A Date with Davy Jones

Davy Jones

Let your imagination run wild. Let’s imagine YOU out with Davy… and why not? It could happen!

So you are Davy’s type. You’ve met him and immediately he paid more attention to you than to anybody else around. And when Davy pays attention, he really pays attention. His dark brown eyes twinkle at you; he’ll probably cock his head a little to one side as he always does when he’s trying to catch every word, and you’ll be the only person meant to catch his beautiful smile.

Probably it will be a bit hard for him to get you alone to ask you for a date. Davy is always surrounded by friends, admirers and just loads of people who seem to be trying deliberately to separate you from Davy. After a while he says, “Just a minute, Mates. I’d like to talk to this bird alone for a few minutes.” He takes your arm and leads you a little way off—so that no one can hear, but you’ll feel the envious looks from the other girls.

Davy is straightforward and honest, as he always is. “Listen,” he says, “I’d love to see more of you. During the week I have to work until seven or later, perhaps we can get together on the weekend. But I’d like to see you before then. Would it be too much of a task to ask you to come up to my house, say, tomorrow night, and we’ll have dinner and just talk. Don’t worry, there will be other people there. We can get to know each other better.”

Of course you accept, but not immediately. You hesitate, as if thinking about your engagement schedule and if you have a date already tomorrow night. Then, as if that’s the only night you have clear for weeks to come, you smile at him and say, “Why yes, I’d love to.”

So it’s settled. He will call you just before he leaves the studio tomorrow evening so you’ll know exactly when he’ll be by to pick you up. And he is prompt. The phone rings at exactly seven.

Fifteen minutes later he appears, and does he look darling! Dressed very casually as all the Monkees do on their off-hours, Davy’s wearing a multi-colored striped velour shirt, and brown corduroy pants. He looks so groovy you almost lose your cool for a minute.

When you get to his house, as Davy predicted, there are obviously other people around by the number of cars parked in the driveway. He shows you into the house where you meet Charlie (Rockett), who is Davy’s only permanent roommate (although you’ll soon find that Davy’s place is the gathering spot for all of his old friends who are jobless, etc.). There are a couple of more friends in the kitchen eating a light dinner. You’re introduced, but they’re about to leave on their own dates, so all you do is meet them and say good-bye.

Davy asks you to come into the front room to sit, so you can discuss a very serious subject—dinner. “What do you want, luv?” he asks in that exciting English accent. “Anything’s all right with me, but we’ll both have to fix it.” You both decide on steak and salad, so Davy takes your hand and leads you into the kitchen, talking all the time. “I’ll show you where all the salad fixings are,” he says. Then he turns to you. “You can make a salad, can’t you,” he asks, his lovely brown eyes twinkling with laughter.

While he takes care of the steaks you fix the salad. All the time you’re laughing about some of the things you share in common. Every once in a while Charlie sticks his head in to ask Davy something, but the rest of the time he’s playing the guitar and writing some song in another part of the house.

In the front room the stereo is going—Anthony Newley, one of Davy’s favorites, is singing some beautiful show tunes. Davy has put some candles on the dining room table. He takes your hand, and sits you down in front of the delicious dinner.

There are so many things you can talk about—and Davy is such a wonderfully interesting person you almost forget to eat. But finally the candles have burned down, the dinner is over and now you’re sitting together on the couch, talking. Davy will undoubtedly show you around the home he’s so proud of. But it’s getting late. Davy also has to get up at 6:00 the next morning for work. When he drives you back home you’re very much at ease with each other. It’s been a perfect evening!

At the door, Davy looks at you tenderly, then pulls you to him and gives you a good-night kiss. What a wonderful feeling. You hardly hear him say something about a date Saturday night—or your answering yes—and then he’s gone. And you’re at home—as if nothing had happened. But you know something very important has happened—and you can’t wait until the next Saturday to see your very favorite Monkee again.

Magazine: Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones
Editor: Ralph Benner
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 12–13