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Stars are great to fans

I have read in lots of magazines many, many letters from people who say pop stars are nasty to their fans, refuse to read fan mail, and so on. Well, I have had some encounters with several pop stars, and I have not found this to be true!

I have written to and received answers from the Monkees, the Hermits, and the Association. So anybody who says that the pop people today are not the most wonderful in the world is wrong. They have to be in order to be as great as they are!

Brownfield, Pa.

He’s tall!

In your July issue a certain girl was complaining about the possibility of Davy Jones being drafted, and she stated that Davy was “too small to carry a gun!”

This hurt me terribly! Why is everyone always picking on Davy’s size? He is just as much of a man as everyone else, and maybe even more. Even though he’s only 5'3" tall, in my eyes he’s 10 feet tall!

Pamela Pray
Belleville, Ill.

Monkee party!

I went to the Monkee Concert at Hollywood Bowl and had a groovy time. After it was over my friends and I were going to P.J.’s for a soda, but the sign said “Closed for Private Party.”

We went around the back and peeked in, and my girlfriend swears she saw Peter Tork! Is it true that the Monkees were there?

Debbie B.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Yes, The Monkees had a party there after the show.

Keep it coming

Just wanted to write you and say how glad I am that you’re doing such a great job in keeping the kids informed on what’s happening with all the r & r and acting stars!

I used to just buy a copy of T.B. on the newsstands, but after reading all your groovy stories month after month and noticing the terrific colored pictures… I decided there coundn’t [sic] be another moment wasted, and subscribed right away! I’m keeping a scrapbook of all those beautiful photos!

Keep those typewriters tapping and cameras flicking!

Meri Grundig
New York, N.Y.

The greatest

Will you please tell me where I can write to Kurt Russell? I think he’s the cutest boy on two feet! I want to learn a lot more about him!

Hollywood, Fla.

Write to Kurt c/o Disney Studios, 500 S. Buena Vista St, Burbank, Calif.

He-man Mark

This is for all of you who call Mark Lindsay a sissy. You don’t know what you’re talking about! He’s no more of a sissy than Tarzan is! What really counts is what’s inside. And from what I’ve read about Mark, he’s the kindest and most feeling person around. Long live Mark!

DeAnn Hilton
Las Vegas, Nev.

Beatles with beards

The Beatles look very stupid with their beards! George looks like an old man! Ringo looks like a barbarian! John looks like an old teacher with those glasses! And Paul looks like an Italian chef!

I liked them once, but they looked lots better then!

A Girl
Bronx, N.Y.

Goodie-goodie Davy

I enjoyed your article “Davy Jones By His Sister” in your July issue very much. I think it showed a new side to Davy which needed to be shown. I have read far too many stories about what a goodie-goodie Davy is, but your story proved he’s a human being and not perfect. It has made me luv Davy even more now that I know he’s got faults too! Thanx again.

Eugene, Ore.

Herman married?

In your July issue you showed a color picture of Herman and he was wearing a ring which looked exactly like a wedding band!

If Herman is married I am happy for him. But if not, please let his fans know!

Vicki Hacker
South Shore, Ky.

Herman is not married.

Famous footprint

Let’s have some action with the Shondells. They’re a great group! I recently went to one of their concerts and got Mike and Ronnie’s autograph and Tommy James’ footprint!

W. Upton, Mass.


After reading your recent article on Ricci Martin, I found he makes me sick! He looks so conceited! With that scarf and that look of his he must think he’s the greatest thing since peanut butter!

Rob Greene
Akron, Ohio

More Ricci

You have no idea how good it made me feel to open your June issue and see two whole pages on my very favorite of all—Ricci Martin. I sincerely hope you keep on writing things about him!

Cathi Plesinski
Beltsville, Md.

Paul Revere’s tiger

I thoroughly agree with anyone who believes that famous people appreciate their fans! I have met Paul Revere and the Raiders every time I have attended their shows. At one time some friends of mine, my sister and myself gave them a six-foot toy tiger, and they were very enthusiastic in their thanks. They asked us to have dinner with them, gave us their autographs and we had our pictures taken with them and the tiger.

Since the tiger was so unusual in size, Paul promised he’d try to have pictures of it in TIGER BEAT. He kept his promise, because it has appeared three times in two issues!

Susan Bartlett
Birmingham, Ala.

Paul tells us both he and his children love the tiger, and he’ll always remember your thoughtful gift.

Davy and…

I asked my Ouija Board who will be the next Monkee to marry and when, and it said Davy Jones, 1968. Then I asked it who will he marry, and it said—you’re not going to believe this—TWIGGY! No kidding! I just wondered if this could be true!

