Monkee Rumors

Mike Nesmith

Dear Readers,

Every month I seem to get more and more questions and rumors about the Monkees. Some are hilarious, they are so ridiculous. But most are very serious, important questions that need answering. So, when I’m not sure about something I take the letters to the boys, themselves. That way, you can be sure that the answers you read in this column are always perfectly accurate. Thanks for all the great letters! Keep them coming.

Love, Ann Moses

Q. Is it true that Davy is going with Sally Field?

A. Yes, Sally is one of the girls that Davy occasionally dates and Davy is one of the boys Sally occasionally dates. Davy first met Sally at the “Miss Teen International Pageant” in Hollywood. Then Davy left to go on tour for four months, and when he returned they ran into each other on the lot at Screen Gems. They film their shows at the same studio. They have had a few dates since then. But they are NOT going steady.

Peter Tork
Peter is shocked over some of the outlandish rumors the fans make up. It pleases him to know that they are corrected in this column. All the boys are honest people and they like the truth to be heard.

Q. I read in a magazine that Peter Tork and Davy Jones were going to join the Hippies in San Francisco. Is this true?

A. They can’t do that, they have to be at Screen Gems three days a week to film their TV show and they’re recording most of the rest of the week.

Q. In Monkee Spectacular #5 you showed a picture of the Monkees playing violins and a cello. I play the violin and even though the others looked ridiculous, Micky looked like he was really playing it. Was he and can he play the violin?

A. Micky does not play the violin.

Davy Jones

Q. I heard that one of the Monkees had a police record. Is this true? If so, which Monkee?

A. The only records the Monkees have are gold records from their many million sellers. None of the Monkees have a police record.

Q. Could you please answer these questions for me: 1. Is it true that Micky Dolenz is going to quit the Monkees? 2. Is it true that the Monkees’ producer, Chip Douglas, is married? 3. How old is Chip Douglas and where was he born?

A. 1. Micky is not going to quit the Monkees, neither are any of the other boys. 2. Chip Douglas is not married. 3. He is 25 years old and was born in Hawaii.

Q. I heard a rumor that the Monkees only like teenagers and not children. I’m 10 years old and I think the Monkees are the grooviest things alive!

A. The Monkees are such groovy people themselves, that they love people of all ages. But you know who they love more than anyone else—Monkee fans! So don’t worry, they love you!

Micky Dolenz, Samantha Juste Dolenz
Are Micky and Sammy really married? Again this month the answer is NO! Samantha is currently in England working.

Q. Could you please tell me whether Micky likes feminine girls or girls who are more on the tomboy side?

A. More than anything else, Micky likes a girl to be 100 per cent herself. He likes girls to be feminine, but not so fragile they break. He enjoys many outdoor activities and if a girl can join in, that’s the girl for Micky!

Q. Is it true that Davy wears glasses?

A. No, Davy does not wear glasses.

Q. My sisters and I are puzzled about who sings the lead in “Forget That Girl” on the Monkees’ Headquarters Album. Is it Davy or Micky? Can you help us out?

A. It’s Davy doing the lead vocal.

Q. I really enjoy reading your little column and find it very interesting. But there is one small matter I have not been able to find the answer for—is it true that Micky is really 34 years old?

A. No, he’s not 34. Micky was born on March 8, 1945 which makes him 22 years old.

Q. Did any of the Monkees ever wear braces?

A. None of the Monkees ever wore braces.

Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork
True friends, on and off the camera, The Monkees get truly upset over the ridiculous articles that say they fight or hate their work. Fact is, they have been friends from the start and have grown only closer.

Q. I read in a magazine that Micky and Samantha Juste are married and my cousin told me that too. I do not believe it, but my cousin said it would not be published if it were not true.

A. Your intuition was right. They are not married. Sammy is now in London working on “Top of the Pops,” while Micky is in Hollywood working on the “Monkees.”

Q. Did Paul Revere and the Raiders put out “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” first, or was it the Monkees?

A. It was Paul Revere and the Raiders on their album titled “Here We Come!”.

Q. I read in a newspaper where the Monkees refuse to talk to reporters when they are on tour. Is this true? Also, are Davy and Deana Martin steady-dating?

