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Psychiatrist Peter?

I read in Peter Tork’s Monkee Talk column about “bads” and “goods.” Well, I tried giving a “good” for a “bad” and it worked! My parents are letting me go lots more places since I started Peter’s system!

Wow, Peter sure is an intelligent person! He’s always been my fave, but he’s more than ever now! He should have been a psychiatrist. If he was, I’d have been an every day patient!

Marsha Moore
Ft. Rucker, Ala.

The greatest

Please print more personal lowdowns on the Lewis and Clarke Expedition and members. They are the greatest thing since music!

Little Rock, Ark.

What love is

Early one morning about 3 a.m. I woke up. I wasn’t sick, but I couldn’t think of anything but Davy Jones! I was saying, “Davy, oh Davy, I love you!” Then all of a sudden I started crying, and then I fell into a deep sleep. If this isn’t love, what is?

Cathy M.
Tampa, Fla.

Stay away Annie!

Every time you read Ann Moses’ column, she always tells about her wonderful adventures with the Monkees. Sometimes I think she is just trying to make the rest of us jealous!

You’re supposed to be a feature editor, not the fifth Monkee, Miss Moses! I am grateful for your stories and pix, but this is going to far!

Treena Gibbs
Crawfordsville, Ind.

Hooray for Ann Moses!

Down with anyone who doesn’t like her! No other magazine in the whole world has better coverage on the Monkees than TiGER BEAT, and all because of Ann! She is a wonderful dresser and she is also very beautiful. Ann Moses, you’re fantabulous!

Ann Fan
Wellington, KS.

To The Monkees:

All I can say is that I love you more than I love my boyfriend, and I know I always will!

Glenda Reiordan
Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Keep Angela in!

Keep Angela Cartwright in your mag! Innocently I was skimming through your fab magazine today and when I saw her picture, I blew my cool! Man, you just have to keep those groovy pics coming! Especially of Angela. She’s got me lost in space!

Robert Schmidt
Lake Worth, Fla.

Don’t tear his clothes

I recently read in a magazine that Davy Jones gets mad when girls try to tear at his clothes.

Well, I don’t blame him! Maybe he want to keep some of them! Give him a break, girls!

Tulsa, Okla.

Think twice!

This letter has to do with fans who compare idols. How can one person seriously compare his idol with someone else’s idol? Don’t these people realize that they aren’t like the other person, and that they have different likes and dislikes? Therefore, they would be attracted to different kinds of people.

I think when idols read these letters where they are being compared (for or against) it does hurt them and sometimes even embarrasses them. It’s one thing to say how much you like your idol and another to compare him to someone else!

Orinda, Calif.


I just want to congratulate the fan who wrote the poem “Insignificant” to Micky. She said everything I feel. I didn’t think anyone existed who loved Micky more than me. But now I know I’m not alone.

Deirdre Maloney
Rochester, N.Y.

Beautiful Monkee

After seeing all four Monkees in person, I came to this conclusion: I’d love to see a centerfold picture of Peter Tork. There’s no doubt he’s the most beautiful Monkee!

A Peter Lover
Geneva, N.Y.

Too much credit

I think the Beatles are conceited, and so is their music. Everyone gives them credit for starting a “new” look and a different kind of music, but I think they expect and get too much credit for starting something that happened three years ago.

The Beatles’ music used to be good, and some of it still is. But now some of their music sounds about like they look!

Never Again a Fan
Wichita, Kan.

Lynne Randell

Hooray for Lynne! She is the greatest! I recently saw her at a Monkee concert, and she really captured my heart as well as the hearts of the thousands of fans there. Australia is really lucky to be able to produce such an adorable singer as Lynne!

Cynthia Hall
Concord, N.C.

Flips over Joe

I just saw Joe Jr.’s picture in TiGER BEAT and have just flipped over the Raider’s new drummer! He’s soooooooo cute! Now I adore the Raiders more than ever!

Joyce Prescott
Simsburg, Conn.

Unusual horse

I read in one of your books that Peter Tork has an unusual cat. Well I’ve got an even more unusual horse! He was raised on potato chips and regular horse feed.

