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“Dyed” for Micky

I’m madly in love with Micky Dolenz, to the extent that I bleached my hair and grew it long when I read he likes blondes! It costs me $10 a month to keep it this color.

The trouble is that lately I’ve been thinking I might never meet him! What do I do?

Bainbridge Is., Wash.

Keith and Kevin

I just can’t take my eyes off Keith and Kevin Schultz on the Monroes. I make sure I’m home in front of the TV with the colors all set perfectly when they come on! Please print some info and pictures on these darling boys!

Janice Mendes
Warwick, R.I.

We promise you some photo stories on the twins real soon!


Phyllis Nesmith is a blonde. I read in a magazine that the girl in Davy’s life is a blonde! Blondes! Doesn’t anybody around this place like brunettes?

Carolyn Miller
Woodland Hills, Calif.

Micky look-alike

Ever since the Monkees became popular, my friends have been telling me how much I look like Micky Dolenz! I wouldn’t believe them, so they took some pictures of me and mixed them in with some of him, and I could hardly pick myself out!

Micky was my favorite before this, but now I’m thrilled to the bone that I look like such an outasite guy.

Vicki Walker
Denver, Colo.

The Yellow Balloon

Please do us a great favor and print more on the fab Yellow Balloon! If they aren’t groovy, no one is! They recently performed here at the Annual World Teenage Show, and really brought the house down. They are so great it can’t be explained! Cute? Wow, are they ever!

Rose Nemes
Chicago, Ill.

A girl’s worst enemy

I say down with mothers who are always trying to cut our hair! This may be okay when you’re a little kid, but when you are older you should be able to do what you like with your hair! A girl’s worst enemy is a pair of scissors!

Woody Ward
Audubon, N.J.

Devoted look

I saw Mark Lindsay on “The Dating Game” and every time the camera turned on him, he winked! Some people say he doesn’t care about his fans! Well if he doesn’t like them, why did he wink? When he did this, he had the most devoted look in his eyes! I should know, because we have a 21" screen and a color TV at that!

A Fan
Albemarle, N.C.

Mark really cares!

I have just been to a Raider concert and it really blew my mind! It was the grooviest concert I’ve ever been to!

I want to say that the Raiders do care about their fans! When they were back stage, Mark Lindsay kissed five girls! I am sorry to say that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones!

Barbara Gates
San Antonio, Tex.

An experience!

I saw Dino, Desi and Billy’s concert in Atlantic City. I always knew they were great, but now I know they’re outasite! They had the whole audience right in the palms of their hands! They are terrific showmen!

When they came onstage, the whole place lit up! And whenever Dino smiled at a certain part of the audience, the screams increased, if that was possible!

All who’ve seen this fab trio perform are very, very lucky. I wouldn’t have missed it for a million dollars!

Dawn Reed
Ocean City, N.J.

Bubble gum squad

I’m writing this letter to protest what Heather Jeal said about Dino, Desi and Billy in your August issue. She must be crazy to say they are unpopular and members of the bubble gum squad!

I know many, many people who go wild over D, D and B, including myself. They are just the living end! Dino, Desi and Billy forever!

Mickey Walters
Ridgewood, N.J.

Wants forgiveness

I was lucky enough to see the “Bubble Gum Squad” perform. Will you EVER forgive me for the IGNORANCE I showed toward Dino, Desi and Billy! How could I have been so wrong!

Now that I’ve seen them, I realize that though they are younger than most of the other groups, their talent is endless! Please forgive me!

Heather Jeal
N. Vancouver, Canada

Toronto rates

Just thought I’d set American kids straight on where it’s happening! Life was very dull when I lived in San Francisco. Then I moved to Toronto, Canada. They have more freedom here, and teens stand up for their rights. There is no comparison as far as fashion goes, either. Toronto rates first!

An American
Toronto, Canada

Kurt on “Fugitive”

I’m writing to tell you how surprised I was when saw Kurt Russell on the TV series, “The Fugitive.” I never watch the show, but my mom flips over David Janssen so she was watching it. When I spotted Kurt, flipped too! I think he’s just great! Print lots more about him!

N. Hollywood, Calif.

If she saw Davy

If my friend saw Davy Jones standing in front of her, she would do these things:

and then she would hide under the chair she was sitting on!

Candi Perez
Swithtown, N.Y.

Secret message from a star

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Phyllis is wonderful

I’ve always wondered what Phyllis Nesmith was really like, and after reading your August story on her, I can understand why Mike is so proud of her. It was one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read, and I see now where Mike gets his inspirations for those groovy songs he writes. She is so beautiful!

I hope I can be as good a wife to the man I marry as Phyllis is for Mike!

Debbie Vanaman
Gary, Ind.

Sending for Fave

Could you please tell me where I could send for the first FAVE Magazine. I’ve searched several stores, but they were sold out.

Saugus, Mass.

Send 50ยข and your full name and address to FAVE Back Issues, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Calif. 90028. Be sure to specify which issue you want.

Groovy poster

Wow! Am I ever drooling! I just received my super groovy Monkee Poster that I ordered less than 10 days ago! It’s so real looking, and so big! All my friends turn green when they see it.

I’m really thankful to TiGER BEAT for giving us Monkee fans a chance to own such a groovy work of art! A million thanks to you!

Kim Larson
Portland, Ore.

Coco is groovy

I just have to say that those stories you’ve been printing by Coco Dolenz are groovy! Now I feel as though I know what Micky is really like, and I love him ail the more.

Coco, Gina and Debbie are the luckiest girls in the world to have such an outasite brother!

Eileen Wolski
Trenton, N.J.

Learned her lesson

Up to a couple of months ago, I didn’t care for the Monkees very much. Then my best friend convinced me! She is a very shy, soft-spoken kid, so imagine my surprise when I asked her what was so great about the Monkees while we were in Home Ec class and she gave me a large helping of chocolate icing, right on the top of my head!

Since then, I’ve gotten to like the Monkees very much—with my friend’s help, of course!

Paterson, N.J.

Kurt is himself

I can express my feelings about Kurt Russell in just a few words. He is a talented, down-to-earth human being. That’s saying a lot, because so many of today’s stars appear to be so fake.

Thanks, Kurt, for just being yourself!

Los Angeles, Calif.

Monkee map

I wanted to thank you for the fab Monkee Map you had in your May issue. Our family spent our vacation in Hollywood, and though the Monkees were on tour at the time we had a gas picking out all the places they usually are. It was almost as good as meeting them!

Elena Richmond
Olympia, Wash.

Sympathy for Davy

I know exactly what it’s like to live a “mini-life” since I am 4'10 ¼" and am approaching 15. I’ve gone through school with nicknames like peewee, smallfry, etc.

So when people make remarks about Davy Jones’ height it really burns me up! I mean, he’s the greatest guy around, so who cares how tall he is?

Patti Garguiio
San Leandro, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
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