Monkee Rumors

Micky Dolenz

Dear Readers,

Are you still puzzled over a Monkee problem? If so, why not jot it down on paper, mark “Monkee Rumor” on your envelope and send it to me. It just may be that other Monkee fans have been wondering about the same thing. And, it can be either a rumor you’ve heard or just a fact you’d like cleared up. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions as fast as I can.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. Could you please answer the following questions for me? 1. Does Mike Nesmith have a college degree? 2. How much older is Peter than Mike? 3. At one of the Monkee concerts, Davy’s hair seemed much lighter than his eyebrows. Was it lightened?

A. 1. Mike does not have a college degree. Mike attended San Antonio Jr. College for several semesters, but did not graduate from there or continue his education after that. 2. Peter was born on February 13, 1942 and Mike was born on December 30, 1943 (Actually 1942), which makes Peter about 10 and a half months older than Mike. 3. During the Monkees’ string of summer concerts, the boys spent many days out by the pool. The sun lightened Davy’s hair slightly, but it was not artificially lightened and it has now grown out to its natural darker color.

Mike Nesmith

Q. In two magazines I have read that Debbie, Micky’s sister, is 12 and Gina is eight. However, in two others I’ve read that Debbie is eight and that Gina is 12. Which is so?

A. I wasn’t sure, since I haven’t seen the Scott family since my trip to England, so I asked Coco for all the correct information. Debbie is now nine and was born on Feb. 9. Gina turned seven on Sept. 23. I thought you might like to know also, that Micky’s mom was born on Dec. 2 and Coco was born on April 5.

Q. Does Mike have any brothers or sisters? Are his parents still living?

A. Mike was an only child. Both his parents are living.

Q. Someone told me that the Monkees don’t like girls with short hair. It must be true because all their girlfriends have long hair.

A. The Monkees, each one of them, are so much “real people” that the color or length of someone’s hair or the height of someone is about the last thing they think of. It’s easy to tell interviewers who ask “What kind of girl do you like?” that they like a girl with long hair or they like short girls, etc. However, when it comes to real life—all the Monkees care about is what kind of person you are, not something as unimportant as the length of your hair. If the girls they are currently dating all have long hair, it’s purely coincidental.

Davy Jones
Info Interviewing Davy is always a gas, because he takes such an interest in the things that are printed about the Monkees. He has a real concern for all their fans!

Q. The girl who moved across the street from me is starting a rumor around that Micky is secretly married and has four children who all live in Ireland. This is just a rumor, isn’t it?

A. Yes, Micky is not married.

Q. Who sings “You Told Me,” “Forget That Girl,” “You Just May Be The One,” and “Sunny Girlfriend,” on the Monkees’ third album?

A. On the Monkees’ Headquarters album, Mike sings, “You Told Me,” “You Just May Be The One,” and “Sunny Girlfriend,” all of which he wrote. Davy sings lead on “Forget That Girl.”

Q. When the Monkees did a scene in a courtroom, I saw a girl who looked EXACTLY like you with a hat on. Was it you?

A. No, I’ve never been on The Monkees, though can you think of anyone who wouldn’t love the chance? I’m usually around though, but it’s always on the other side of the camera.

Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork
Info Receiving awards is not new to the Monkees, but each time it brings new thrills.

Q. To get right to the point, does Peter Tork have a tatoo [sic] on his right hand? I noticed something on his hand that looked very much like a tattoo. If so what does it look like?

A. Peter does not have a permanent tatoo [sic] on his right hand. Lately he’s been wearing those temporary tatoos [sic] on his cheek and sometimes on his hands, but they wash off with water.

Q. Since you know all about the Monkees, I knew you could answer my question. What is Micky’s dad’s full name? I read in your magazine it was Dr. Scott, but I wonder if you can tell me his full name?

A. Yes. Micky’s dad’s name is Dr. Robert Leroy Scott.

Q. Once I read a story in a newspaper that said English people hate Americans, but love their money. Now I’m sure Davy isn’t like that, or is he? Please help me out!

A. Davy loves England and America and its people equally. He’s seriously considering taking out American citizenship.

Peter Tork
Info The photo of Peter, [above], is one of my favorites because it has such a natural feel about it.

Q. The craziest rumor is going around my school that Mike Nesmith burned his hand in his radar stove and he won’t be able to play guitar anymore. This is awful not only because he is my face Monkee, but he also has to support his family. I hope this is just a rumor.