Pleasantville, N.Y.

Dino’s perfect

Is criticism all that Dino Martin gets for his great singing, not to mention his acting? So what if he wears white socks? I wouldn’t care if he wore purple ones with pink polka dots!

I love him just the way he is today. Don’t ever change, Dino. Please!

Bangor, Maine

Small children?

Last Saturday I was downtown and I was shocked beyond words! I saw twins who weren’t over 10 wearing mini-skirts, black fishnet stockings, ruffled black blouses and long blonde hair teased into a flip! It was horrible!

Teenagers can’t have their own fads without small children copying them. For example, the granny gowns, and all these 8, 9, and 10 year olds buying teen magazines and records! When I was 10 I was still playing with doll houses. Come on real teens, let’s fight back!

Burned Up
Cleveland, Ohio

Not too young

I am only 8 years old, but I don’t think I’m too little to like the Monkees and their records. My problem is that everyone else seems to think I am. When my sister listens to records she always shuts her door and says “Get lost! You’re too little to like the Monkees!” What do you think?

Julie Carson
Waco, Tex.

Rerun please

That cute British actor with the combed-back hair who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show February 9, 1964 (same show as the Beatle debut) was Davy Jones! Calling all Tigers! Get running to your post office with letters addressed to Ed Sullivan, CBS-TV Network, 51 West 52nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10019. Let’s try to persuade him to rerun that segment.

Honey Downsview
Ontario, Canada

Secret message from a star

Use Your TIGER BEAT Decoder to receive message! Hi, Gang!

25, 1, 8, 3/ 18, 1, 19/ 25, 7, 5/ 7, 4/ 17, 2, 3, 7, 13/ 7/ 4, 19, 77, 77, 3, 2/ 7, 4/ 29/ 5, 29, 5/. 29/ 17, 1, 13/ 77, 18/ NEW CAR 29, 60/ 33, 19, 81, 18/ 7, 60, 5/ 9, 25, 7, 13/ 7/ 17, 7, 4/ 29, 13/ 9, 7, 4/ 5, 2, 29, 6, 29, 60, 17/ 7, 2, 1, 19, 60, 5/ 13, 1, 9, 60! 29/ 9, 7, 60, 13, 3, 5/ 13, 1/ 13, 25, 7, 60, 40/ 18, 1, 19/ 7, 81, 81/ 20, 1, 2/ 13, 25, 3/ 13, 25, 1, 19, 4, 7, 60, 5, 4/ 1, 20/ BIRTHDAY/ 55, 7, 2, 5, 4/ 29/ 2, 3, 55, 3, 29, 6, 3, 5/ 1, 60/ JUNE 29. 5, 3, 4, 29/ DINO/ 7, 60, 5/ 29/ 25, 7, 5/ 7/ 17, 2, 3, 7, 13/ 13, 29, 77, 3/ 4, 3, 3, 29, 60, 17/ YOU/ 1, 60/ 13, 1, 19, 2/ THANKS.


To get your very own TiGER BEAT decoder, see the subscription ad on page 8. If you are already a subscriber, send in a self-addressed stamped envelope to Secret Decoder, TIGER BEAT Magazine, 1800 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, California 90028 and we will send you the Secret Decoder by return mail, absolutely free.

A gentle man

The most wonderful thing happened to my sister at a Raider concert recently! We were sitting by the aisle in the fourth row, and when Mark was performing my sister grabbed some letters we had written the Raiders and ran up to the stage. When Mark saw what she had, he bent over and took the letters with his right hand and grasped the cuff of her new Mod suit with his left in a gesture that thrilled us! He looked right at her!

When we got home that night, she washed her hands and saved the water in a bottle. Mark is a gentle man!

Margaret Rich
Lynn, Mass.

No significance

Whoever came up with the name “Monkees” sure is a dope! At least the Beatles’ name has some significance, with the first four letters spelling B-E-A-T. But the Monkees???

New York, N.Y.

Back issues

I really enjoy your magazine, BUT!!!! While looking at your list of back issues for sale, I noticed that you don’t have November 1966. SHAME ON YOU!!! Poor November probably feels left out! Why, it is probably sitting around crying it’s heart out! It’s no different than any other month, why reject it?

Memphis, Tenn.

Sorry, but we are completely sold out of November 1966 Tiger Beats, as well as any other back issues left off the ad.

Don’t throw things!

