All About Peter According to Astrology

Peter Tork

*Astrology is the science which claims that stars and planets influence peoples’ personalities as well as their lives. Many people base much of their lives on astrology. Whatever your beliefs, it’s obvious that many people born under the same sign have similar characteristics. This article on Peter is written according to astrological information.

Peter Tork was born shortly before midnight on Friday, February 13th, 1942. Usually called an unlucky day, this particular Friday the 13th turned out to be mighty lucky for all Monkee fans, because Peter was gifted with one of the grooviest minds ever.

He was also born with these characteristics:

  1. A leadership power over people.
  2. A shy way about him.
  3. A gentle disposition.
  4. A good natured and witty personality.
Peter Tork

Peter reads every book he can get his hands on and spends lots of time alone just thinking about what he’s read. He can concentrate well on anything no matter what’s going on around him and he’s able to remember facts because of his sharp memory.

He is generally concerned about people and what’s going on in the world and this is why he’s interested in politics. He’s dedicated to the fact that each person in the world should have freedom and this is why he’ll rebel against anyone who tries to hold down his personal way of life.

Peter knows many people, but has very few really close friends. He might often be a very lonely person. However, to those close to him, he is a true friend and he’ll go to bat for those he believes in.

He prefers to be around intelligent people and is turned off by those who don’t use what brains they’ve got.

He likes to talk and what he says makes good sense. Once in awhile he gets too emotional over some of his beliefs and this makes him outspoken even to the point of anger. One of his problem points is trying to influence others to see things his own way. This is true of others born under Peter’s sign.

When Peter gets mad… watch out! He is stubborn and his anger lasts longer than you’d expect. He can’t be talked out of his moods easily.

Peter’s convinced that some of our laws and customs are old-fashioned. He’s very modern in his approach to life and would rather look forward than backward. He’s not afraid to take a chance if it is going to result in some form of improvement.

Peter’s a bundle of energy and action, but there are times when worries, usually about things that may happen but never do.

He doesn’t give up any project easily and little setbacks or disappointments don’t upset him. In moments of danger he also can be quite heroic if the opportunity rises.

Peter Tork

If people around him cause trouble or make his unhappy, Peter doesn’t like it. In these cases he usually crawls into his own shell and shuts others out.

Even if he likes people a lot, Peter still likes to be by himself a great deal of the time. He has a great love for nature and whenever he can he should go off by himself on quiet drives to the mountains or to a deserted beach. This is where he really feels happiest.

Peter is the kind of person who sometimes impresses others as really being far-out. This is proven by his personal tastes in music, art, clothes and surroundings.

Peter likes to travel and loves music, singing, and acting so it’s lucky for him that he’s a Monkee because this is what his life is made up of. He also has good business ability and would do well in any field of literature; writing, publishing, etc. He can express himself well and when he tells of his adventures, others listening to him can almost ‘see’ what he’s talking about.

Peter Tork

This blond Monkee will follow his heart, regardless of what others may say or think. He has a real way about him, a kind of charming ‘little boy’ appeal that makes all girls flip.

He has an eye for beauty, but when it comes to girls, they must have more than good looks. Peter also looks for brains and character. The girl who wins Peter’s heart will have to have a lot on the ball in the brain department.

He’s very hard to please because of his high standards and a constant search for perfection in people, so he’s often critical and sarcastic. However, Peter does like praise and flattery and responds to it well.

Peter is very faithful in his affections, but if love turns sour, he refuses to hold on to something after it’s worn out or on its last legs. Peter won’t allow himself to get bored with anyone or anything.

Peter Tork

Read the newspapers and know what’s going on. Become well-informed on problems of people around the world.

Be up on his interests. Flatter and praise him sincerely.

Be romantic and be lovely. But be especially tuned in to the moments when all he wants (and needs) is peace and quiet. This is your clue to be a silent partner. Then he may choose to enjoy his quiet times with you instead of by himself—or with someone else!

HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces.

HE COULD MARRY A: Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo.

(Next month: Mike Nesmith)

Peter Tork

(This means you must be born between these dates to be an Aries)

ARIES: March 21—April 20
TAURUS: April 21—May 20
GEMINI: May 21—June 21
CANCER: June 22—July 22
LEO: July 23—August 22
VIRGO: August 23—September 22
LIBRA: September 23—October 22
SCORPIO: October 23—November 21
SAGITTARIUS: November 22—December 21
CAPRICORN: December 22—January 19
AQUARIUS: January 20—February 18
PISCES: February 19—March 20

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 36, 38–39