16 Spec (Summer 1967) (13 articles)

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Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.

The Monkees: What They Think About Girls, Dating, Love, MarriageGloria Stavers4–8, 50, 64
My Brother—MickyDebbie Dolenz16
My Brother—PeterAnne Thorkelson17
My Brother—DavyLynda Jones Moore18
16’s Newsreel28–29
Group City by Geegee40–41
Sing Along with The Monkees in Their Brand-New LP42–43
Last-Minute Flashes47
Hawaii Swings with K-POI52
Lucky Lynne Meets The MonkeesLynne Randell54–55
16’s Preview of the New Hopeful & Old Favorite TV Series60–61
We Met The Monkees in HawaiiColleen Sakai, Eileen Uchima62
I Met The Monkees in DenverMartha Gonzoph63