Monkee Pets

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

You wanted to know about the animals in the Monkees’ private lives… So here’s the whole story!

The luckiest pets in Hollywood belong to the Monkees. Of course, it isn’t because the Monkees are stars that the pets are lucky—the pets don’t realize what a star is. But because each of the Monkees loves each pet so much these pets have the best lives imaginable. People in show business often get pets for reasons other than love: for show (because certain pets add to a star’s image), or for protection. Each Monkee pet, however, is a Monkee pet because it is loved, and for no other reason.

The Monkees all grew up with pets which they loved very much. They had disappointments too, and this accounts for some of the Monkee pets today

Davy Jones

For instance, Davy had a couple of cats named Marilyn and Panda when he was young. He loved them very much but he always wanted to have a dog, too. He never got one because there wasn’t room at home for a dog. Today Davy has a house that’s big enough for not just one dog, but two—two black Great Danes that get along just fine with his pet cat. He’s finally realized his dream.

When Mike was growing up in Texas he had a dog named Buttercup. He thought up her name all by himself. He loved her very much and when she finally died he cried for her.

Mike has always been fascinated by unusual pets. Many times he has wanted different animals for pets that most people would consider wild. When he was small he wanted a pet lion, but of course he never got one. Right now he would like to have a wolverine but, instead, he has two dogs, Fraak and Spotte. Spotte was found in the desert about a year ago and given to Mike by some of the people who work with him.

Peter has always loved all animals, and he has definite ideas about their dignity and self-respect. He once had a boxer named Anna who was a very gentle dog. But Peter never attempted to teach her tricks because he feels very deeply that making an animal do tricks is an insult to its dignity. When Peter was growing up he used to take care of animals that were hurt in some way. He would pick up birds that had fallen from their nests and take care of them until they were able to live on their own, then he would always release them. He was never afraid of any animal. When he was in the fourth grade his class visited the zoo and he let a snake wind itself all around him. He knew the snake wouldn’t hurt him and it didn’t.

Once Peter had a cat that was very unusual. The cat didn’t like cat food or fish, which cats usually love. This cat would only eat “people food”, especially potato chips. The cat was very affectionate—“kind of a soul cat”, according to Peter. When someone says that something else is a “soul person” they mean that that person is on your wave length—that he can understand and sympathize and almost “be” you without your having to say a word. That person just knows. That is the way it was with Peter and his cat.

Micky Dolenz

Micky, of course, has had the most pets and the most unusual experiences since he used to be Circus Boy. He acted with all the circus animals and he could truthfully say that some of the people he cared for most were elephants and lions and tigers and bears. Not many boys can say that! Only one bad thing happened in all the time Micky was Circus Boy—he was bitten by a monkey. But, because Micky is Micky, he didn’t blame the monkey at all and instead tried to become better friends with it. Micky got used to working with animals and now he often brings his dog, You, down to the Monkee set and sometimes she gets into the picture. Look closely and you’ll be able to see her on the show.

Micky had lots and lots of pets when he was young. He raised pigeons and he took care of wild birds that needed care. He’s had cats, dogs, birds and horses. Right now he would like to have a very big cat—maybe one like some of the big cats he used to work with on Circus Boy.

Micky names his pets for things he finds around him. He has four cats now and all of them have been named this way. Right after he got two of them he spilled ice cream on them both. Now one is named Ice and one is named Cream. The other two are named Canada and Dry. His dog nurses all four kittens—just like a mother cat! One of Micky’s biggest wishes right now is to get a picture of them all together nursing.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 28–31