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I can tell people’s characters by looking at their hands. It’s common knowledge that Davy has beautiful eyes and teeth, but have you taken a close look at his hands? They are truly beautiful, although not at all feminine. They are well-groomed and very masculine.

Davy’s hands show his character almost as well as his eyes do… sensitive and strong, with a warm feeling for others.

This technique I use works every time. Try it when you are meeting a new person and you’ll find out what people are like deep inside!

Gail C.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Micky Dolenz is the most beautiful man I know, both inside and out. He has the most beautiful heart anybody could have. I say it is beautiful because his heart is full of love towards others.

Rachel Pendleton
Andover, N.Y.

For all the people who are wondering why Peter Tork wears his belt buckle on the side: My friend told me that this means he is in love. Now I’d like to know who Peter is in love with????????

Milwaukee, Wisc.

There’s an obvious reason why Peter wears his belt on the side. Have you ever tried sitting comfortably while one of those super-huge belt buckles is digging into your middle? It’s more comfortable wearing it to the side, and besides, it really looks great there too!

Just thought you’d like to know.

A Peter Lover
Huntington, L.I., N.Y.

Since I heard that Davy Jones likes girls with blonde hair, I’m keeping my hair light just in case he should come to my town!

Sandy Lynch
Scottdale, Pa.

If Davy was walking down the street and a bunch of girls noticed him, I’d pull him into my house until the mob left! I really would, because I luv, luv, luv Davy Jones!

Karen Hague
Chicago, Ill.

I had a beautiful bedroom until my little bratty sister came along. Then I had to share it with her. So now I have a half room.

My half is covered with Monkee pictures. My sister’s half is plain. But what can you expect from a girl who isn’t even in school yet?

Sandy Williams
Aurora, Ill.

I was frying up some of Micky’s Barbequed Burgers the other day when my doorbell rang. I went to answer the door, and when I got back into the kitchen the stove was on fire! When we finally got the fire out, we ate the burgers anyway, and they were fab! Micky sure comes up with the best ideas! I wonder if he’s tried them that way?

Ann Sicard
New Roads, La.

I once read in a magazine that Peter Tork worries about people liking him. Well he doesn’t have to worry about me, because I love him! He’s really fab!

Renie Taber
Kokomo, Ind.

Thanks for having the Monkee Letters column in Monkee Spectacular! I just love it! I love to read about what other people think about the Monkees. Some of the letters remind me of the stupid things I do, and some I get a big laugh out of!

I think everyone should read them! They are clever, funny, exciting, and happy!

Gay Kempton
Findlay, Ohio

I think the Monkees are going to the dogs! I love them, but I liked them better when they were first introduced. Davy’s hair is now too short; Micky’s hair is too curly; Peter’s hair is silly and Mike’s glasses are uncalled for.

I wish they would be like were at first.


“Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones” shows the Monkees at their best. Even though they were touring throughout the country this summer, Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike still had time to work on this album for all their devoted fans. It really proves how wonderfully talented the Monkees are. They deserve all the praise that they get and even more!

Rosanne Josephs
Mountainside, N.J.

Even though Micky is my fave Monkee, I wish he wouldn’t act so silly and corny. I also wish he would comb his hair before appearing on the Monkee show. He’s goofing up everything!

Don’t worry, Micky. You haven’t lost a fan, you’ve gained a critic!

A Micky Fan
Jacksonville, Fla.

I have always been a Monkee fan, but now I love them more than ever! I never thought I would get to meet them, but I did! I not only got their autographs, but I got a kiss from each of them!

I only wish that every girl that is a true Monkee fan could be as lucky as me!

Sandy Wickens
San Pedro, Calif.

Girls are always writing in to you telling you how many more inches they have to grow to be as tall as Davy. Well I got there, but now I’m taller! What do I do now?

Linda Howland
Waukegan, Ill.

This is to the girl who wrote in saying she had only 5 ½ more inches to go to be as tall as Davy.

I’m only 12 and I’m exactly as tall as him right now. Look out, Davy, here I come!

Sharon Gipson
Roosevelt, N.Y.

