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I feel so sorry for Ann & Michelle, two miserable teens from Granada Hills, California (see September Fave Raves) for having a bad year. We here are very lucky that ’67 is groovy for us. I live just outside Houston, and talk about a summer! On June 10 Paul Revere and the Raiders appeared for 80 minutes on a local TV show. On July 22, when we finally got our senses back, Herman’s Hermits, The Who and the Blues Magoos invaded us. And on August 10, the Monkees hit our fair city!

Man, if this is a terrible year, I’d hate to think what could be worse. I don’t know about the rest of you but I wish that we would have more terrible years like this one. Long live 1967!

Linda “Lin” Brunson
Channelview, Texas

I’d like to recommend the movie “Good Times” with Sonny and Cher. I saw it and I’ll never forget it. It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen in my whole life and I hope they make another one soon.


I thought your new magazine is great… that is, until I came to page 39 (September issue), the article on the Monkees by Donna Loren. I just want to say that all Davy Jones fans were probably heartbroken by the top picture in the right hand corner. Printing a picture of him getting ready to kiss a girl just isn’t what fans want to see.

Debbie McMullen
Auburn, Washington

I was reading Fave Raves (September, 1967) and I noticed that Mary Nugent said that the movie she saw Kurt Russell in was called “Follow the Boys”. Well, it wasn’t. It was called “Follow Me Boys”. But she was right. He is a groove. Please give more information on him and Jon Provost.

Just Noticing
Portland, Ore.

No sooner said than done. Check the Contents page for more goodie stories on these two faves.

Do you know what a Raider fan is? A young, crazy girl who has four notebooks, four of their albums and 2,975 pictures. She is also a fan club member. She worships Mark and has loved all of the Raiders since the first “Action” show.

She has heard of them since 1963 when they started in Portland. She has been to as many concerts and dances as she can get to. She knows all the words to all their albums

That’s what a fan is and that Raider Rooter is me!

Sharon LaVine
Toledo, Ore.

Farewell to Fang? Why goodbye. He’s not going anywhere. He’s not leaving for the moon just because he quit the Raiders! Remember, Phil Volk is here and always will be!

Carole Doyle
Wichita, Kansas

I just finished your article “Are The Beatles Through?” in your first Fave issue. I agree with all the letters—The Beatles are great!—About the questions you asked, here are my answers:

1) I luv The Beatles’ new album; 2) I think it’ll really help ’em; 3) Of course they play for us; 4) They also play for parents (my mom and pop think they’re good not great, just good); 5) Yes, the Monkees certainly are drifting to older audiences, but they’ll never make it, because they’re not a first.

Mara Beckerman
Laurelton, N.Y.

Socks, smocks. Surfers on the Gulf Coast don’t wear shoes, much less white socks. Surfers down here try to get a good tan on their feet. We can always tell when teenage boys are from out-of-state because they’re either wearing socks, or if they’re barefoot, their feet are so pale it looks like they’re wearing white socks.

Don Grady
Galveston, Texas

I was very impressed with the article you printed in the September Fave on Keith and Kevin Schultz. I thought they were adorable. But there’s one thing you missed. How old are they? Where can I write to them?

Anxious fan
South Bend, Ind.

Keith and Kevin are 13. You can write them in care of DJ Productions, P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90201.

Reading columns about Micky almost makes me cry. He’s not only handsome, but very generous—giving his sister a car, taking the blame for trouble they got into together. I have always liked Micky best, but now, he’s no longer an actor. He’s someone to look up to and respect.

Jerri Seago
Whittier, Calif.

I am a very close Monkee fan and really dig their T.V. show. In fact, I never miss it ’cause they are my faves. But not to sound selfish, I don’t think the Monkees need girls on their show, ’cause, man, they do real groovy without girls. I think they even act better when girls aren’t in the show, and besides, all of us Monkee fans want to see the Monkees and not with girls! Really, if the Monkees want a girl on the show they can always ask one of the loving fans.

Doreen Brown
Richmond, Calif.

Recently I read a letter from a girl in Canada who said that Dino, Desi and Billy appeal only to teeny boppers of the past. Well! She had better wake up herself! Most of the kids I know love D, D & B. Just because she doesn’t like them doesn’t mean everyone else shouldn’t. Just because they haven’t had a hit record in awhile doesn’t mean they never will. Well, don’t worry. One of these days they’ll have a hit record out. They might be younger than other groups, but they’re just as great. When other groups are old D, D & B will still be in style!…

Karen Kraly
Atlantic City, N.J.

I bought Fave today and the very first thing I did was look at the color pictures. Was I surprised when I saw the picture of Phyllis and Christian Nesmith! I had seen many pictures of Phyllis, but this was the very first time I ever saw a picture of Christian. In my opinion, Mr. Michael Nesmith has a lovely wife and a very cute son.

Lois Turkington
Macedon, N.Y.

I have a record Mike made under the name Mike Blessing. If you would like to have it, write and tell me why. I will personally get in touch with the sincerest sounding fan, and it will be theirs for a trade.

Ellie McCafferty

190 Ellis Ave.
Irvington, N.J. 07111

I’ve just finished reading your first Fave and I think it’s the best thing since the Monkees!

Speaking of the Monkees (my fave group), that contest is outasite! But, I have been trying to write “Why I like the Monkees” for the past hour and I’ve come to this conclusion: it’s utterly impossible to write why I like the Monkees in only 25 words! Twenty-five pages would be more like it!

A Hopeful Contest Entry
Boynton Beach, Florida

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