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The other day I made up some poems on my fave group, the Monkees. I started humming and before I knew it I was writing and singing songs about them. I have this tape recorder and I got my guitar out and got the songs down pat. Then I recorded them. It’s a real groovy pasttime and gobs of fun. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be saying, “Hollywood, here I come!” Try it.

Dee Dee
Garland, Texas

Recently I bought a pair of Monkee mini boots for girls, with a matching purse. The boots are the grooviest thing around. Everyone should get them. They’re great!

Cindy Stalfort
Rockville, Maryland

Neko is the greatest. The day of the Monkee concert in Memphis my girlfriend and I met him in the Coliseum parking lot. He let us have one of Davy’s maracas which was cracked. And he told us the motel (which was supposed to be a secret) where the Monkees were staying so that we could stay there.

Neko Lover
Florence, Alabama

I nearly died when I read the story, “Kurt’s Disneyland Fling”. His girlfriend Belinda has just made me one of the happiest girls in the world. Ever since I was a kid I’ve hated my name, but now things have changed, especially since Kurt is going out with someone with my name! Thanks, Belinda!

Belinda Manzo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I think that all our groovy pop idols don’t look so groovy with their hair short. Lots of pop stars (DC-5, Chad & Jeremy, etc.) have cut their hair shorter and I don’t think it looks becoming, believe me! Up with long hair. Hear me out.

Washington, D.C.

You can’t compare the Beatles with anyone! They are the originals. There never was, is, or will be another group like them. They changed not because they wanted to be different from every other group, but because nothing can remain the same forever. They started the whole psychedelic trend in music with “Tomorrow Never Knows” and with it opened up a whole new field of music.

Have you ever wondered where music would be now if the Beatles hadn’t come along? Why can’t people like the Monkees without putting them down or comparing them to the Beatles?

Bayside, N.Y.

I had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, of meeting Jay North last year when he was in Raleigh, North Carolina promoting his movie, “Maya”. I got to go to the press luncheon and even rode up in the back of the car with him to the theatre. He autographed a picture for me. He’s a real groovy guy.

Vance York
Raleigh, N.C.

In Fave (October) we found that “Ouija Tells on the Monkees” is exactly the same report we got from our Ouija. The only difference was the girls’ names. For Davy we got a girl named Donna Lynn with auburn hair; for Micky we got Linda with blonde hair; and for Peter we got a girl named Marlene who is brunette. And for Mike’s expected child we found that it’s supposed to be a girl. Only time will tell if these predictions will come true, as the ouija board sometimes lies.

Carolyn Tafolla
Kathy Neff
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

When I read the story about “Find Out Who Is Really Behind Monkee Mike’s Success” I nearly blew my mind. Mike is my fave Monkee and he is so cute and his Texas accent really tears me up. Everytime I play my Monkee albums I play all of Mike’s songs four or five times in a row.

Alice Rose
Fairfax, Virginia

A few weeks ago I went to the beach and the first thing I did was write a “Love Poem” about Davy in the sand. That afternoon it rained very hard. I thought for sure my poem would wash away. When I went to look, it was still there.

When I told my girlfriend about this she said, “It didn’t wash away because the poem told a story about a true love.” Wow!! I hope it is true!!!

Cathy Mistretta
Tampa, Florida

I met the greatest family in the world at the Monkees’ Denver concert. My girlfriend and I came up from Colorado Springs. We had fourth row seats right in front of Coco and Samantha. We talked to Micky’s mom about Micky and she really made us feel good. Micky has a wonderful family and should be very proud of them because they are proud of him.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Please hear my plea. When I read “How Peter Has Changed” in the October Fave I was hurt very deeply and I cried. It made me realize how unthoughtful we fans are without realizing. I love Peter more than anyone in the world and so, when the Monkees were in concert here a few weeks ago, I screamed at the top of my voice… I was madly excited because he was in the same room as me.

Once he said we didn’t care at all about his song and asked if we wanted to yell our lungs out? I screamed on, hoping my voice would penetrate the others and reach him. Now I am very sorry and very much ashamed.

He told in the article that all we wanted to do was scream and that we forgot how hard they’d worked to make something beautiful for us to listen to. The Monkees really do have a message for us, and they want their music to be listened to not drowned out. I beg you, fans, let’s try listening at the next concert. After all, we want to make Peter happy, right? And if our keeping quiet makes him happy, then that’s what we should do. Peter, I’m very sorry I screamed.

Vicky Penny
Memphis, Tennessee

In Fave Happenings I read that Davy Jones had been riding with some fans. This has always been my dream. How did they do it???? By magic?

Patti Thomas
Atlanta, Georgia

After having the pleasure of meeting the Monkees in person I would like to send this word of encouragement to Monkee fans who would give anything to see their idols. It may be a long, hard struggle, but in the end it’s all worth it!

I climbed fences, walked jetties, climbed stairways, made phone calls, “bribed” guards and “risked my life” running across a busy Miami Beach street to see my fave four. I got Davy’s autograph, talked to Peter and completely swooned over Micky. If that wasn’t enough, I even saw Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, the Sundowners, the Jimi Hendricks Experience and Lynne Randell. What more could a girl ask?

Nancy Adkins
Miami, Florida

Magazine: Fave
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 66