At 14 ½ years old, just after his mother died, Davy Jones walked out of his family home in the poor section of Manchester, England to make a fortune. Eight years later he’s made it. Davy Jones is sitting on top of a world that he owns. It wasn’t chance. The reasons are wound up inside of Davy. They’re the terrific drives that have pushed him further on the road to success than anybody dreamed possible.

Davy Jones

So welcome to the world of Davy Jones. It’s full of swirling color, vibrating music, of love and feeling—it’s made up of the personality of one of the grooviest people in the world. Davy has always had complete faith in himself and his ability. Even at 14 ½ he knew that one day he’d be rich and famous—it was just a question of in which field. In Davy’s case it wasn’t ego; he reached his goals by constant development of his fantastic talent; by working when everybody else had stopped, and by knowing, day and night, that if a person wants something badly enough, he’ll eventually get it. And Davy wanted badly enough.

The path he followed was terribly difficult; few people would have had the heart, but Davy never wavered. He knew that his goals could be reached if he just worked harder than the others. He knew what the rewards would be, and when he finally owned the world he could put it on a silver platter, hand it to his family and close friends and say “Here, now let’s share them.” And that’s exactly what he’s doing now.

Davy’s personality

Davy Jones

The most obvious personality traits in Davy’s make-up are his fantastic stamina, courage and drive. But there is the other side of his complex personality that makes Davy not only a huge financial and creative success, but a warm, sensitive person and wonderful friend.”

Davy is one of the few people who’s able to keep an eye on himself as he “was” even though presently he’s enjoying a great success. He’s just as conscious of himself as the struggling young jockey and actor, as he is of Davy Jones, modern success-story miracle. Those people whom he befriended or who befriended him early in his career are welcome to anything Davy has at any time. His house is a gathering place for friends who are in some midway point. Maybe their career is slow, or they’ve run out of money, but whatever’s the problem Davy is always there to help. And it’s not for any thanks he does it. If somebody does try to show their appreciation, Davy becomes embarrassed, almost shy, and passes it off with a quick joke to hide the emotion. He helps because he knows what it is to be helped; and because from holding a helping hand out to others, he in turn receives a genuine sense of satisfaction.

Davy Jones

It’s an interesting fact that as hard as Davy pushed for success and money, one of his greatest objectives was to be able to help those close to him. His frustration at seeing his father and sisters doing without goaded the little boy so much that he determined to eventually give them what they lacked. His money now goes to buy his father a new house, his sisters presents, and to share some of his luck with good friends.

A wonderful friend

Davy Jones

His personal ambitions for money aren’t selfish. He dreams of even more success, but it’s for a greater reason. “Sure I’m wheeling and dealing,” says Davy. “I’m thinking about building an estate, yes. But it’s for my kids… I’m going to make money and be a very rich man one day.”

Davy has a sixth sense about people. Those people he’s chosen as friends throughout his life remain friends to this day. And now, when he has a more difficult time finding people who like him for himself and not for what he represents, he still is surrounded by a group of loyal, but independent friends. “There’s a lot of people staying at my house until they get on their feet,” says Davy. “But they’re all doing their ‘thing.’ Right now there are five guys staying with me. We trade off going to the store, we all do dishes and things like that.”

Davy Jones

As a matter of fact, on one visit to Davy’s house, he was standing over a hot stove cooking a breakfast for Lindy, a good-looking boy who’d just arrived from New York and was looking for work. Davy put a delicious looking platter of eggs, bacon and English muffins on the table, but Lindy just paced around it. In a mock-serious voice Davy says, “Don’t just prance around it man, eat it!”

There are many stories floating around about Davy’s good deeds—the stories are true, but Davy doesn’t want people to know of them.

He helps Jan Berry

Jan Berry, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork

The story of Davy and Jan has been told, and it’s typical of the warm-hearted Manchester boy to give his precious time to help someone in desperate need.

Although Davy has always admired Jan and Dean’s records, he’d never met either of them. When tragedy struck Jan and he was in a coma for months on end, lying helpless in a hospital, Davy often thought of him, and the tricks life deals to even the most gifted.

Then Jan regained consciousness, but he had lost all sensation in his left hand, and it was obviously going to be a long, difficult battle for him to ever return to his old self.

Davy Jones

Davy decided to help in the battle. He went to Jan. He knew that with patience and caring he could help the talented boy regain his confidence. His visits became more frequent, and the two of them sat and read together, or Davy would work with him on writing a song. His faith in Jan’s rehabilitation paid off when Jan alone wrote a song so good that it’s about to be recorded.

Then Davy went one step further in renewing Jan’s enthusiasm for life. On The Monkee’s last tour Jan was Davy’s special guest. They stayed together. Davy helped Jan do the things that he was unable to do… an immensely close link was formed between the two… one that will last forever.

Magazine: Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones
Editor: Ralph Benner
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 22–25