You Said It


Guess what!! I was looking up ‘davit’ in my pocket dictionary and you will never guess what the next word was! DAVY JONES!! Well, I didn’t believe it, so I checked it again. Here’s what it said: Davy Jones, humorous name for the spirit of the sea. Well, Davy doesn’t exactly live in the sea, but all the same Davy Jones is in the dictionary!

Kathy Gotzy
Lansdale, Penna.

Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart

Sunday night I saw Desi (D,D,&B) on the “Mothers-in-law.” Monday night I saw the “Monkees.” Tuesday I saw Boyce and Hart on “I Dream of Jeannie.” If this isn’t a groovy week. I don’t know what is. I love them all!

Pamela Powell
Jacksboro, Texas

This is directed to the “Monkee Lover” from Detroit, Mich. and any other “Fans” in her state of mind. You say the Monkees’ concert was good. Except for Micky’s hair. You mean his hair hurt his performance? Do you, “Monkee Lover,” actually thinks [sic] it is important that his hair is curly? I suppose you think Davy should wear elevator shoes so he may sing better. I don’t understand why you call yourself a “Monkee Lover” if you think that it matters if Micky’s hair is curly. Don’t you think that it’s much more important that he’s a wonderful person? Who cares (sorry, you do) if Micky’s hair is curly? Try a second look, this time into his heart, not his hair. Do you see what I mean?

Jade Lesseson
Minneapolis, Minn.

Davy Jones

You know what happiness is? I’ll tell ya! Phyllis Nesmith is expecting! Davy opened a shop in the Village called “Zilch.” The new Monkee season is Fab. Davy’s haircut is groovy. Micky’s curly hair is outa-sight. Happiness is the psychedelic world of the Beatles. Happiness is FLIP!

Suzy Greenfield
Flushing, N.Y.

That article on the Mama’s and Papa’s in the January issue was great! It had the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of them and the article was out-o-sight too. Michelle is really beautiful, and John is cute in a distinguished way. Please keep writing about them, even when they’re in Europe (especially John and Michelle). I sure hope the Mama’s and Papa’s don’t break up. Even if they did, they could go on forever!

Pamela Mache
Bloomfield, N.J.

In the January issue there is an article entitled Davy Jones Plays “Words” With You. When given the name Mike Nesmith, Davy replied “Skinny the Schneid!” Could you please find out what he meant by it.

Barbara Schneid
Douglaston, N.Y.

Mike’s not a long-lost relative Barbara! That’s just Davy’s very fond and personal nickname for Mike!

Brian Epstein deserves more much more than a few awkward phrases in a horrid, black box on a back page. Don’t bury him a second time please! Someone who created our world, my world, so many worlds of music, love, beauty, and sheer joy of living, should be ahead of everything else. Place him where he has a right to be. Not in a corner, but in advance of all others, and in our hearts.

Diksey Rai Baikur
Azle, Texas

The Cowsills are a groovy new group, and I’d like to know where I can write them.

N. Wood, N.Y.

You can read about them on page 12. And you can write to them at 888 Eighth Avenue, N.Y.C. 10019.

I heard that “Maya” was going off the air. Is this true? Please print more on Jay North, and Sajid Khan.

Dawn Cook
Sidney, N.Y.

Yes, “Maya” is going off the air. But we’ll continue to report all of Jay’s and Sajid’s happenings!

Micky, if you don’t comb your hair, I’ll send you a comb! I agree with D.W. of Ronda, N.C. I hate curls (on boys)! So, please, Micky, keep your hair straight for the happiness of your fans.

A Concerned Monkee Fan
Kay McGraw
Carthage, N.C.

Peter Tork

I know I can count on FLIP for an answer that is always true. Are the Monkees going to make a movie? If so, give me a little info on the deal.

John Dixon
Mullins, S.C.

The Monkees will make a movie as soon as they find a good script—and find the time!

I think Sally Field is one of the cutest living dolls on this earth and I haven’t seen a single picture of her in any teen magazines! Why? Please, please get some!

A Sally Field Fan
Greenwich, Conn.

FLIP thinks Sally Field is groovy too! You can see her on page 41.

How do you like this for bad luck. I just read “My Daily Diary of the Monkees Tour” by Ric Klein in FLIP, and I really Flipped when I read the part where they were in Chicago, Sunday. And, that Micky, and Davy went to the Museum of Science and Industry. The bad part is, I was there the day before. Do you realize how I must feel!

Early Bird
Milwaukee, Wis.

Mike Nesmith

Why do you always write, Would you believeMike Nesmith Smiling?” In all the pictures I’ve seen of him, he’s usually smiling, and I’m sure he smiles all the time!

Gloria V.
Yakima, Wash.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65