I recently went to a Raider concert, and it was a very good show except for one thing! Some people in the audience started throwing some glass things onstage. Mark was down on his knees doing a song and when he got up his knee was bleeding. He looked at it and said, “Please don’t throw glass on the stage. It’s kind of a drag!” I think so too!

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Micky, I love ya!

The first time I saw Micky I fainted in my mother’s lap! Really and truly, I did!

Linda Reeves
Lubbock, Tex.

That was the group that was

Well, there goes another one.
Whoops, sorry! Jumped the gun.
Lots of rumors in the air,
But that simply can’t compare
With groups that really come apart.
None seem to stay the way they start.
Top rate groups can’t fade away,
They have to think of a clever way
To tell the fans they want to split.
I’m tired of keeping up. I QUIT!


Just for laughs

I read the letters in your columns just for laughs. It amazes me how some little girls can lose sleep and allow themselves to get bad grades over a group of stars that are old enough to be their fathers!

These selfish children expect their idols to sit in corners and not look at any other girls except them, don’t they? And marriage is out of the question! Who do they think they are, telling the stars not to wear white socks, and not to grow moustaches? These teeny-boppers don’t know the meaning of the word love, yet they say they love some men that they have never met in their lives!

Pam Wilbur
Minnetonka, Minn.

Beatles aren’t finished

I don’t agree with the kids who say the Beatles are finished! I’m a great Beatle fan, and I don’t especially like their last two records. But they haven’t lost their touch. They are the most versatile group any teenybopper has ever seen! They’ve been just about the first and best in everything—hair, music, clothing, and if tomorrow’s groups copy today’s, they will all still be copies of the Beatles!

Hang on Beatle fans, our luvs aren’t done yet!

Ellen Cooper
Corpus Christi, Tex.

Forgetful Peter Tork

In the July issue of TIGER BEAT Peter Tork said he would like to find a way to remember everything he was supposed to do. Well, I’ve got some suggestions!

He could try a datebook which he can carry in his pocket and write everything down he has to do during a day. If this isn’t big enough, how about a filing cabinet on wheels? This way he could take it everywhere he went. Just having it follow him around would remind him to look in it and find out what he’s supposed to do.

I hope I’ve helped, although I doubt it!

Ann Albert
Memphis, Tenn.

The war is over!

The war, as it is called, between the Raiders and the Monkees is over! This is a fact! The new Raiders do not have a single chance to beat out the Monkees now. Since they have rearranged their group a large part of their popularity will be lost. Mark’s popularity cannot be big enough to take the place of Phil’s and Smitty’s and also Harpo’s.

I’m just thankful that we have a new group called The Brotherhood to turn to!

Ex-Raider Fan
New York, N.Y.

Pet monkey

My cousin says she hates the Monkees, and yet she went out and bought a pet monkey and named him Davy Jones. This kid is real sick!

Julieann Carrira
Santa Ana, Calif.

Fang’s still here

I loved the farewell letter to Phil Volk that Linda Papciak wrote in your July issue. However, she talked like Fang had departed from this world or something! She seemed to think he was going to disappear leaving us with only fond memories!

Fans, don’t desert Fang while he needs us most! Everyone knows it’s hard to get a successful group going these days. Now that Phil, Drake, and Smitty are starting The Brotherhood, doesn’t it seem logical that the fans who supported Fang while he was a Raider should also support him in anything else he does?

So Linda, Fang will always be on top as long as he has loyal fans to support him!

Terri Glascock
Greenfield, Ind.

Not with it!

I read a letter recently from a girl who said short hair is unfeminine. Well, I admit really short hair like Mia Farrow’s is unfeminine. But so is long hair that goes down beyond the shoulders! Those poor girls look like shaggy sheepdogs!

This girl also said you can do anything with long hair. That’s a laugh! Sure, you can stash it on top of your head, but very few boys like that! Long hair is just not with it!


Money mad?

Paul Revere is too money-mad! I’m always reading about his interest in the green stuff! Money isn’t everything, Paul!

Lucy Rogers
Washington, D.C.

Davy’s haircut

I just love Davy’s haircut! I have a friend who doesn’t, though. She says with his hair long he looked like a wet mop, and she thinks he looks better that way. ??????

Kathy Primm
Elkins Pk, Pa.

No beards!

I know some people are going to disagree with me, but I could not stand the Monkees with beards! I’m sure glad Davy never grew one, because it would have hidden his sweet face!

Elizabeth Solot
Parma, Ohio


I am one of the luckiest girls in the whole world! I wrote to my superhero Harpo, and got a reply in his own handwriting! If that isn’t lucky, I don’t know what is!

Alice Cooke
French Lick, Ind.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9, 65