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Monkee fans, give the boys a break! They must be dead on their feet! I don’t know how they do it all on 3–5 hours of sleep a night, bolted meals, and running away from Monkee-mad mobs!

I know it’s had to restrain yourselves, but put yourselves in their place. With all their problems, they still manage to be gay, funny, wonderful and handsome. And they’re doing it all for YOU!

Please be good to them, or one of these days they will turn in their guitars and say they’ve HAD it!

Long Beach, Calif.

The Zombies were here in the Philippines recently, and they broke all the box-office attendance records. They had 31,000 people in one of their biggest audiences, and they gave 14 shows in all. They are one of the best groups in the world! If only Americans would recognize their talent, they would be one of the top groups in the whole world!

Manila, Philippines

The Seeds are my favorite group in the whole world, and I was going out of my mind trying to get pictures of them. Then you came to the rescue with your fabulous article about them. Keep up the good work!

Judy Giachino
Dalzell, Ill.

All I can say is, you’re the cutest little Monkee I’ve ever heard of!!

Kathleen West

This is to Jim “Harpo” Valley of Paul Revere and the Raiders. Please print it and I hope he reads it.

I just heard that you are leaving the group to record on your own, Jim. I think that if this is your decision, you should carry it out. I really wish you weren’t leaving because you were a very important member of the Raiders. But if you really think that you can do better on your own, no one is going to stop you from leaving.

As a devoted Raider fan, I feel that I can speak for everyone: Remember, we’ll miss you, and we love you too. I really hope that you are successful and that you will be happy. WE LOVE YOU!

Harpo’s Fan
Vancouver, B.C.

I had to tell you what my reaction to Davy Jones’ picture in your April issue is! His picture is just like the painting of the Mona Lisa—no matter how you look at it, he’s staring right at you! Please have more of these great color pics in future issues!

Suzie Kessler
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Since my name is Lawrence Melk, I often get mistaken for you-know-who. I don’t think I look a bit like him, except in the face. However, I act a lot like him. I admire him a lot and I think his music is real bosso!

Altadena, Calif.

I went to the Raider concert in Washington, and I must say that my idol, Mark Lindsay, looks even better in person than in his pictures! There were more than fourteen thousand fans to see the Raiders perform, and I was very near the stage when they jumped on to start the show. Mark was dressed in his pure white Raider costume with the black buttons and his black knee-high boots of course. You could clearly see his dark, shiny ponytail against the white. He’s gorgeous in person!

McCleary, Wash.

I am just writing to say I don’t think the Monkees are as great as you make them out to be. I personally do not care much for them. Otherwise your magazine is A-OK.

Rolling Stone Fan
Erie, Pa.

I couldn’t believe the letter from P.R. in Arizona asking why the Monkees were on top! My answer to that question is, they wouldn’t be anywhere unless they were the greatest!

I must admit I was strictly an Elvis fan until they came along. Elvis is still special for me, but I also give the Monkees a good rating because they give so much enjoyment to others. We need more people like them!

They were chosen out of a great many people who auditioned to be Monkees, so they must be talented! I do hope P.R. realizes what a mistake she (or he) has made!

Sandi DeMastus
Kirkland, Wash.

I read the letter in TIGER TALK from the girl in Arizona who said she hated the Monkees. Well, if I ever get my hands on that girl, I’ll break her in two!!

Kelly Blunt
La Crescenta, Calif.

Along with millions of others across the country, I was deeply grieved to see “Where the Action Is” go off the air. I’d like to express my heartfelt sympathies to Dick Clark and all the wonderful people who made the show possible.

I realize that Mr. Clark, the Action Kids, the Raiders and all the other regulars worked long and hard to make the show a great one. It’s too bad that it could not go on any longer, but on the other hand, nothing lasts forever. So let’s all try to keep “Action” a pleasant memory and not one which is tinged with sadness. Thanks to everyone who starred on the show!

Sue Salem
Akron, Ohio

I think TIGER BEAT is the greatest. I just discovered it last November, and I’ve gotten every issue since then. I love the Monkees, and I especially like the groovy Monkee articles and pix in each issue.

I have only one complaint. In all of my issues, I have found only two printed letters in Tiger Talk from North Carolina. I am sure there must be lots of kinds in my home state who deserve to be heard from! Please print more letters from North Carolina!

Washington, N.C.

I think Dino is the most wonderful boy in this groovy world! He’s cute, talented and the nicest kid, with pride, manners, and respect for all and everything. What else could anyone want?

If anybody dares to say anything about Dino, I’ll give them a word or two!

Rochester, N.Y.

Tch, tch! Slap your typewriter keys! Don’t you realize that the majority of readers have no interest in Dino, Desi and Billy? These three members of the bubble gum squad appeal only to teeny-boppers, and only to teeny-boppers who live in the past! Wake up! D.D. & B haven’t had a record out in two years!! They don’t rate space in your magazine!

Heather Jeal
N. Vancouver, Canada

I am 19 years old and have been a devoted fan for many years. I have seen you in concert and bought many of your records, and I’ve always been with you through thick and thin 100 per cent of the way. I love you all!

I was very moved by Brian’s article concerning his breakdown. I’m very grateful to him for sharing this experience; very glad he could work it out. But I cried when I read about Denny’s marriage troubles. I pray that he will be able to work it out and find some peace for himself in this marriage. Please give it a try, Denny!

Terre Haute, Ind.

