The Monkees Give Themselves Away in Their Handwriting

Here’s the real truth about what Davy, Micky, Mike, and Peter are really like!

Wouldn’t you like to know the honest-to-goodness truth about what the Monkees are really like? Since actors are trained to conceal their true characters with the roles they play, their real personalities are sometimes never known by the public. But handwriting experts can tell the truth about anyone by studying his handwriting, and the writing of each of the Monkees will tell you the real truth about Mike, Davy, Micky and Peter.

Like the members of any great team or band, all the Monkees have similarities in their personalities as well as differences.

Their similarities include go-go pep and outasite bounce, as you can see from the forceful pressure of their handwriting specimens. Each handwriting shows humor in the wavy strokes and curvy t-bars and i-dots. But no matter how zany and screwy the Monkees act, they all share a down-to-earth logic, proved in the way most of their letters are connected without breaks between them. They all know what they’re doing, love their work and their fans and want their fans to love them, too. All the Monkees are materialistic and like good cars, clothes and the finer things of life, although we’ll see as we study their writing that each is an individualist in his own special way.

Now for the differences between them as graphology (graf ol’ o ji) or handwriting analysis lets you peek under the mask to the Real Boy behind each Monkee:

Mike’s main traits are musical talent, leadership ability, ambition, determination and a great sense of humor.

His writing shows a fine character-balance between spiritual and physical interests since his script extends to all three zones: upper, middle and lower. (Look at the word “Periodically”.)

Mike is moody (his slant changes from right to left to straight up-and-down) and basically quiet (he closes his “o’s” and “a’s”), but he really likes people and wants them to like him, even though he doesn’t like constant yakkityyakking.

Mike’s wide margins on all four sides show his artistic nature. He has good taste in art which can be developed into a great painting talent with proper training and application. The wider a person’s margins, the more he’ll spend to acquire the beautiful things he admires and Mike writes the widest all-round margins of all the Monkees.

The way his lines and end-strokes dance uphill means that he’s optimistic, the firm end-stroke in “Nesmith” shows determination. The sharp-pointed tops of his letters, especially “m’s” and “n’s”, prove he’s shrewd and will cooperate with people but he’s too smart to let anyone put anything over on him.

A person’s signature shows what he wants the world to think of him, whereas the body of his writing shows what he really is. Let’s look at Mike’s t-crosses. The high t-bar in “Nesmith” shows that he wants everyone to think he has a wild, way-out spirit of adventure. But all the t-bars in the rest of his script are lower, proving that in reality his feet are firmly on the ground in a practical way and not up-in-the-clouds.

Davy is the only Monkee who writes straight up-and-down instead of slanting to the right. This means his head rules his heart and he’s reserved and self-controlled. Perhaps this is due to his British background and upbringing that he can be counted on not to blow his cool when under pressure.

It’s a good thing girls go for him. Inwardly he loves your attention and loyalty, fans, but he’s basically too dignified to be aggressive enough to take the first steps. No matter how well a person thinks he knows Davy, there will always be secret mysteries in his life and personality. That’s what makes him fascinating!

The fact that there are no beginning strokes to his words indicates keen intelligence and independence. He likes to get down to the essentials without any hassle. He’s usually practical, with occasional flashes of intuition, and has a good critical sense.

Davy’s semi-printed capitals reveal his original ideas and his ability to put them to constructive use. Their largeness show his sense of pride and self-confidence.

He’s optimistic, likes to travel (his capital “I”s look like ships gracefully sailing the seas) and he LOVES to eat. The girl who wants to land Davy should be a good cook, for the way to his heart is through his stomach. He enjoys food so much that he’s been known to say “Next to being hungry, I guess loneliness is the worst feeling in the whole world.”

You may think Peter is easy going and slow-witted


The REAL Peter is sharp, shrewd, fun-loving, self-confident, logical, talented, critical and has an original creative intelligence that can’t be pushed and must operate on its own schedule, not someone else’s. He can do anything if he wants to and if he’s properly motivated. But he dislikes dull routine and the nittygritty of any Mickey Mouse trivial stuff. His handwriting shows clearly why his school work used to be so inconsistent, wavering from A’s to F’s and from winning math awards to flunking out at college. He has a creative brain, but he doesn’t always use it. Maybe this is because he doesn’t like to hassle anything he can’t control.

Peter’s the most complicated Monkee. Sometimes he wants people around. At other times he doesn’t want to talk to or listen to anyone, and a girl’s got to keep this in mind if she wants to get anywhere with him. But the right girl who understands Peter’s temperamental nature and his latent abilities will be happy with him and make him happy.

The uneven shading of Peter’s letters prove his musical ability and his concave t-bars and smile-shaped i-dots show a fab sense of humor. If he decides to play a practical joke on you—watch out! But no matter how much he clowns around, he has a deep nature and he wants more out of life than financial success and fame.

Peter has the talent to get whatever he goes after, but he needs the right girl and the right friends to help him achieve his goals.

Now that you know the REAL Monkees, are they like you thought they were?

Don’t you like ’em even better now?

Micky is the most emotional, extroverted, sympathetic Monkee. More than anything in life he wants to love and be loved, and he’ll do anything in the world for the one or ones he loves. Micky throws his heart and soul into everything he does—which you have to do to be good actor, which he is!

Micky’s forward-slanting, even-flowing, heavily-pressured writing shows that all of his senses are alive and vibrating and he has such an outasite sense of rhythm that he could be a great athlete. The way his writing always reaches rightward indicates that he’s always reaching out to others to help, love, amuse or entertain them. But he doesn’t want to be told what to do and he doesn’t want to boss others around either.

He’s no pushover. He has a healthy temper which can flare explosively when he’s riled, gets over it in a hurry, and can always be controlled through love and kindness.

His tall upper loops indicate idealism and high aspirations. No matter what he accomplishes in the way of success (and he got an early start in Circus Boy, remember?) he’ll never be satisfied resting on past laurels. He’ll want to do better and better.

Micky makes a great friend and can be counted on always, not just for help and sympathy, but to keep secrets. All his “a’s” and “o’s” are tightly closed and knotted. He also has constructive ability and could really build up a part, song or act. This unusually constructive talent shows in the way he connects his two names (“Micky Dolenz”) without lifting his pen to make a break between the words.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 8–11