Davy by His Sister

Mark Jonathan Moore, Lynda Jones Moore
Info It won’t be long before little Mark will be old enough to get excited about his “uncle Davy”. Snap above was made in our garden.

Lynda Moore is Davy’s second oldest sister. She is happily married and lives with her husband Alex, who is a surveyor, and their darling 10-month-old son, Mark Jonathan, in Norfolk, England. Lynda writes,

“Norfolk is picturesque and is very popular for its yachting and motor cruising down the Norfolk Broads. My husband and I follow Davy’s career with great interest and I am very proud of Davy. Not only for the success he has had, but mostly because he is still my little brother who loves his father and family and comes home at any opportunity he gets.”

Can you remember some of the early things you used to do together?

We had a “gang” in our neighborhood which David and I belonged to. We all enjoyed swimming, hiking and many games including “Rounders” (like baseball). We had a team of girls against boys.

Did you ever play make believe? If so, what was it about?

Often. We would dress up with clothes our mother gave us and sing and act or give puppet shows in our back yard. Little did we know that someday it would be reality to David.

Mark Jonathan Moore, Harry Jones
Info Mark with his grandfather Jones at our Norfolk home.

What games did you play together?

Rounders, Cricket and many more. One game for which we were scolded by our parents was White Rabbit. We used to knock on doors and then run away!

What was a typical day with Davy like when he was nine?

During school holidays it was very hectic! He was a little horror! My sisters and I spent most of the day keeping him out of mischief. He enjoyed fighting with his friends and would then come running to his big sisters to defend him.

At what age was Davy the most angelic in your opinion?

From about three years old to six years old. He was very cute and being the only boy in the family we all idolized him.

Alex Moore, Mark Jonathan Moore, Lynda Jones Moore
Info Above, Alex and I at Mark Jonathan’s Christening party last January. It seems like only yesterday we were at Davy’s Christening.

Were there any foods that Davy couldn’t stand as a child and what would happen when that food was served?

Mum made homemade stew that had meat, potatoes, vegetables which was all very nourishing, but Davy and I hated it. Mum used to scold us and say children were starving in China and India and if we didn’t eat it she would send it to them.

What would aggravate you the most about Davy?

As my sisters and I grew up we naturally had boyfriends and dates. Although mum and dad encouraged us to bring our friends home, David would run and tell tales about us being out with boys. He would then follow us and shout and pull faces at us.

Davy Jones, Lynda Jones Moore
Info Davy and I at theatre when he was in “Oliver”.

What were some of the nice little things he used to do for you?

Run errands to the shop to help me especially when our mother was ill and we all had to help run our home.

Did you ever put on any skits together?

Yes, we would dress up in costumes mum made and put on little shows for the other kids on our street. Dad made us puppets too, which we had great fun with. As we grew older we appeared together in Sunday School plays and pantomimes.

Was your attitude toward Davy protective?

Often over-protective. Being small, other boys sometimes bullied him and I was always frightened they would hurt him.

Davy Jones, Lynda Jones Moore
Info More treasured snaps. Above, Davy and I swim with some of the kids from “Oliver” in New York, in June, 1963.

Can you remember his ever being lost or running away?

I have a vague recollection of my father scolding Davy for being a naughty boy and he said he was going to run away. I didn’t take it seriously until the next day he disappeared taking his pen knife, etc. We really became worried as the day went by. Just as dad was thinking of calling the police he arrived home cold and hungry and very sorry.

Did you get on well together?

When we were children we often found things to argue about, but as we grew older we did get on very well together.

Davy Jones, Lynda Jones Moore
Info Davy and I at St. Annes with neighborhood friend (he was 9, I was 11).

Did you ever get so angry with Davy that you punished him without telling your parents about it?

I often used to “clip him on the ear” and then threaten him if he told mum and dad he’d get another scolding. He would laugh and then tell mum and dad. Unfortunately, we both told tales so often they just used to tell us both off. So neither of us came off better than the other.

What was the most violent quarrel you had with Davy?

I can’t remember any violent quarrels. We used to fight now and then but nothing serious.

Lynda Jones Moore
Info Me at St. Annes, same trip.

Did he ever pull any pranks on you?

We used to have pillow fights in bed. When dad used to come to investigate what all the noise was about Davy used to say it was my fault!

Did you and Davy ever play any tricks on your parents?

We were on a holiday in St. Ames [sic] one summer. Across the bay from where we were was another Seaside Bay. As we could see it from the shore Davy and I decided to walk across the sea. We were caught by the tide and could have been drowned. Dad waded into the water to his waist and got us to safety. Gosh! Was he mad at us!

What was Davy’s favorite pastime on a rainy day?

He liked playing darts. Although he often missed the board on purpose when I was around!

Lynda Jones Moore
Info As I was when I appeared as the principal in “Beauty and the Beast”, a theatrical of February, 1964.

Did he prefer anything special for tea?

He loved mum’s fresh salad with all the trimmings, followed by brightly colored jellies topped with ice cream.

Was there any jealousy between you?

I used to say dad would spoil Davy because he was his only son, although he thought the world about us all.

Did he ever bother you when you were with a boy friend?

Often. He was a terror when I was entertaining a friend or boy friend. They usually had to bribe him with sweets or money to buy a comic.

Lynda Jones Moore
Info This is a fairly recent snap of me at home with our pet Dalmatian “Henry”. We look at these photos again and again on Davy’s visits back to England.

What little presents did you give each other?

While we were at school I used to make presents for Davy and he made many things in woodwork for me.

What was the most memorable present Davy gave to you when he was a child?

He made a lovely wooden lamp in woodwork which he was very proud of.

Did you ever cover up for him when he did something wrong?

We had a canal near our home and Davy and his friends decided to skate on it one Winter. The ice was very thin and they fell through it. We got him out but he was very wet. Mum and Dad had specifically told him not to go near and he was worried about getting a telling off. I told a tale how some big bully had pushed Davy in a puddle of water!

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 4–7