Monkee Spectacular (February 1968) Articles (18 articles)

Introduction 3
The Truth About Sally Field and Davy Jones 4–5
I Talked to Micky on the Phone 6–7
Monkee Letters 9–11
The Monkees Meet the Magic Jeannie and Get Three Wishes 12–15
Ann Moses Exchanges Frank Confusion with Peter Tork 16–18
Monkee Rumors 20–23
How Would You Like to Spend a Groovy Afternoon with Davy Jones and Kurt Russell? 24–25
My Groovy Job with The Monkees 28–29
My Friend Micky 32–33
How Would You Like to Interview The Monkees? 36
You Interview The Monkees 38–39
The Wonderful World of Mike Nesmith 40–41
Monkee Recipes 44, 46
Chip Douglas Interview 48–49, 51
Remember The Monkees Back When? 54–55
Remember—Davy’s a Person, Too 58–59
My Micky 62–63