Monkee Spectacular (August 1967) (18 articles)

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.

Davy by His Sister4–7
Follow The Monkees’ Magic Trail8–9
Micky by His Mother10–11
A Private Peek at Peter12–13
Davy and Micky on Wheels14–15
Davy’s Dressing Room16–17
Monkee Letters18
Peter by His Coffee TableSalli Stevenson20–23
Micky Goes Shopping24–25
C’mon Along to a Recording Session28–33
Monkee Goodies36–38
Phyllis Nesmith40–43
Monkee FoodSalli Stevenson44–45, 53
Monkee RumorsAnn Moses46–49
Davy’s Message to His FansDavy Jones51
Who Says The Monkees Don’t Get Tired?54–55
A Visit with Coco, Micky’s Sister58–59