The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

DATELINE, PARIS: 4:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon in June, the MONKEES landed at Paris International Airport. But there were no mobs to greet them, no screaming girls, no line of police. How can that be?

Well, as yet, Paris isn’t Monkee-mad. The MONKEES television show has never been seen in that city and when the MONKEES arrived, their single “Last Train To Clarksville” was just beginning to be played. So, their five days there were probably the last they had of peace and quiet.

It was 81 degrees and the sun was shining bright as the four boys climbed off the plane—MIKE dressed in a suede beaded jacket with long fringe, suede pants with beaded stripes down the side and a hat with a beaded band; DAVY in a white turtle-neck sweater covered by a blue denim jacket and blue pants; MICKY in an off white sweater with a suede Indian neck piece and rust colored pants; and PETER in outasite bright orange pants, a multi-colored shirt and a leather vest.

Most of the guys were exhausted from the long plane flight, and while MICKY, PETER and MIKE stayed at the hotel, DAVY took off for a walk around Paris, stopping to see the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower. DAVY was extremely excited because he’d never been to Paris. MICKY was also in a fantastic mood because his girlfriend SAMANTHA JUSTE flew in from London to meet him.

The following day, Sunday, there was no work, so MICKY slept until 10 a.m., DAVY ’til 1:30 p.m., PETER ’til 2 p.m. and MIKE until 5 p.m. On Monday they began filming for their TV show and continued through Wednesday, when they jetted off for their concerts in London.

It was officially announced recently that ZALLY YANOVSKY of the LOVIN’ SPOONFUL was resigning from the group. “I’m getting bored,” ZALLY said, “I want to look around and see what’s been happening for the last two years.” He is expected to begin an independent recording career almost immediately.

Did you have a chance to pick up on the outasite sounds of “My World Fell Down” by the SAGITTARIUS? It’s no wonder that such a great tune came out so beautifully when the group (that isn’t really a group at all) consists of GARY USHER, producer for the BYRD’S GLEN CAMPBELL and BRUCE JOHNSTON of the BEACH BOYS!

Following an indescribably devine [sic] weekend covering the Montery [sic] Pop Festival, I flew up to Seattle to have a look at DON & THE GOODTIMES (with their beautiful new line-up) who were playing at PAT O’DAY’S TEEN FAIR.

THE GOODTIMES headed the bill of top performers including THE STANDELLS, EVERY MOTHER’S SON and a group all the Seattle teens are raving about, THE CITY ZOO.

PETER FONDA was in town too and came by the fair one night to say hello to his friends THE STANDELLS. He also caught DON & THE GOODTIMES’ show with their great new opening. Instead of singing “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” they tell the tale of “Li’l Donnie’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” MERILEE and one of the TURNABOUTS (who are an excellent group) came by to see the GOODTIMES show too.

DAVE CLARK spent only four days in California during his summer tour, but TiGER BEAT was along all the way. For their first two shows they had the GORDIAN KNOT on the bill. They are DAVE’S favorite group and made a great impact on the audiences.

We flew from Los Angeles to San Francisco on their groovy private plane. Their concert in San Carlos (just outside San Francisco) was, as usual, a complete sell-out. It’s funny for me to look at all the excitement over the “phychadelic” [sic] light shows, because I can remember seeing the DC 5’s show over three years ago when they had fluorescent lighting and lights perfectly synced to the music. It was great then and it’s gotten better every year!

Super-solo artist, SANDY, took a two week vacation at home (in Hawaii!) before starting to plug his groovy single “Super Day.” With a record like that, it looks as though it won’t be long before each day is going to be “super” for SANDY!

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? One year older in September are: GARY LEEDS, the 3rd; BILL MEDLEY, ADAM WEST and DAVID McCALLUM, the 19th.

While DINO was filming his movie “A Boy and A Girl” he was so busy he couldn’t believe it. As soon as he’d get home from school at three, he would have to rush to some location around Los Angeles for shooting until it got dark. Then on weekends the crew would take off for locations like Monterey for scenic backgrounds.

KURT RUSSELL, was really excited about his summer trip to Maine. KURT spent his early years in Maine and he and his family drove back to spend the entire summer there. He told me before they left he just couldn’t wait to try some fishing and learn to hunt.

SHORTIES: DAVID CROSBY paid PETER TORK a visit at his house just before PETE left for Paris.

BRIAN JONES played saxophone on a BEATLES recording session recently. BRIAN said he thought it would be great if the BEATLES played on some of their sessions and vica [sic] versa.

A very good BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-type group on the DC 5’s shows in San Carlos and Fresno: THE WAPHPHLE (pronounced waffle) on Elektra Records.

The outside of GEORGE HARRISON’S home was painted in pop-art style by KLAUS VOORMAN of the MANFRED MANN group. He also did their “Revolver” album cover.

DAVE CLARK received an outasite present from a fan this tour—a floor-length Indian headdress!

MIKE NESMITH’S wife, PHYLLIS, usually drives their black GTO with black-tinted windows around town.

PAUL and JOHN were seen by many people in various parts of Hollywood in June.

Please… keep the faith, baby!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 48–49