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When in the world are the Monkees and Dino, Desi and Billy coming to Ontario, Canada? It would liven the place up. We are waiting very impatiently!

Hurry up guys, it’s beginning to get boring!

Debbie Songster
Stratford, Ont.

The color portraits I ordered from you just arrived, and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I just had to write you and thank you for sending me something really worth the money so promptly.

Jan Miller
Kansas City, Mo.

I would like to write in answer to Cindy Cobb’s letter printed in a recent T.B. issue. She said that she thought Herman was a “Snob” because of what he said he liked and disliked about girls.

If she had any brains she would realize that in saying he would not date a girl 6'3", fat and ugly, Herman was poking fun. There certainly are not many girls who are 6'3" and fat! Besides, even if there were a lot of girls like that, why should a popular star like Herman date them when he could have his choice of any crop of beautiful girls who are just as nice and friendly?

Devoted Fan
Miami, Fla.

I protest! In one of your issues you had a picture of Angela Cartwright and one of her friends with Micky Dolenz. I don’t think it’s fair for her to be able to visit the Monkees whenever she wants! That sure doesn’t give their fans much of a chance!

Very Angry
Auburn, Neb.

I think Dino Martin is conceited! In all his pictures he has the look of some one who knows girls think he’s the cutest of his group. He has a very smug look. If you’re not stuck-up, Dino, stop looking like you are!

Cheverly, Md.

I have some advice for kids who buy TiGER BEAT Magazine. Don’t bring it to school! The other day I brought my brand new magazine to school, and when the teacher was out of the room I thought I’d show it to my friends. All of a sudden the girls were screaming to see the pictures, and the next thing I knew, all the pictures had been ripped out of my book!

Chris Hernandez
Chicago, Ill.

Wow! I sure don’t know what we teens would do without you! All those fab, wonderful, lovable color pictures you’ve been putting in TiGER BEAT send me flying! TiGER BEAT, you’re boss!

Sharie Luhtala
Ladysmith, B.C.

I’m writing in reference to a recent article by Phil Volk in which he gave mention to his first group, the Chancellors. As a representative of that group, I would like to thank Phil and TiGER BEAT for this little bit of unexpected publicity.

Phil was one of the most popular members of the group. In one of the perhaps stupider moves of the Chancellors, he was released—he attended a track meet instead of a dance. As fortune would have it, Paul Revere picked him up and as Rich Crawey, the leader of the Chancellors then and now says, “Phil was doomed to success!”

Maverick Nelson
Pocatello, Idaho

Please!! Tell me if I really saw Dino Martin wearing WHITE SOCKS when he was on his father’s show recently! I sure hope not! Down here, nobody would be caught dead in them. They just aren’t hip!

Otsego, Mich.

I love Mark Lindsay. I like his pony tail, too. My girlfriends tell me that his pony tail isn’t real. Is this true? I can’t believe it!

Dolores Renfrow
Hartford, Ky.

Mark’s hair is all his.

Recently in TiGER BEAT it said Davy Jones was 22. In an issue before that it said he was 21. And another magazine says he is 19. Who is right?

Susie Hoffman
Paramus, N.J.

Davy has just turned 21.

Recently I saw the Beatles on TV and I was very disappointed. They all grew moustaches and their hair was just a mess! They wore those ugly-looking glasses which made them look like they were 50 years old. I never expected them to turn out like this. They used to be so cute!

Even their songs are getting worse. They used to write lovely songs like “Yesterday,” and “This Boy,” but now they write horrid, senseless songs like “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Yellow Submarine.” In my opinion, I don’t think they care anymore!

Terribly Disappointed
Perth Amboy, N.J.

In your March “It’s Happening in Hollywood” column, Micky Dolenz said that Davy got all the love and he’s become adjusted to the fact that he’s a clown who everyone laughs at and nobody loves.

This is not true! I think Micky’s very lovable! Davy’s not the only one who’s lovable, huggable and kissable! Just remember, Micky: YOU, TOO, ARE LOVED!

Carolyn Atwood
Houston, Tex.

I would not object to a star’s marrying, as he is entitled to his personal happiness. Wouldn’t you feel terrible if your boyfriend was a star and you couldn’t marry because he thought his fans would hate it?

As for me, it’s not the fact that my idol married, it’s the empty feeling inside when you know for sure you’ll never have a chance with him.


I really can’t oppose pop marriages, but I know one thing! No matter who Fang marries, whether she’s cute or not, sweet or conceited, I’d hate her because she got him instead of me! I just can’t help it because I love him so!

Fang Lover Forever
Washington, D.C.