A. Yes, it’s just a rumor.

Q. Please tell the truth. I read in the newspaper that Davy and Lynne Randell are a “torrid two.” All his fans are entitled to the truth.

A. Davy and Lynne are good friends. Nothing more. Lynne was on their tour and became good friends with all four boys, but she has never dated any of them!

Q. I read in Monkee Spectacular #6 that Phyllis Nesmith is a blue eyed, blonde. But in the same book there are two color pictures of her and she has brown eyes. I like Phyllis just as much as I like the Monkees and I would like the truth about her eyes.

A. Oh, you’re very observant. Our typewriter slipped on that story, but pictures never lie. Phyllis got a laugh out of that story, too, since she knows she has brown eyes, not blue.

Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

Q. I love the Monkees! Your great magazine, Monkee Spectacular, has helped me to learn more about them than anything ever could. I would like to know why Micky doesn’t wear his ring anymore? He used to wear a small ring on his left hand.

A. Micky feels bad that he lost that ring on tour. It used to be one of his favorites.

Q. Please can you answer a question I have? My friend said she heard that Davy was once on the Ed Sullivan show—the same one which the Beatles appeared on for the first time. I don’t remember seeing Davy.

A. I didn’t remember seeing Davy either, I think we were too wrapped up in Beatle madness at the time. But I asked Davy about it and he remembered it clearly. “I was on that show doing a bit from ‘Oliver’ with the rest of our cast. I was going up in the elevator and I realized I was standing there with John and Ringo! They were talking and joking about the songs they were going to do on the show. I was so awed, because they were so popular. Little did I know then that I would ever be in a similar situation!”

Davy Jones
Info What’s Davy’s favorite drink? Milk, often mixed with wheat germ or some other health food. Mike has his refrigerator now, too, filled with many health foods to keep him fit.

Q. I am a very loyal fan of the Monkees. I have noticed that Mike doesn’t wear a wedding band. How come?

A. When a man and woman are married, it is tradition for a woman to wear a wedding band or ring. However, it is solely up to the individual couple whether or not the man will wear a band. Apparently, Mike prefers not to wear one.

Q. I would like to get something straight. Has David Jones ever been engaged? I heard a rumor that he was engaged to a girl he met in New York, and also the girl was born in Mississippi. Please tell me it isn’t true!

A. Davy has never been formally engaged. He was once very serious about an usherette he met while playing in “Pickwick” at the Music Center in Los Angeles. They went together for several months, but when the Monkees began they couldn’t see each other as often, so the girl decided to break it off completely. Since then Davy has decided his career must come first for the time being and he doesn’t want to get serious about any girl.

Q. My girlfriend says the Monkees do not have any golden records. I tell her they do but she doesn’t believe me for I can’t name them. Could you please tell me what records of theirs have sold a million?

A. The Monkees do have several gold records to their credit and by the time you read this, others may have reached the million mark. Currently the Monkees have gold records for their singles, “Last Train To Clarksville” and “I’m a Believer,” and their first two albums, titled “The Monkees” and “More Of The Monkees.”

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
Info Are the Monkees really friends? This photo, above, is just one of the many examples of their closeness. Just standing around the set they continually talk together and joke about a million different subjects. They are all individuals, but there is a strong bond between them.

Q. One of my girlfriends told me Mike wears dentures. I doubt this is true, but please reassure me.

A. Mike’s teeth are all his own.

Q. Where did Davy Jones get the other ring that he wears on his right hand?

A. The new ring was a present from his friends in New York, the Neals. It was a 21st birthday gift.

Q. I read somewhere that Marilyn Schlossberg is the President of the Monkees National Fan Club. But our fan club kits are signed by Lynn Martin listed as President. Who is really President?

A. The Monkees’ National Fan Club President is Lynn Martin. Marilyn is a Production Assistant on the Monkees’ weekly show.

Micky Dolenz

Q. In the “Mighty Micky Dolenz” book it says that Micky was born on the 8th of March, but I have read other places that he was born on the 9th of March. Could you please tell me which is correct.

A. Mrs. Scott, Micky’s mother, has verified that Micky was born on March 8th.

Q. Does Mike wear glasses? On the show and on a few pictures he has glasses on.

A. Mike does not wear glasses. He probably was wearing a pair as a prop on one of the Monkee episodes.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 10
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 20–23