The Girl Behind Mike Nesmith

Phyllis Barbour Nesmith, Mike Nesmith

She is called “April” by the one closest to her because she is like April, tall and slim, sweet and somewhat shy. Her real name is Phyllis Nesmith and she’s the woman behind the tall Texan with the dry sense of humor on the weekly show—“The Monkees”.

Phyllis was born on July 30 which makes her a Leo. She does not roar like a lion, but in every way reminds one of the perfect lioness—devoted to her family, and strong in her convictions. She is friendly with everyone and has the ability to judge what you are really like regardless of the way you act. She will go out of her way to see that Mike’s and her friends are made as comfortable as kings. Like the lioness, she’ll do anything to help those she loves who are in need and no problem is too small to require her attention.

The serenity of an April shower is hers and she never lets the ordinary tensions of her life bother her because she has others to consider and she’s the beautiful type of person who would never want to upset anybody else.

As in the lion family, her husband is the total boss and she would never think of going against his wishes. Everything she does is for the good of her family and she does it with love. She’ll cook a fantastic meal and maintain an immaculate house because she knows that this is what is expected of the wife of a man like Mike Nesmith.

She is also careful about how she looks, like the lioness she is well groomed. She watches her weight and her diet with a fanatical regard for the calorie and its power to ruin her figure. She’ll never let it ruin hers though because it would not look right for Mike to have a fat wife. She is sure of this and once Phyllis has made up her mind about something, there is no changing it.

Like her mind, her body is strong and she can keep going for days on a fantastic schedule with little sleep. She loves travel, but doesn’t get the chance much, because her family takes up all her time.

You may well ask about this time, what if anything Phyllis did for Mike to further his career besides keeping a friendly home, because this question is always asked about the wives of famous men. It would appear that Phyllis has done nothing except keep a nice house for Mike, but appearances, as we all know, can be wrong and in Phyllis’ case they are, for she has done the ultimate thing for Mike.

She has never complained about anything that he has chosen to do and she has believed in him and let him know it. That to Phyllis is her life… her belief in Mike and what he is and stands for. What more can any human being do for one she loves.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 12
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 30–31