You have a groovy, outasite magazine, but please let’s keep Genie the Tailor out of TiGER BEAT. Sure she’s a great tailor, but let’s face it, how many fans enjoy reading about another more fortunate girl with their luvs? In my case, it is Mark Lindsay. Please give this some consideration.

Fonda Exnicios
Magnolia, Miss.

I was flipping through a back issue of your magazine when I saw a picture of Davy’s stand-in, Rodney. I’m in love with him! He’s darling! I think you should do a story on him.

Beth Wernick
I.I., N.Y.

In one of your issues you wrote that David Price was Davy Jones’ stand-in, and in another place the same magazine you wrote that Rodney Bingenheimer was his stand-in. Now I’m confused. I really don’t think David Price looks even a little like Davy, but Rodney does.

Confused Dianne
Cleveland, Ohio

David Price, who writes for TiGER BEAT, is Davy’s stand-in. This means he stands in for Davy while they are getting lights ready to shoot a scene. Rodney was used as a double for Davy for some scenes shot from the back on one Monkee show.

I really got burned up when I read the letter from the girl who said the Monkees are in and the Beatles are out! I love the Monkees, and I think they’re fab. But if there were no Beatles, there would be no Monkees. And every boy would still have a crew cut!

The Beatles are very talented musicians and they are expanding as a group. Though we don’t hear too much about them right now, I believe you will. I love the Beatles and I think they’ll always be the greatest.

Sterling, Va.

This is to the girl who said that the Association was the greatest group since peanut butter!

What has a groovy group like the Association got to do with peanut butter? She could have said they were as great at TiGER BEAT. Besides, TiGER BEAT doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth!

Cheryl Sterrett
San Bernadino, Calif.

I’ve just gone ape over Kurt Russell ever since I saw the film, “Follow Me Boys.” I would like to get more information on him. For a start, what’s his age?

Linda Spaulding
Hollywood, Calif.

Kurt is 15. Watch Tiger Beat for more stories and pics on this new star.

I just received the “Mad, Mad Monkees” book I ordered from you, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it! Thank you very much!

Misty Austin
Houston, Tex.

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I was really raved out with the great article you did on The Who recently. They are just about the greatest group in the world, and they hope to come to the U.S. very soon. All their fans are anxiously awaiting “Who Day” when that super ravey group hits our shores at last!

Mary Hyde
Colorado Spgs, Colo.

I read in your magazine a letter from a girl saying Cher was wearing too much makeup and was too extravagant in wearing jewelry and clothes.

Well, let me tell you that Cher looks fab the way she is, and I hope she and Sonny never, never change. That girl should try living her own life and not running other people’s!

Girl Who Knows
Wichita Falls, Tex.

What has happened to Dino Martin? He used to be tops on our list, and now look at what success has done to him! His hair is bleached and he is conceited! We suppose he thinks because his father is Dean Martin he can dye his hair purple!

Pat and Lynn
Park Forest, Ill.

When I was at a concert recently, a woman sitting next to me threatened to call an usher if I screamed once more. So what if I was the only girl screaming? Teenagers ought to have the right to scream at concerts! It just isn’t right that our emotions have to conform to those of 20-year-old women who don’t belong at concerts anyway!

I know the stars like to see the audience enjoy themselves. They say so repeatedly.

The Lone Screamer
Bartow, Fla.

I have become upset with the reports recently that many stars are secretly married. I feel that a star has a perfect right to get married, but he shouldn’t be ashamed of it. If a star gets married he should want to tell the world his happy news and show off his wife. If he hides her from his fans because he is afraid of losing popularity, then he cares more about fame than about his wife!

Since many stars have been revealing their hidden marriages, I think that it’s time for the rest of them to follow suit. I realize that it may be difficult to admit that they’ve been lying to their fans, and they may be a bit wary. Therefore, I propose that one week be set aside as Amnesty Week. During this week all stars, male and female, can reveal their marriages without any fear of losing popularity or their fans’ respect. I’m sure every fan will agree that it’s better to know for sure that their idol is married than to always wonder. I’m sure that the stars are just as eager to tell the truth as we fans are to hear it. What do you think of this idea?

Tampa, Fla.

Someone is going to think I’m a nut, but I believe in flying saucers! I’m not a fanatic or anything, I just think they do exist. Anyone agree with me?

Pat Franklin
Edson, Kansas

I just read your artice [sic] about the Raiders giving stuffed animals to the children, and I wanted to say “Thank you, Raiders! “ My only regret is that I was not there to see the looks on the children’s faces for myself.

I hope someday to work with less-fortunate children, and when I do maybe I can see some other group brighten their lives just like the Raiders did!

Cseryl Fareman
Plainview, Mich.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 10
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9