We Met The Monkees in Hawaii

Davy Jones, Eileen Uchima
Info Davy and Eileen.
Credit: Warren Roll

Honolulu Star-Bulletin photo by Warren Roll.

By Colleen Sakai and Eileen Uchima

Have you ever lost your head in a cloud, a lovely, puffy, pink and white cloud as soft and sweet as a misty dream? Well, it happened to us! Both of us lost our heads in just this way when the Monkees came to Hawaii—and we haven’t recovered them yet!

Our names, as you’ve doubtless already noted, are Colleen Sakai and Eileen Uchima, and we are students at University High School in Honolulu. On the day before Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike made their scheduled appearance at the Honolulu International Center Arena as guest stars of the Miss K-POI Pageant, we not only met all four boys but actually interviewed them! Needless to say, it was an experience neither of us will ever forget. All of the Monkees are adorable—yet each is so different from the others. When you read what the boys said in answer to our questions, you’ll see just what we mean:

What do you think of Hawaii? And what do you like best about Hawaii?

Davy: I love it. I like it all.

Peter: I loved the drive I took up to Tantalus. And I like the mixing of the races. This is really the melting pot of the world.

Mike: I like it a lot—the whole island.

Micky: I’ve been here before and I liked it.

If you had a wish, what would you wish for?

Colleen Sakai, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz
Info Colleen, Peter and Micky.
Credit: Warren Roll

Peter: More wishes.

Davy: To live in Hawaii.

Have you tried surfing here yet?

Davy: I’ve been surfing all morning. It’s great!

Peter: I’m scared of surfing.

Davy: I’m going to teach you how to surf before we leave here.

Peter (preening): I can’t answer that. Ask Davy—he’ll tell you.

(Davy gives Peter a sneer.)

Which one of you is the cutest?

Micky: I’m the cutest. Ask the others if I’m not.

Davy, Peter and Mike (in a chorus): Whaaa—?

Describe yourself, Peter.

Peter: I’m sure of myself. I know what I can do.

Teasingly: You mean you’re conceited?

Peter: No! Certainly not!

Peter, describe Micky.

Peter: Big chin, little nose, happy smile—and he’s skinny!!

Micky, describe Peter.

Eileen Uchima, Mike Nesmith, Colleen Sakai
Info Eileen, Mike and Colleen.
Credit: Warren Roll

Micky: Big nose—and he’s UGLY!! (They laugh).

Micky, a magazine (not 16 Magazine) reported that you don’t like girls who laugh at your jokes. Is this true?

Micky: Whaa-tt?? I was misquoted. I don’t like girls who laugh a lot.

What do you think of your fans?

Peter: If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.

Mike: We love them—one and all.

Do you like fans who throw things at you?

Mike: I like it when they throw flowers—

Davy: And I like it when they throw money! (He laughs and the others join in.)

What do you think of kids who try to get to see you backstage?

Davy: If they can, it’s swell.

What do you think of girls who go to buy their tickets six or more hours before the show opens? Would you do it?

Micky: It’s a gas.

Davy: I would.

Mike: It’s swell. I would do it if it was for a show I wanted to see.

That’s all the questions and answers we have space for, but we have given you at least a sample of the fun we had interviewing the Monkees—and the fun they had in return!

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