You Said It


Micky Dolenz

I went to see The Monkees’ concert and loved it all. Except for Micky’s hair. It was all fuzzy and curly. It looked terrible! He really should do something about it. It always looked neat before.

Monkee Lover
Detroit, Michigan

Do you really know what an ugly word “hate” is? Say it over and over to yourself and you’ll see what I mean. And the most sickening part is that you toss it around without the least bit of justification. I’m not trying to force my views on any of you, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around putting people down that you don’t even know.

Yucaipa, Calif.

I have two questions: (1) Is it true that Mark Lindsay wears contact lenses? (2) Is it also true that Micky Dolenz got married secretly?

Summerland, Canada

Yes, Mark wears contact lenses most of the time. He has a large assortment which he changes according to his mood. NO! Micky isn’t secretly married! That’s just another totally untrue rumor about The Monkees! For the true word, do what all Monkee lovers do—follow FLIP for all the true and groovy fax about Micky, Peter, Mike and Davy!

I don’t see why everybody has a favorite Monkee. My girlfriends always ask me who my favorite Monkee is, and I don’t have a favorite Monkee. I love all of them!

Kathy Hannan
Concord, Calif.

I think FLIP’s Birthday Calendar is the grooviest thing in any mag! But there is one problem that it always brings: There is always a pic of one or all of The Monkees on the back and I hate to put my favorite group face down.

Garden Grove, Calif.

Why not make a FLIP Mobile? Suspend FLIP’s cover from a thin string, so that both sides of the cover are visible at all times.

Peter Tork, Davy Jones

Do you realize that in your October issue of FLIP you had 76 pics of The Monkees and only 18 of The Raiders??! I protest! More, More, MORE pics on The Raiders or else!

Melanie G.
Wilmington, Delaware

The girl who said she’s glad Micky likes Samantha Juste is out of her head!

Garfield Heights, Ohio

Brian Epstein

The dedicated and brilliant man who discovered and managed The Beatles, Brian Epstein, died just as the summer was ending. He was only 32 when he died, and his death shocked and saddened everyone who ever knew him. Paul, John, Ringo and George, of course, feel his loss most deeply. On behalf of all of our readers, we extend our sympathy to The Beatles and to Brian’s family and friends.

I’m very hurt and confused. I just read that Zal is leaving The Lovin’ Spoonful. Then I started reading something else and learned that Neil Young left The Buffalo Springfield. Why? Why should they quit? Out of my five favorite groups, the top three made changes lately that I know will hurt them. Paul Revere and The Raiders just lost three people! I know they are kind, thoughtful, sensitive people, but don’t they know how hard it is on everyone else?

Carol Skinner
Phoenix, Arizona

I am an enthusiastic Monkee fan, but I flipped over Joe, Jr. I think he is one of the cutest guys in the whole world! (Along with The Monkees!) Paul Revere and The Raiders have got an even better chance ahead of them with Joe, Jr. with them!

Terry Lee Smith
Winston-Salem, N.C.

I don’t know what girls see in Kurt Russell. Everybody is making a fuss over him! K.R. is just another actor and doesn’t rate space in groovy FLIP!

Kurt Russell Hater
Leominster, Mass.

This is in answer to Ron Fehr. Sure, The Beatles are great! After all, they started today’s music and hair. But you have to face it, The Beatles are going out, and The Monkees are taking over! The Beatles were great while they lasted, and now The Monkees are King!

Los Angeles, Calif.

This business of Davy Jones acting superior to the other Monkees has gone too far! It’s not true! If you people want to really mock someone out, it should be Mark Lindsay. He’s the only one of The Raiders that has to get into everything, even the smallest thing. And also Dino Martin, who gets into everything while Desi and Billy are hardly ever photographed. Now think before you decide again to bawl out one of the finest persons alive!

Union, N.J.

I buy FLIP every month ’cause it’s the grooviest mag around. One thing puzzles me, though. Who is Steve?

Cathy Lewallen
Tennent, N.J.

Steve is Steve Kahn, the groovy young Publisher of FLIP who makes certain that FLIP is always the truest, grooviest and fastest-growing teen magazine in the entire world!

Don’t listen to all those nuts who spread rumors about The Monkees!

Laurie Juneau
Cottonport, La.

We can’t say it any better than you, Laurie! Monkee rumors have been getting totally out of hand. The easiest way to make sure that everything you read about The Monkees is true is: Don’t believe it unless it’s in FLIP!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65