My Brother—Davy

Lynda Jones Moore, Davy Jones

He is to me still my little brother. The cheeky young kid who grew up to be a perfect little gentleman. When people ask me if he has changed I am very proud to be able to say “certainly not.” He has changed from the mischievous rascal I used to run around with in old jeans and a sweater getting into all sorts of trouble, so many years ago, but he hasn’t grown apart from his family at all.

As children my two sisters, Davy and I were very happy. Our parents were not rich, by any means, but we managed okay and never went without a holiday by the sea each year. Davy and I used to spend hours swimming, playing ball, and running through the sand hills with dad on our tails.

Davy was a born actor and it seemed a natural thing to us all when he went on the stage. Little did we know that all the plays and pantomimes he appeared in at school and Sunday School were to have such a lasting effect on him in years to come.

For many years all the four of us would appear on stage together with mum playing the piano in the bargain. When mum died I cannot tell you the effect it had on my father, Davy and my sisters and I. Somehow things were never the same. So when each of us married and moved from home we expected Davy to drift away to a life completely different from us all. Not a bit of it. When he is home he tries to visit us all. (Fans willing.) And spends hours reminiscing about when we were kids. He loves a pint at the local with all his school pals, who think the world of him. Not for his money, but as a genuine person, who loves life and whose one ambition is to give pleasure to others.

As you will have gathered from Davy he thinks a lot about his dad and never misses a chance to fly home to spend a few days with him.

As for myself, I have settled down to a very happy married life. My husband, Alex, and I have a lovely bouncing son of 7 months called Mark Jonathan, but that doesn’t stop me from loving my little brother and following his career with great interest.

Always Lynda

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