Fave Raves

I got the chance to see Dino, Desi & Billy in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens in July and man, they were the end! I hope Dino reads this so that he knows us Canadian teens love them! And to all you D, D & B loving fans—MAINTAIN!

Jodi Barmic
Hamilton, Ontario

In your first issue you had an article called “Are the Beatles Really Through?” Great, I’m sure the Beatle fans loved it. But I found it very insulting to the Monkees! I am sick and tired of hearing that the Beatles are better or that the Monkees are better. They are as different as night and day!

Some girl had the nerve to say the Monkees had a TV show to help them. Well, the Beatles were a whole new fad, that’s why they caught on so quickly. So both groups had starters.

The Monkees are my fave group and always will be. The Beatles are good, too, but how can you compare them? The Monkees’ talents range from the East coast to the West and the Beatles have a groovy London sound… They have completely different sounds.

Annette Giardino
Brooklyn, New York

This is to the girl from Fort Lupton, Colorado named Cheryl. You took the words right out of my mouth. When you wrote in, I read your letter and I think you’re an intelligent kid. I’ve been meaning to say something about some of those crazy goofy girls who write in about those petty things, and some who simply go insane at the Monkee concerts and the like. I’m a devoted Monkee fan also, but gleeps! Get with it, you other kids.

Dawn L. Hayes
Des Moines, Iowa

This is to Cheryl of Fort Lupton, Colorado. Yes, there is a war going on. Yes, human beings can’t get along with each other. Yes, there is poverty and famine all around the world—and today’s teens are aware of these and other world problems—probably more than any other previous generation.

But sometimes you have to get away from it all. You have to escape. But worrying about Dino’s white socks or dreaming about Davy Jones are much safer ways than drugs or alcohol. Sometimes you can escape too much—even to the point where you almost lose touch with reality—but what’s so great about reality anyway?

Mary Beth Davis
Erie, Pennsylvania

I don’t know what the big sweat is about white sox! So what if somebody wears white, colored or purple polka dot sox—does that change what the person is inside? Where I live in Maryland, colored sox are in and white strictly OUT. If the surfers wear white sox, that’s their way of dressing, and their problem. No sense in puttin’ somebody down because of their way of dressing! Some people raise such a fuss about nuthin’ at all!

A Friendly Philosopher
Silver Spring, Maryland

What time do you think we are living in, 19th century??? In case you are, here in Michigan you would be considered double square if you went around in bobby socks. By the way, since you do, why not complete your attire by also wearing fire engine red lipstick and matching nail polish?

Twentieth Century People
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I think you ought to tell Ann Moses that she is going to marry Davy Jones. That’s what my Ouija board said. In your October issue the article on the Monkees said that Davy was going to marry a lovely blonde whose name will begin with the letter “A” in 1969.

Marilyn Nonzik
Downers Grove, Illinois

I just saw a picture in Fave where Davy was holding Donna Loren’s hand and then one where he was about to kiss her. Eeek! I sat in the corner and pouted for an hour. I’m absolutely CRAZY about Davy Jones and this really hit me. Jealous? Who, me—jealous? You’re darn right!

Boulder, Colorado

You have heard of love at first sight. Well, this is what I would call love at last look. I remember that I never was madly in love with “Dennis the Menace”. But I saw the fab pic of Jay North in the October Fave. I fell in love with it, or him, I mean. Where can I write to him?

Beverly Lang
Somerton, Arizona

Send letters to Jay, c/o M-G-M Studios, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California 90200… AND don’t miss Jay’s foto feature in this issue!

Your Monkee pictures in the September Fave are fab. I especially loved that article on Davy’s Glads and Sads. It really tells a true Monkee fan how to act, because most of us will do anything Davy asks. There is one thing I would like to ask David. I do think there are nicer, quieter ways to meet the Monkees and other groups, but how can we start? Some girls will just not stop the screaming bit. I think it’s horrible to go to a concert and not even be able to hear the group that is playing.

Jan Thompson
Missoula, Montana

In your last issue you showed two pics of Micky Dolenz, one with his hair parted on the side, and the other with his new hair style pushed back. Micky, PLEASE part your hair on the side again. You look much cuter that way.

A true and concerned Micky fan
Santa Ana, California

I just had to write and say how groovy the pictures of Phyllis Nesmith really were in the first Fave. She certainly has a flair for choosing clothes to suit her. As far as I’m concerned you could print a whole magazine just on colored photos of her. Phyllis could easily be a professional model.

Phyllis Nesmith Fan
Toronto, Canada

Thanks for finally picking up on the grooving bunch, Don & The Goodtimes!! They’re outasite! They’re cool, cute, witty, clean-cut and very talented! Why else would Revere go straight to them every time he needs a new Raider. Watch this group—they’re ready to start flying!

Wilma Ele
Alton, Illinois

I just want to thank Paul Revere and the Raiders for coming to Colorado Springs and putting on such a groovy show. When I saw Mark, I just about fainted he was so cute. I luved them all and Freddy was gorjus. If you read this, Raiders, just remember we all luv you here and want you to come back soon.

Raider Fan 4 ever
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I was one of the lucky teens to see Herman’s Hermits concert in Madison, Wisconsin. They were terrific. I grooved over every song they sang and Herman was so nice. I want every one of you to try to see the Hermits when they come to your town or near you.

Herman Fan Forever
Rockford, Illinois

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 6