Monkee Spectacular (September 1967) (15 articles)

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.

Davy Jones: Everybody’s Best Friend4–7
The Monkees Give Themselves Away in Their HandwritingF.A. Rockwell8–11
What Micky Sees with His Camera12–14
Do The Monkees Sound American?16–17
Monkee Letters18
The Night Micky Became a Robot20–21
Monkee Hats22–23
Monkee RumorsAnn Moses24–25
Monkee Pets28–31
All About Peter According to AstrologyJean Farman36, 38–39
Mike Nesmith: The Early DaysCharlie Rockett41, 44–45
Yes, Yes, Yes, The Monkees Play Their Own InstrumentsJeff Gold47–49
Monkee Recipes56–57
Foto Fun62, 64