One day my father was being interviewed by a newspaper reporter who dressed real crazy. He wore a shirt that had a large picture of a potato chip bag on the back. My stallion is allowed to run free, and he noticed the picture on the man’s shirt. He sneaked up behind him and started pulling at the man’s shirt to get at the potato chips. The reporter screamed and ran, and we haven’t seen him since!

Darlene G.
Wilmington, N.C.

Be more careful!

I just realized what all pop stars and idols go through for their fans! They almost get themselves killed! The way we, their fans, grab at them, mob them and shove them around, we are the ones that almost kill them!

I know all we want is an autograph or a piece of hair or a keepsake of some kind, but we don’t have to maul them the way we do!

I know fans don’t mean to, but let’s start being more careful. I know I’m going to be!

Glenda Sue Mapes
Nutter Ft., W.Va.

Expedition mania

Help! I have Expedition Mania, and the only cure is more, more, more on the Lewis and Clarke Expedition!

You have the cure, so you can help! You don’t want to see one of your readers die, do you?

Michelle Rea
Bismarck, N.D.

To curious

This is to the “Curious Lindsay Lover” in your Sept. issue who wanted to know why there were never any pictures showing Mark with girls. Well here are three possibilities:

  1. If Mark is dating, he has enough sense to keep his private life private.

  2. He is too busy with touring and recording that he doesn’t have time to go out with anyone.

  3. He knows how fans feel when they see their idol with a girl, so he doesn’t allow pictures of himself with a girl on a date.

Kathy Bishop
Rochester, N.Y.

Grooviest thing

The grooooooviest thing happened to me last summer! My girlfriend and I went up to the mountains for a few days. We had just gone horseback riding and were walking down the street. I had on a pair of jeans, a paisley shirt and boots.

All of a sudden I heard a scream. Somebody yelled, “It’s Mike Nesmith!” I turned around and found about 50 girls running toward me. Well we ran and ran and finally got to the cabin where we were staying. We slammed the door and had to wait three days before we finally figured out a way to get out.

Wow! It was a fab thing to happen!

Elena F.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Fell for Charlie

Let’s keep the big color pics of the groovy New Raiders coming, especially Charlie Coe! He’s really outasite! I saw the Raiders in concert and really fell for Charlie!

Sue Fikete
San Jose, Calif.

Please Micky!

Please, Micky! For the sake of the other Monkees, wear shoes to your recording sessions!

Lynn, Mass.

The only thing

The only thing that Samantha Juste has that I haven’t is Micky Dolenz!

Just As Good
Vancouver, B.C.

Don’t care?

When I was in Florida, I asked a girl if she liked the Monkees. She said she didn’t go for that teenage stuff! I think she’s crazy!

Julia Harris
Columbia, S.C.

Dear Davy

I have always wanted to kidnap you! I like you!

Gina Bonccaro
Houston, Tex.

Missed The Monkees

I was one of those girls who had tickets to see the Monkees perform in Milwaukee, but didn’t get to because of the rioting there.

I was very sad for nights afterwards because my hopes had been set so high. I know there were thousands of other girls as disappointed as me. I hope we will all get another chance to see them someday.

Lynda Camp
Boscolse, Wisc.

Angela Cartwright

Could you please tell me where to write Angela Cartwright, from “Lost in Space.” She’s the greatest young actress around, and I loved the color picture you had of her.

Carol Richardson
Bloomington, Ind.

Write Angela, c/o 20th Century Fox, 70201 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.

Parakeet pin-ups

I have a pet parakeet and she chirps when I play a Monkee record, so I figured she must like them. I cut out some small colored pictures of the Monkees and hung them all around her cage. I bet I’ve got the only bird who has Monkee pin-ups too!

Ellen Chesak
Milwaukee, Wisc.


I don’t know how I can ever thank you enough for the gorgeous color pin-ups and beautiful, heartwarming stories you’ve been printing about Mark Lindsay! I luv, luv, luv him and your pictures of him are the best I’ve ever seen!

I know million of girls agree with me, so keep up the excellent work!

Chris McManis
Denver, Colo.

Her Monkee poem

I just luv the new Monkee Poems you started printing in TiGER BEAT! Since the Monkees personally selected them, I feel especially privileged to have had mine chosen. Thanks a lot!

Patty Schweitzer
New York, N.Y.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 9–11