I read that Davy Jones and Sally Field didn’t go together. I think they would make a cute couple. I wonder what we could do about this?

Devoted Fan
Bethel Springs, Tenn.

I love your magazine and I want Ann Moses to know how lucky she is. I have one small favor to ask her. Please send me Davy Jones.

Linda Good
Reading, Pa.

I heard the radio announcement the night before the opening of Davy’s store Zilch in New York, and immediately made plans to be there! I consider myself one of the lucky ones because when I ran around to the back of the store I intercepted Peter Tork on his way to the limousine. He grabbed my shoulders and sort of ran around me. I was so thankful that I at least touched him!

Both Davy and Peter were dressed in the grooviest clothes, and they looked outasite!

Judy Isaksen
Woodhaven, N.Y.

Recently I worked a Ouija Board with a friend of mine, and it said I was supposed to meet Peter Tork in 1972. I hope so, because Peter is my favorite! So hurry up, 1972!

Glenda Sosa
Port Arthur, Tex.

I really hope this letter will mean something to the Monkees, because they mean everything to me. There are millions of things I’d like to say to them, and here are a few:

Thanks for your show, because if it weren’t for that, I might not know about you.

Thanks for your Baltimore, Maryland concert. I traveled 60 miles to see you and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Thanks for all of your records and albums. They are all great.

But most of all, Micky, Davy, Peter and Mike, thanks for not being the Beatles. Thanks for being you!

Maureen Smith

In a recent issue a girl from North Carolina wrote in and talked about a local radio station selling one-inch squares of the sheets that the Monkees slept on when they gave a concert there.

I ordered one of the squares, and a week later I got it. On the back of the envelope it said, “Micky Dolenz,” and we put it in a gold frame. Underneath we typed a card which said, “Genuine Monkee Slept-on Sheet, by Micky Dolenz, July 11, 1967.” Now we have it hanging in our kitchen!

Cheryl Potter
Jacksonville, N.C.

I’m sick and tired of hearing my friends put Micky down. They say he acts like a nut, and they don’t like his wild hair.

Micky’s hair does look a little “dolly” it’s true, but looks don’t count. It’s Micky I love. And if he didn’t act like a nut I’d rush him to the hospital!

He’s got a gear personality, but he can be serious sometimes. If you don’t like Micky, just send him to me!

Maxine Altkin
Monsey, N.Y.

I’m sick and tired of these “Monkees Forever” fans putting Micky down because of his hair. What’s wrong with his hair? It looks good on him! He hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still the same loveable [sic] doll he was last year!

I hope Micky continues to wear his hair frizzy as long as he wants to, in spite of these so-called “fans!”

Deena Motowik
Sparta, N.J.

Micky is going to hate me for saying this, but I don’t want him to get hurt by Samantha Juste. He’s a groovy guy and he doesn’t deserve to get hurt.

Before he starts to get really serious about Samantha, I wish he would find out if she really likes him for himself. I don’t think she does!

If I’m wrong, and she really does love Micky, I wish them lots of happiness together. But Micky, please be careful! If Samantha ever hurts my fave Monkee I’ll break every bone in her body, so help me!

Detroit, Mich.

I was flunking in geography in school because I kept thinking about the Monkees—especially Davy, my favorite. Then we began studying about England and it had a lot of stuff about Manchester in it. All of a sudden I became very interested.

The only thing wrong now is I’m so hung on world geography I’m flunking in English! I just can’t seem to win!

Debbie Knowles
Placentia, Calif.

I almost died when I came home one night and saw my parents watching the Monkees and listening to their albums. I’ve got to admit that parents aren’t always drags!

Donna Starr
Bakersfield, Calif.

I couldn’t resist making up this recipe, since I like to cook. So here it is:

Peace and Peter
both together.
Add in Mike
to make it better.
Dash of love
to all above.
Add Davy, then mix
with Monkee tricks.
Top with humor,
Sprinkle with fad.
But not a rumor
or anything bad.
And how to make
it really neat,
Stir in Micky.
What a treat!

Monkee Lover
Wayzata, Minn.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 10
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 9–11