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Davy’s handwriting is a fascinating study because it clearly shows the conflict going on inside the cutest of all the Monkees. And it’s astonishing to see how his handwriting analysis bears out almost all the facts in his astrological chart.

It is very true that Davy’s head and not his heart rules his actions. It was his head that got him to the top of his profession; if his heart had ruled, Davy might still be in Manchester, settled down with a wife, children, and a job in which he’d be miserably unhappy. Today, when Davy is constantly surrounded by “yes”-type people, and by overwhelming fame, this trait is a powerful asset. The fact that his true friends are not yes-men, and that he is not overly impressed with his own stardom shows that Davy must constantly think to know which are the true values. And naturally, before he falls for that certain girl, he will be constantly judging her, finding out what she is really like. When he’s convinced she’s sincere, he’ll let himself go completely.

But just because he thinks things out doesn’t mean he isn’t impulsive; he can be and is. On a moment’s notice he’ll jump on his cycle and take off on a Saturday or Sunday for a drive a hundred miles up the coast just for dinner. But he will not let his emotions make him do stupid things.

Also, when Davy gets very excited about things, it’s more with the mind than a screaming, leaping type of excitement. His excitement will seeth under the surface and go deep, deep down—you might not even be aware it’s there!

Davy has a great need to acquire, and it reoccurs time and again in his handwriting. It’s something he readily admits and talks about freely. When the little boy from the poor side of the tracks decided he was going to be the first generation in his family to get away from Manchester and make a success—success naturally meant money. He probably feels the basic insecurity of his origins and to him security comes in the form of material objects.

It’s typical of this need that last year, despite an overwhelming price tag, Davy was seriously thinking of buying Winston Churchill’s thoroughbred stud farm in England. Finally even he had to admit it was “still a little out of reach.”

His determination is also apparent, and this is often coupled with a great show of creative ability. Davy is extremely fortunate that, along with his inborn need to succeed, he was given all the necessary tools with which to reach the top.

If you meet Davy Jones you will not be forgotten by him! One of Davy’s best traits is that whatever he observes, or whomever he meets, he internalizes them. This means that each event or person Davy meets, he brings inside himself and learns from them so that each experience is actually multiplied many times over. You will notice Davy is often the observer in a group. He is absorbing all that others have to offer, and from this is gaining perhaps three times as much experience as anybody there.

It’s obvious that Davy tends to not follow the crowd. But he has a basic need not to displease people, so he might cover up that trait at times.

Great warmth or passion is another trait which frequently appears in his handwriting. It means that no matter what Davy does he throws his whole heart and soul into it.

When Davy writes letters to friends he tends to have narrow margins, which underlines the fact that his approach to situations is level-headed and practical. He is not a flighty person, and he is not easily deterred from his chosen path.

If you were Davy’s girl you would always feel protected. His is a great need to protect those close to him; he will fight off enemies, or build a house to shield you from the rain—his protectiveness is very physical and masculine.

Magazine: Tiger Beat Presents Davy Jones
Editor: Ralph Benner
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 30–31