A. The Monkees schedule on tour is unbelievable. After a show they fly directly on to the next city. That means they usually arrive in a city about 2 or 4 in the morning. When they finally get to their hotel, they immediately hit the sack. They usually get up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. When they do, there’s no time for reporters because they are usually off for a radio station and their meeting with the fans in each city, which is an organized party. That hardly leaves time for local interviews! In answer to your second question, Davy dates Deana occasionally.

Peter Tork
Peter, [above], is proud of his new, shiny teeth. He had them capped recently.

Q. My girlfriend and I are having a fight about the Monkees. She says they were picked by computers and I say they weren’t. Were they?

A. You can stop fighting, you are right. The Monkees were chosen by producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider from 434 applicants to star in the Monkees.

Q. I have a friend that says that Micky Dolenz is conceited because she read in a magazine that Micky said, “I’m the Paul McCartney of my group.” I don’t think he is such a conceited boy. Did he say that?

A. It’s doubtful. When the Monkees started, there were so many accusations made about them being like the Beatles, they surely wouldn’t make such comparisons themselves. Also, Micky is an individual and he is more aware of this than any one. He needn’t be compared to anyone!

Peter Tork
[Above], Peter has remained fancy free and goes with many girls.

Q. My girlfriend and I just bought the Monkee Spectacular #5 and on page 39 there’s a picture of Peter. My friend says he’s doing dishes. Just to satisfy our curious minds, what is he doing?

A. That photo of Peter was taken on the set on a very hot summer afternoon. Between scenes he was rolling up his sleeves to stay cool.

Q. Can you tell me if it is Peter or Mike saying, “I think you’ve got it now, Micky” in Band six on their “Headquarters” album?

A. It’s Peter (Correction).

Q. In a newspaper I read that the Monkees are not real people and that they were machines. How can anyone say that about the Monkees? They must be the machines, not the Monkees! Am I right?

A. Of course! The Monkees are the most real people in Hollywood!

Q. I know some people who have read in our newspaper that “The Monkees” was one of the shows to go off the air. They’ve just read it recently. Now, I trust your mag more than I’ll ever trust any other source of info. I’ve read in Monkee Spectacular about a million times that they won’t go off, but I’ve got to prove this to my friends!

A. The Monkees are not going off the air. They worked long and hard before their summer tour “getting ahead” for the new season. Now they are back at Screen Gems doing the shows for the rest of this season. There is no intention of taking the groovy Monkees off the air.

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith

Q. I was interested in Davy’s Indian beads. I have looked all over and I was unable to find any. I would be very, very grateful to you if you would tell me more about them.

A. The blue and white Indian beads Davy often wears were a gift from his good friend and Monkee photographer, Henry Diltz. You can have beads just like Davy and make them yourself by sending for our “Monkee Love Beads” kit. See page 27 for more outasite details!

Q. I read in your magazine that Davy lived with Charlie Rockett. In another magazine it said he and Micky lived together. In still another it said he lived alone. How does Davy live?

A. Davy and Micky lived together over a year ago in September for about one month while Micky was waiting to move into his house and Davy was waiting to move into his apartment. When they did move, Micky lived alone in his house in North Hollywood and Davy lived alone in his one bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Recently Micky moved to a house in Laurel Canyon where he has several house mates and Davy moved into a beautiful big home in the Hollywood Hills, where Charlie Rockett is one of his house mates along with several of Davy’s close friends.

Micky Dolenz
Micky is hard to get up the first thing in the morning. He always says he would like to have had just one more hour’s sleep. Once he’s fully awake, he’s his usual, clowning self.

Q. While reading Monkee Spectacular #5. we came across the letter about the elephant that was in the series, Circus Boy. You gave the name as Jumbo, well, we remember it as being Bimbo. Could you please clear this up?

A. Checking with the authority, Micky, he tells me Bimbo was his pet elephant’s name. So, you are right.

Q. In a recent concert that the Monkees gave in Buffalo, Micky’s hair was really curly. There were rumors going around that Micky had a permanent. Is this true or is his hair this naturally curly?

A. Micky does not have a permanent. For the first year of the Monkees Micky had his curly hair straightened. This took up so much of his time that for the summer tour he decided to let it grow out and hang naturally, which is the way you see it now.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 12–15