I’ve tried four whole months to hold it in, but I can’t any longer! Now Ann Moses is a very pretty girl, and I really am grateful for all those groovy pix and stories she has put in MONKEE SPEC. on the Monkees. But I am very jealous of her visits with those handsome, talented, kissable guys!

So please, Ann, don’t pack it on! I am one of the unlucky girls who hasn’t met the Monkees. All I have to do is see Micky Dolenz with a girl and I run a temperature of 102°!!

Isabel De Simone
Bloomfield, N.J.

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I have been reading TIGER BEAT for some time now, thanks to my penfriend, and I really look forward to receiving my copy every month. I read lots of British magazines, but they don’t seem to portray the same feeling of really knowing the stars that your magazine does.

As you know, the Monkees TV show is now viewing over here, and boy, what a marvelous show it is! Since reading TIGER BEAT I feel as if I know all of them personally. As you can see, I really enjoy reading about the Monkees, and if it wasn’t for TIGER BEAT, I wouldn’t know much about them. All your articles are marvelous, and portray to me that everyone working on your magazine really enjoys what he is doing. Thanks again!

Eileen Munro
Glasgow, Scotland

I love the articles you have on my fave, Kurt Russell. Please have lots more stories and pictures on him!

Cathy Hanson
Tulsa, Okla.

We have more stories and pix coming up on Kurt.

When I opened the June Issue of TIGER BEAT and saw those pictures of Micky, Peter and Mike with those horrible-looking beards, I almost fell on the floor! I love the Monkees, so someone please tell them to shave off the beards and mustaches fast so I can see Peter’s dimples again! I don’t think they realize how bad they look!

Josette Franco
New York, N.Y.

If you like someone, it should be for other things than what they look like, and this goes for the Monkees too! It’s not their looks or their money that should be important!

I think the Monkees are the grooviest, and if they cut all their hair off or they grow mustaches I could care less! (But I have to admit they will be ugly that way!)

Diana Fournier
Federal Way, Wash.

I have noticed since the Monkees came out that many of the other groups have lost quite a bit of popularity. My fave group is still the Dave Clark 5! I think they’re great, but all my friends say I’m nuts because they are so old-fashioned and out of style!

Well, I don’t think they are. I still think the Dave Clark 5 are the best!

Denise Place
Saginaw, Mich.

I love your columns by Genie the Tailor, and I would like to know where to write to her. It really means a lot to me!

Robyn Walker
Cleveland, Ohio

Write to Genie c/o Tiger Beat Magazine, 1800 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles, Calif. 90028.

Where are all the fab articles you used to print on Herman? The Monkees are great, but I like to read about Herman too! The Hermits have been around for a long time and certainly will be around for a long time to come.

Few people know about Herman’s new role as a record producer and lots more. It seems like he’s faded into the woodwork!

Patti Bentley
Detroit, Mich.

Your magazine is one word: HAPPINESS! Your pictures look like they could come alive and your articles keep my interest right down to the very last punctuation mark! Thanks for loving the Monkees, for I do, too!

Helen Bollinger
Sidney, Ohio

Not all stars want a well-known girl for a wife! Gerry of Pacemaker fame married his fan club president! Karl Green of the Hermits married a girl from England who isn’t well-known at all!

So to any of you girls who have high hopes about a star, keep them! Don’t give up, ’cause you still have a chance!

Chicago, Ill.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for printing a picture of the epitome of teenage perfection-Kurt Russell. His warm, wonderful youthfulness was captured perfectly in the photograph!

Kurt can only be described as one of the miracles of our modern generation!

Honolulu, Hawaii

A few issues ago a girl named Cheryl wrote into TiGER TALK and said she set up her bedroom with pictures of her faves and TiGER BEATS all over the place. I tried it, and whenever things are going bad, I go into my bedroom and feel better!

Stephen Myerson
Montreal, Quebec

Your May issue was ultraoutasitefantabulistic! Especially that g-r-rroovey picture of Micky Dolenz! Let’s have more of him!

Micky Lover Forever
W. Va.

There is nothing more aggravating than seeing a star you are crazy about with his girlfriend or wife! I think that when you see something like that it makes you feel that all the love you have for them is wasted.

Some of the stars lately have shown terrible taste as far as being photographed with and talking about their wives and girlfriends! I think it would be better for them to keep their private life P-R-I-V-A-T-E! Especially those four guys known as the Monkees!

Jan Stafford
Brooklyn, N.Y.

I got my glossy picture of Davy Jones, and I love it! It is just wonderful! I took it to school to show my best friend, and everybody started to grab it! Everybody is crazy about it! Thank you very much!

Darlene DeFrank
Bristol, Pa.

Yesterday a Detroit radio station had a contest to see which group was more popular—the Beatles or the Monkees. For quite a while the Beatles were behind. But in the last half hour of the contest, all the Beatle fans cast their votes, including me. I’m happy to say that the Beatles won by 272 votes! The Monkees had 3,251 and the Beatles had 3,523.

So right now I’d like to thank all the kids who have stayed loyal to the Beatles!

Sue Counts
Lorain, Ohio

This is to the girl who thinks that having an idol is silly. Everyone has to have an idol! What’s the use of living if you don’t have someone to dream about?

My idol is Peter Noone, and all of my walls are plastered with pictures of him. As a matter of fact, I talk to them!

Sandi Prokos
Albuquerque, N.M.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 12
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9, 64