Last-Minute Flashes

Jon Provost and his 22-year-old brother Bill are the sensation of the San Fernando Valley—dashing about on their motorbikes. Jon just finished shooting a movie called What Happened To Chris? in the Philippines and is now in record sessions. Hope he comes up with a hit . . . Here’s a recent family portrait of Paul Revere with his son Jamie, wife Sharon and daughter Jody. Dig that gorgeous Excalibur Paulie bought for the gang; but isn’t it a little crowded? . . . The Bee Gees, an Australian group who re-located in England, are Atco Records’ (along with Brian Epstein’s) “chosen four” to fill the shoes vacated by the elusive Beatles. If all the predictions being made about the Bee Gees come true, the teenies, tweenies and screamies will have a brand-new set of teenage idols to hurtle to stardom. In the picture on this page they are, left to right, twins Robin and Maurice, 17; their brother, Barry, 19; and Buddy, 19 . . . What member of what popular American group blew his chance to become the solo super star of 1968 by not being able to make up his mind about what he really wanted to do? In the long run, maybe he’s better off—for the group he’s with will probably stay popular forever, and it’s a cert that his loyal fans will never desert him.

Couldn’t resist printing this funny picture snapped when Revere and the Raiders appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. Want to play “guess who?” Left to right are Mark Lindsay, guess who, the sensational new Raider, Freddy Weller and guess who . . . Gerry Marsden has split from the Pacemakers and gone out as a solo artist. First single as such is Please Let Them Be . . . Davy Jones does not spend his weekends in Vegas, as reported elsewhere. When he has a weekend off, he spends it in Palm Springs with his buddy, David Pearl. Though Davy is very much a Monkee, you can rest assured that he not only has separate investments and enterprises going but that he will occasionally be doing solo appearances. That way the world will stay aware of him, Davy Jones—and the super-talent that he is. No one can be a Monkee forever, no matter how much fun it is. Bright boy!

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